Best Pensions in Korea: Unique Lodging & Villas to Book


How to Find Pool Villas & Pension Houses in Korea

Whether you’re planning your dream getaway or simply want to take a weekend breather, you can now easily find the most comfortable and suitable accommodations on the WAUG app. If you’re already a member, you may know that WAUG lets you book attractions, restaurants, tours, gym memberships, and glamping sites at a discount. And with the newly-added category on the app called 펜션 & 풀빌러 (Pension & Pool Villa), you can now keep all your travel planning in one place and book the best pensions in South Korea!

If you’re an expat who’s searching for a family-friendly lodging, romantic spot, or a chill space where you can hang with your friends, then download the WAUG app here today. Switch to the Korean platform (language) and see all the options that you can book at the best rates! (The 펜션 & 풀빌러 category is currently available on the app and in the Korean interface only. 👍)

1. Pensions & Villas in Gapyeong

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With scenic naturescapes and close proximity to Seoul, Gapyeong is one of the best places to visit for an overnight getaway. You can use WAUG to book an affordable room with a view of the mountain as well as any of these exciting activities!

2. Pensions & Villas in Gyeongju

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Want to explore the rich cultural destination of Gyeongju? Search for traditional Korean homes to complement your trip!

3. Pensions & Villas in Sokcho

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Whether you plan to visit Sokcho to visit the nearby Seoraksan, you can find pension homes that’ll give you a view of the iconic mountain! Of course, oceanfront villas are also available if you’re looking for a view of the deep blue sea.

4. Pensions & Villas in Yeosu

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When in Yeosu, make sure to take in the fresh breeze and the beautiful sea! Book a cozy villa for a night or two, and make sure to ride the city’s cable car. (It’s the first marine cable car in the country!)

5. Pensions & Villas in Jeju Island

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You can use WAUG app’s Hotel Category to book hotels in Jeju Island (also available in English platform), but if you’re looking for an accommodation that has that local island vibe, you can also browse from the Pension Category and see the best options! To complete your itinerary, also check out the following guides:

How to Book Pensions & Pool Villas in Korea

If you’re unfamiliar with booking accommodations online, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the WAUG app here and sign up for an account.
  2. Switch the language to Korean and click the 펜션 & 풀빌러 Category.
  3. Select the date and option!
  4. Check out with your preferred method of payment.

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