WAUG: Where Are U Going?

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Like a friend who eagerly asks about your travel plans, we are excited for you to get the best experiences wherever you’re going. Our journey together may begin at the airport when you pick up your SIM card or at a popular theme park when you book a pass last minute.


Make your travel goals a reality

With WAUG, you can book the attractions and activities that you’ve always dreamt of. Whether that’s Disneyland in Hong Kong, a dolphin cruise in Guam, or a city tour in Prague, you’ll be able to book them at a discount.

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Book all in one place

From pocket WiFi rentals and transfer services, to unique accommodations, cafes, and tours, you can book them all in just one app.


대한민국 No.1 여행 액티비티 예약 앱!

With hundreds of destinations, thousands of activities, and millions of users, WAUG is the No. 1 Travel Booking Platform. South Korea is our home, but like you, we can’t stay put. We’re as excited to go on a trip, discover more places, and meet travelers from all over the globe.

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