50 Best Restaurants in Seoul: Great Places to Dine & Drink


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Korean Restaurants in Seoul

Crazy Fry Tteokbokki & Pub.

1. Joseon Era Pub

The store was really big, and I felt like going back to the Joseon Dynasty. I ate lunch and drank alcohol… everything was delicious! Good!
  • Must-try: Jeonju Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Jeon, Makgeolli
  • Price range: ₩9,800-38,900 ($8.5-36)
  • Location: Hongdae

2. Crazy Fry Tteokbokki & Pub

If you like tteokbokki, this restaurant is really recommended! The Crazy Monster was really crazy… squid was really plump and yummy!
  • Must-try: Tteokbokki Skillet with Beef Brisket, Crazy Monster (Squid Tower)
  • Price range: ₩13,000-23,000 ($11-19) for 2-3 persons
  • Location: Yeouido

3. The Dam

This is the best restaurant in Hongdae that I’ve tried! First, the food was so good, but having the meal on the terrace made it more delicious. I ate well…
  • Must-try: Dinner Course 1 (Sirloin Garlic Stem Wrap, Grilled Ginseng Pork)
  • Price range: ₩23,000-53,800 ($20-46)
  • Location: Hongdae

4. Yeoljeongdo Korean BBQ

The meat is really delicious! It is a restaurant that I’d like to come back to because of the friendly atmosphere. If you eat the meat with some herbs, the meat just melts in your mouth!
  • Must-try: Mokmokteuk Set (aged meat)
  • Price range: ₩33,150 ($28.5)
  • Location: Yongsan-gu / Passion Island

5. Manjok Oh-Hyang Jokbal

I went hiking and got hungry, so I went to eat jokbal… The owner gave me a pot of dumpling soup that I didn’t order. I got embarrassed because I did not order it, but it’s great customer service. It’s very good…
  • Must-try: Jokbal (pig’s trotters) and Bossam (boiled pork)
  • Price range: ₩39,800-43,900 ($34-37.8) for 2 people
  • Location: Dongdaemun

6. Yeoljeongdo Jjukkumi

Super Korean and it’s got that loud local vibe..! But it was a really authentic experience, and the food was surprisingly good. Korea really is great for spicy food.
  • Must-try: Grilled jjukkumi (spicy webfoot octopus)
  • Price range: ₩24,250 ($20.8) for 2 people
  • Location: Yeoljeongdo / Passion Island


The store is nice, the staff is kind, and bossam is delicious! There’s plenty of food too!
  • Must-try: LUNA Bossam (boiled pork), Chicken Teriyaki
  • Price range: ₩13,500-27,000 ($11-23)
  • Location: Gangnam

8. Yeoljeongdo Chicken Revolution

I went here at the recommendation of a Korean friend. I did not regret. The food was absolutely delicious and with beer, it was heaven.
  • Must-try: Chicken Revolution Butter Ttaengcho Chicken & Fried Chicken Gizzard Set
  • Price range: ₩25,500 ($25.8)
  • Location: Yeoljeongdo / Passion Island

9. Green Basket

I live in Dongbu Ichon-dong. I visit here often. It’s cheaper than on-site ~ I’ll use it later
  • Must-try: Vegan Course, Traditional Course
  • Price range: ₩55,500-88,000 ($47-76)
  • Location: Yongsan

10. Kang Han Go Jib

The meat was ssooooo goood!! 🙂 The place was so clean and the discounted price really made a difference.
  • Must-try: Korean Beef
  • Price range: ₩90,000 ($77.4)
  • Location: Yeouido

11. Woo Mi Hak

Spectacular Korean beef that comes with a comprehensive set meal! We loved everything about the course and walked away happily full.
  • Must-try: Aged Beef
  • Price range: ₩96,500 ($83)
  • Location: Gangnam

12. Gopsang

I don’t think there’s a restaurant like this in Seoul. It really serves the best intestines…
  • Must-try: Marinated Tripe
  • Price range: ₩32,300 ($28) for 3 people
  • Location: Yeoljeongdo / Passion Island

13. Multi-Family House Bar

What a quirky bar! My Korean friend recommended the place and I’m glad she did 🙂 There were mostly locals and the bar is really cozy place to relax.
  • Must-try: Dried Pollack, Soju
  • Price range: ₩18,700 ($19)
  • Location: Yeoljeongdo / Passion Island

Steak & Pasta Places in Seoul

The Grid Restaurant in Seoul.

