Spend Winter in Alpaca World Korea: Best Tour from Seoul



  • Get to meet the cute alpacas from the land down under at Alpaca World Korea!
  • During winter, the zoo-like attraction transforms into a snowy wonderland that you and your friends or family will enjoy.
  • You can get to Alpaca World from Seoul by booking this all-in-one tour, which includes roundtrip transportation from Seoul and admission fees. (New users get extra $3 or ₩3,000 off first booking! 🥳)
  • WAUG is the No. 1 activity booking platform from Korea. If you’re not a member yet, download the app here, sign up, and get the discount coupon for new users!

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Visiting Alpaca World Korea in Winter

Oh, alpacas! Who can ever resist these adorable wooly creatures? If you haven’t had the chance to encounter these harmless cuties yet, then you can visit Alpaca World Korea. This is a popular attraction in Gangwon-do that’s open year round (except on Seollal and Chuseok holidays), and many locals love to visit during the winter season. That’s because the place transforms into a stunning winter wonderland, which solo, couple, and family travelers enjoy! Just take a look at these photos:

But aside from the magnificent winter sights in Alpaca World, here are some more things that you can expect:

1. Get up close with alpacas

Visitors of all ages — kids, especially — will love the experience of touching, feeding, and walking alpacas. They are very tame creatures, and I guarantee that you will feel at ease and fall in love with them instantly! Alpaca World Korea does a good job of grooming their alpacas as well as providing a suitable facility for them (guests included!), so you can tour the attraction with no worries.

2. Get on the Alpaca World safari train


For a more memorable time, you can also try the mini safari train in Alpaca World Korea! While you’d have to pay an extra fee of around ₩3,000 to take this ride, it will be worth it since it will give you a small tour of the place and a nice feeding experience! The alpacas will also run to you as soon as they hear the train, so expect a really fun experience!

3. Meet deers, owls, and camels, too

Yes, Alpaca World Korea also houses other animals, such as deers, owls, ostriches, parrots, eagles, rabbits, and camels. According to the attraction, this helps visitors destress and open the flow of positive thoughts, so if you ever need to take some time off, do consider visiting!

How to Get to Alpaca World Korea Tour from Seoul: Cheap & Convenient Tour

If you’ve already done some research on the ways you can get to Alpaca World, then you may have seen a couple of blogs saying that it’s difficult to get to the attraction by public transportation. While it’s not exactly impossible, I’d have to agree that joining a tour or having a guide is really more preferable. Getting to Gangwon Province from Seoul easy, but getting to Alpaca World Korea (and other places) from the train and bus station is the challenge.

Both images from Korea Tourism Organization

One of the convenient tour that you and your group can consider booking is this Alpaca World Ticket + ITX Boarding Pass package on WAUG. This is a join-in tour that comes with roundtrip transportation (train + service vehicle in Gangwon-do) as well as admission tickets. It also comes with entrance fees to nearby attractions like Soyanggang Skywalk and Gubongsan Santorini (or Gubongsan Observatory Cafe Street), which are also two of the must-visit landmarks in the area.

The Alpaca World tour (admission included) only costs ₩59,000 or $53.7 on WAUG, and if you’re a new user, you can get an extra $3 or ₩3,000 off your first booking! You can check the itinerary below, but please note that the product page is currently only available in Korean language. If you can’t read Korean yet, you can use your web or mobile browser to translate the page. 😊


How to Book Your Alpaca World Korea Tour This Winter

  1. Log in or sign up for WAUG here. (New users get extra $3 discount coupon 🎉)
  2. Proceed to the booking page of Alpaca World + ITX Ticket Package here. (To translate into another language, use a web or mobile browser.)
  3. Select the date and provide other participant information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX.
  5. Wait for your voucher/s that we’ll send through the WAUG app, which you can download by clicking below:

Featured images from 알파카월드 대표 페이지.

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