5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Yeosu Artland


Experience the Sculpture Outdoor Park, Midas’ Hand, Extreme Swing Swing, and Ocean Skywalk when you visit Artland in Yeosu! Book your tickets at a discount here. 🎉



  • Yeosu Artland Culture & Resort houses the largest AR 3D Trick Art Museum in South Korea, which friends and families love!
  • The attraction also houses various Insta-worthy amusement facilities that are popular among locals, including the Sculpture Park and Midas’ Hand.
  • Tickets for Artland’s Media Art Sculpture Park regularly cost ₩15,000, but you can book on WAUG here for only ₩13,900!

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Top 5 Attractions in Yeosu Artland

Yeosu is known for its breathtaking and romantic seascape, which is something that Yeosu Artland Culture & Resort gives a nice view of. But aside from the sceneries, there’s also a lot of thrill that this local hotspot offers, which are worth adding to your itinerary. Below we’ve listed 5 of them:

1. AR 3D Trick Art Museum

You may have visited a trick art museum before, but nothing comes close to this spectacular attraction! Offering an AR 3D experience to travelers, you’ll find the water world, Pharoah’s lair, and the luminous jungle come alive and play with various characters. This is definitely something that kids and kids-at-heart must try!

2. Media Art Sculpture Park Landscape

A 50-m tunnel of wonders. Walk the fascinating path of Yeosu Artland’s Media Art Sculpture Park and immerse yourself in the intergalactic space and our planet’s diverse ecosystem. Art installations of the water world are also featured, so you will get to explore and appreciate Yeosu’s rich and magnificent seascape!

3. Midas’ Hand

Located in the outdoor part of the Media Art Sculpture Park is the most Instagrammable spot of Yeosu Artland — the Midas’ Hand! Here you can climb up the giant hand fixture and take a commemorative photo of your trip to the port city.

4. Extreme Swing Swing

This (and the last attraction) is something for all adventure seekers! The Extreme Swing Swing will rock back and forth at 100m above the ground as you take in the mesmerizing sea of Yeosu.

5. Ocean Skywalk

Finally, and arguably the most fun attraction in Yeosu’s Artland — the Ocean Skywalk! Experience walking on a wooden bridge (equipped with tempered glass for safety) as you take a good look of the breathtaking scenery.

Yeosu Artland Tickets

Experience all these and more when you book your discounted Yeosu Artland tickets on WAUG! See below for more information (pricing for adults):

1. AR 3D Trick Art Museum₩15,000₩13,900
2. Media Art Sculpture Park₩15,000₩13,900
3. Extreme Swing Swing₩5,000Purchase on site
4. Ocean Skywalk₩10,000Purchase on site

How to Book Yeosu Artland on WAUG

  1. Log in or sign up for a WAUG account here. (New WAUG users get extra $3 off after signing up! 🎉 )
  2. Choose your Yeosu Artland ticket option.
  3. Select the date and provide other information.
  4. Check out using your card.
  5. All set! Once your transaction goes through, you’ll receive the vouchers that you can use on your trip.

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