14. The Grid

It might be the most delicious place in Seoul pizza house. The pizza dough is thin and crunchy.
  • Must-try: Cream Pasta, Pizza
  • Price range: ₩19,000-34000 ($16-30) for 2 people
  • Location: Hongdae

15. The River Bella Cucina

The food was fantastic and next to the river made it feel special.
  • Must-try: Bella Course (Pasta), Cucina Course (Steak)
  • Price range: ₩34,000-50,000 ($29-43)
  • Location: Seocho / Han River

16. Isola Italian Restaurant

I had a signature lunch course, and it was delicious. The staff was friendly!
  • Must-try: Risotto Al Nero Di Seppie, Spaghetti Allo Scoglio
  • Price range: ₩27,000-85,500 ($23-73)
  • Location: Seocho / Han River

17. JP Chef Diary

The atmosphere was good and the food was so delicious! Both the steak and pasta sets were delicious! The plating is pretty too, I’ll go again next time!
  • Must-try: Chef’s Pasta Set, Tenderloin Steak
  • Price range: ₩32,400-70,200 ($27-60)
  • Location: Gangnam

18. Pasasa Bistro

I went and it was delicious. I got a cash coupon and enjoyed a delicious meal! The store was clean and pasta was so delicious!
  • Must-try: Korean Spicy Rose Pasta, Kimchi Cheese Fried Rice
  • Price range: ₩27,000 ($26) cash voucher
  • Location: Hongdae


Truly one of the best gastronomy restaurants in Seoul and the world. I was blown away by the presentation, the service, and, most importantly, the food!!!
  • Must-try: Dinner Course (Ssamjang Bisque, Beef Striploin)
  • Price range: ₩38,000-85,000 ($32-73)
  • Location: Gangnam

20. First Floor at Fraser Place

The food is delicious, the wine is delicious, and the price is very satisfactory ~ ^^ I have 100% willingness to visit again!
  • Must-try: 3-course Wine Dinner (Unlimited Wine)
  • Price range: ₩39,000-52,000 ($33-45)
  • Location: Jung-gu

21. Royal Steak House & Pizza

The steak is smooth and delicious and you can park your car in front of you so it’s really easy to move around! We had wine on the sirloin steak course and the soup, salmon and salad were good to eat. I recommend it.
  • Must-try: Premium Sirloin Steak Set
  • Price range: ₩80,000-145,000 ($68-125) for 2-4 people
  • Location: Gangseo-gu

22. Petite Mullae

Very instagrammable restaurant. All the china are exquisite and the food was surprisingly delicious too.
  • Must-try: Steak, Pasta, Gambas
  • Price range: ₩87,000-107,000 ($74-92) for 2-3 people
  • Location: Mullae-dong

23. Concrete Angel

I liked this restaurant very much! the portions were large and the food was great. the staff were really friendly even though I couldn’t speak one word of Korean.
  • Must-try: Tomato Seafood Pasta, Double Cheese Carbonara
  • Price range: ₩51,850-56,100 ($44-52)
  • Location: Hapjeong

24. Grand Ciel

The chef is pretty famous in korea i hear. very good food overall and service was nice too.
  • Must-try: Mushroom Cream Risotto, Sirloin Steak
  • Price range: ₩21,900-68,400 ($18-59)
  • Location: Gangnam

25. Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Literally the best steak I’ve ever had in my life! Really recommended
  • Must-try: California Cut, Wine Pairing Course, Lawry’s Cut Set
  • Price range: ₩69,000-110,000 ($60-95)
  • Location: Gangnam

26. Scopa The Chef

I loved the food and the service was really good. The wine that was recommended really fit my taste 🙂
  • Must-try: Pacqueri Cream Pasta, Chili Tomato Sicilian Pizza
  • Price range: ₩21,900-68,400 ($25-27)
  • Location: Gangnam

Pizza & Burger Restaurants in Seoul

Jacksonville Pizza in Seoul.

27. Jacksonville

The purple rice dough was kind of off-putting at firs but super interesting to bite into… This set is super affordable too, so def might buy again.
  • Must-try: Pepperoni, Bulgogi Shrimp
  • Price range: ₩12,600-15,300 ($11-13) for 2 people
  • Location: Sinchon

28. Bronx

Here is a place recommended by Korean friends! I made a reservation because it was easy. Enjoy!
  • Must-try: Double Bacon Pizza, Fried Chicken, Specialty Beer
  • Price range: ₩6,200-29,800 ($6-26)
  • Location: Gangnam

29. Picky Papa Cafe

There are sooooo many dessert options here. you can try bingsu, bread, gelato, even pizza!!
  • Must-try: Homemade Bread, Gelato Pizza
  • Price range: ₩10,000-20,000 ($8-16)
  • Location: Gangnam

30. Rooftop ANOV

Very good vibes. the pizza was really good.
  • Must-try: Cheese, Pepperoni, Gorgonzola
  • Price range: ₩10,000-20,000 ($8-16)
  • Location: Yongsan

