3 Korean Beauty Clinics in Seoul for Skin & Body Treatments


Looking for a beauty clinic in Seoul that caters to men and women? Check out this place that offers reasonable skin and body treatments in Korea! 😌


  • Enhance your appearance and body shape with the latest Korean beauty treatments!
  • Having problems with acne or oily skin? Visit this beauty clinic in Seoul that you can book on WAUG at an affordable price!
  • Worrying about signs of aging and hair loss? This cosmetic clinic in Gangnam offers premium treatments!
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Best Beauty Clinics in Seoul

If you’re looking to achieve that Korean glass skin or need a simple treatment to help you enhance your facial features or body size, there are many beauty clinics in Seoul that you can visit. Below we share our handpicked options, which you can book at a discounted price on WAUG:

1. Marlang Aesthetic Clinic in Hongdae

Located in the hip district of Hongdae is a chic beauty clinic in Seoul called Marlang (더말랑). This aesthetic spa is best known for its 2 facial treatment packages: Moisture + Glow and Moisture + Pore Detox. Although both treatments offer thorough facial cleansing, the Glow treatment helps to hydrate dry skin while the Pore Detox helps to eliminate toxins and excess oil.


If you want to enhance your facial size, you can also try the Korean Small Face Treatment. This helps to achieve symmetry (or better proportion) in the face, which is regarded by many as a defining factor in Korean beauty.

2. Eternel Aesthetic Clinic in Jongno (Women’s Only Spa)

Aside from the Small Face Therapy, another trendy Korean beauty treatment that you can choose to have is the V-line Slimming Treatment. This helps to give you that well-defined jaw and reduce double chin or puffy cheeks.

If you want to try the V-line Slimming Treatment without spending a lot, we recommend Eternel Aesthetic Clinic in Jongno. This for-women-only beauty clinic in Seoul is located in one of the busiest business districts in Seoul, so they offer affordable yet highly-recommended treatments to workers. Other services they offer include Partial Body Slimming, Basic Facial, and Trouble Care for oily skin.

3. Sound Body, Sound Skin in Yeongdeungpo & Mullae

Looking for a place where you can have a pampering session with your significant other? Visit Sound Body, Sound Skin in Seoul, which offers treatments for men and women! This cosmetic clinic brand offers a customized facial for men called Men’s Solution Care. This is a 60-minute facial that helps to repair dull and damaged skin. They also have the Acne Treatment for those suffering from breakouts as well as slimming treatments that target the tummy and lower body.


Find More Beauty Clinics in Seoul

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