EXPRESS TRAIN TICKETS: Incheon Airport to Seoul


Go from Incheon International Airport to Seoul in as little as 43 minutes! Book your discounted airport express train tickets here.

  • Go from Incheon Airport to Seoul in the best way possible when you take the Airport Railroad Express Train or AREX!
  • One-way tickets are typically priced at $7.1 or ₩9,000, but you can book on WAUG here for only $5.8 or ₩7,400!
  • Airport express trains in Korea run on a very tourist-friendly schedule with frequent departures.

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How to Go from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station via AREX Train

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The Airport Railroad Express train (AREX) is a premium transportation service in Korea that offers passengers the quickest and most comfortable way to go from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station. Travelers arriving from Incheon Terminal 1 can expect to reach Seoul city center in only 43 minutes, while those coming from Terminal 2 can look forward to a breezy 51-minute travel time. Compared to other available transportation options, these trip durations are notably shorter. See below for a comparison:

  • All-stop train from Incheon Airport to Seoul: 58 minutes (Incheon Airport Terminal 1)
  • All-stop train from Incheon Airport to Seoul: 1 hour and 6 minutes (Incheon Airport Terminal 2)
  • Bus ride from Incheon Airport to Seoul: approximately 1 hour and 39 minutes to 2 hours

How do I get from Incheon to Seoul comfortably?

Aside from the shorter travel time, the Incheon Airport Express Train also offers amenities for convenience that you wouldn’t get when you ride the bus or the regular All-stop train. Here are some of the perks that come with purchasing an AREX Incheon to Seoul train ticket, as noted from the Airport Railroad Express’ website:

incheon airport to seoul train

1. Access to the Airport Terminal at Seoul Station

When you purchase an AREX Incheon Airport express train ticket, you will be given access to the City Airport Terminal at Seoul Station. This means that if you’re flying to an international destination via Jeju Air, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, T’way Air, and Eastar Jet, you can check your bags in at Seoul Station and select your seats ahead of your departure. No more carrying or lugging your bags all the way to the airport! (For more information about using the city airport terminal, click here.)

2. Comfortable seats that recline

With an Incheon Airport Express Train ticket, you are guaranteed to have a coach seat when traveling from Incheon to Seoul and vise-versa. The seats recline and have desks for passengers to use. This is a more comfortable way of traveling, as opposed to the All-stop train’s bench-like seating arrangement.

3. Cabin crew service

Need assistance or special care for your travel? You can rely on AREX Incheon Airport express trains’ cabin crew to help you.

4. Porter service at Seoul Station

If you do not want the hassle of lugging your bags as you make your way to the boarding area of Seoul Station, you may take advantage of the porter service that comes with the purchase of an AREX Incheon Airport to Seoul ticket.

5. Toilets inside the airport express train

Sure, having a toilet inside the train may be the least of your concern as you prepare for your Korea trip, but having this space to get changed, put some powder on,  cleanse your face, and you know, answer nature’s call, would prove very helpful. Trust me.

6. Use of customer lounge

When you buy the Incheon Airport Express Train ticket, you’ll get automatic access to the customer lounge located at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1.

Aside from these amenities, other services offered at and by the Incheon Airport Express Train include a Kids’ Zone inside the train, electronic cart rides at the airport, and complimentary use of shuttle buses for affiliated hotels (for a list of AREX’s partner hotels, you may inquire at the AREX booth found at the airport’s Transportation Center).

Book AREX Airport Express One-Way Tickets

  1. Proceed to the booking page of the AREX Airport Express One-Way ticket here.
  2. Select the ticket option, quantity, and date.
  3. Check out using your credit, debit, or prepaid card.
  4. Receive the AREX voucher that you can use to take an Express Train from Seoul to Incheon Airport or Incheon Airport to Seoul.

How to Redeem Your AREX Incheon Airport Express One-Way Ticket in Seoul

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After booking your airport express ticket for Incheon to Seoul and/or vise-versa on WAUG, you may redeem your Incheon Airport Express train ticket at the following locations:

  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 1
    • Travel Center located at the Transportation Center of Incheon International Airport (B1)
    • Business hours: 5:00am-10:40pm, daily
  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
    • Travel Center located at the Transportation Center of Incheon International Airport (B1)
    • Business hours: 5:00am-10:40pm, daily
  • Seoul Station
    • AREX Booth located at B2
    • Business hours: 5:20am-10:50pm, daily

Alternatively, you can also redeem your AREX Incheon Airport express train ticket by using the Express Train Ticket Vending Machines. These are available at both the Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport. Here’s how to use them:

Note that you can only redeem one airport express train ticket at a time on the vending machine. Moreover, you will be unable to select your seat/s.

When redeeming your train tickets, please note the following guidelines:

  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher at the redemption booths.
  • You must present your voucher in exchange for the physical AREX Incheon airport express ticket.
  • The voucher is valid on any day before February 2024.
  • The claimed airport express ticket will be valid on the day of redemption only.
  • Show the 13-digit code of your AREX ticket to the Information Center staff.

Express Train Schedule: Incheon Airport to Seoul

airport railroad express train arex incheon seoul

Here is the departure time schedule for the Incheon Airport to Seoul express trains:

Incheon Airport to Seoul Train Schedule: Departure Times from Terminal 1

  • 5:23am
  • 5:58am
  • 6:38am
  • 7:28am
  • 8:08am
  • 8:48am
  • 9:28am
  • 10:08am
  • 10:48am
  • 11:28am
  • 12:08pm
  • 12:48pm
  • 1:28pm
  • 2:08pm
  • 2:48pm
  • 3:28pm
  • 4:08pm
  • 4:48pm
  • 5:28pm
  • 6:08pm
  • 6:48pm
  • 7:28pm
  • 8:08pm
  • 8:48pm
  • 9:48pm
  • 10:48pm

Incheon Airport to Seoul Train Schedule: Departure Times from Terminal 2

  • 5:15am
  • 5:50am
  • 6:30am
  • 7:20am
  • 8am
  • 8:40am
  • 9:20am
  • 10am
  • 10:40am
  • 11am
  • 11:20am
  • 12pm
  • 12:40pm
  • 1:20pm
  • 2pm
  • 2:40pm
  • 3:20pm
  • 4pm
  • 4:40pm
  • 5:20pm
  • 6pm
  • 6:40pm
  • 7:20pm
  • 8pm
  • 8:40pm
  • 9:40pm
  • 10:40pm

Times may change without prior notice. To view the most recent expected arrival times of the airport express trains to Incheon International Airport and/or Seoul Station, click here.

Boarding areas for the Incheon Airport Express trains are located at the following:

  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 1: B1 Transportation Center
  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 2: B1 Transportation Center
  • Seoul Station: B2 of Seoul Station

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