31. Yellow Burger

I think that the price is so cheap! In addition, the taste just perfect for me! It was delicious!
  • Must-try: King of the Mushroom, Volcano Surfer
  • Price range: ₩10,450-12,350 ($9-10.7)
  • Location: Kondae

32. Somoon

The beef was so soft and the eggs were sweet and fluffy…It was delicious ~
  • Must-try: Omelet Burger
  • Price range: ₩11,400-13,300 ($9-11)
  • Location: Hapjeong

33. Barney Burger

It’s great because it’s full inside. The burger is bigger than I thought.
  • Must-try: Bacon Ricotta Cheeseburger Set, Barney Burger Set
  • Price range: ₩10,800-14,000 ($9-12)
  • Location: Gangnam

34. American Mood

I had a good time with my friends. I picked American Mood to meet up with my friends for dinner, and we ate well~~~
  • Must-try: Philly Plate
  • Price range: ₩26,100 ($22.5)
  • Location: Gangnam

International Restaurants in Seoul

Potala Indian Restaurant in Seoul.

35. Jooin Izakaya

Does legit japanese food. Really enjoyed the yakiniku and the personal grill experience.
  • Must-try: Yakiniku
  • Price range: ₩50,000 ($40) cash coupon
  • Location: Yeongdeungpo

36. Tama Sushi

The food was really great! loved the omakase style
  • Must-try: Omakase Sushi, Tuna Belly
  • Price range: ₩54,000-162,000 ($46-140)
  • Location: Yeouido

37. Plus 84

Bahn mi here is to die for! better than in Vietnam.
  • Must-try: Lemongrass Roasted Pork Banh Mi, Pho
  • Price range: ₩28,500-45,000 ($25-40)
  • Location: Itaewon / Insadong

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38. Punto 9 Restaurant

Honestly everything looked good and it was a shame we had limited space in our belly. we tried the cacio e pepe and flap steak and they were both awesome. service was really good too.
  • Must-try: Cacio E Pepe with Truffle Oil, Beef Wellington
  • Price range: ₩47,500 ($43)
  • Location: Itaewon

39. Cafe El Dia

This is where Spanish food is served properly. And the interior is so pretty, both outdoor and natural. It’s so blue and it’s a great place to take pictures Recommended if you are looking for a nice restaurant within Seonyu-do!
  • Must-try: Seafood Paella, Shrimp Gambas
  • Price range: ₩42,000 ($36)
  • Location: Yeongdeungpo

40. Daehak-ro Banquet

Thai style chicken is really delicious .. It’s like a signature menu that can’t be explained in words.
  • Must-try: Thai-style Chicken
  • Price range: ₩9,900-13,500 ($8-11)
  • Location: Jongno-gu

41. Ponyahyang Vietnamese Noodles

The fried coconut shrimp was my favorite! to be honest i loved all the menu there 😀
  • Must-try: Beef Vietnamese Noodles, Fried Coconut Shrimp, Chili Shrimp Fried Rice
  • Price range: ₩19,000 ($16)
  • Location: Yeonnam-dong

42. Kervan

I’m a muslim living in korea and realized Korea doesn’t have much halal-certified restaurant. Thank you WAUG for this opportunity! Was good to have some home food in a while!
  • Must-try: Mix BBQ Kebab Set, Casserole Lamb Steak Set
  • Price range: ₩54,000-130,000 ($46-112)
  • Location: Itaewon

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43. Avec Nous Bistro

Hip and trendy restaurant in hannam.
  • Must-try: Lunch Course (Croquette), Dinner Course (Salmon)
  • Price range: ₩40,500-63,000 ($35-54)
  • Location: Hannam-dong

44. Dos Locos

The food really tasted like food from back home! recommended for those who want to try actual mexican food 🙂
  • Must-try: Tacos, Cocktails
  • Price range: ₩32,800 ($28) cash coupon
  • Location: Gangnam

45. Potala

One of the better curry places in Seoul. Does pretty good tandoori chicken.
  • Must-try: Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken Curry
  • Price range: ₩8,700-26,000 ($7-22)
  • Location: Jongno-gu / Hongdae

Themed Restaurants in Seoul

943 King’s Cross Cafe in Seoul.

46. Maissong

The food was fantastic and is the perfect place to have brunch
  • Must-try: Spinach & Bacon Egg Benedict, French Toast, BLT
  • Price range: ₩8,500-18,000 ($7-15)
  • Location: Gangnam

47. AVOH

This is a really popular spot. the queue was long but at the end of the day, I don’t regret trying their food haha loved it!

48. Chavit Cuisine Buffet

I really enjoyed it! It was a holiday, so I had a lot to eat.
  • Must-try: Seasoned Crabs, Lamb Steak
  • Price range: ₩36,100 ($31)
  • Location: Seocho / Han River

49. Le Port 13

So much seafood! all very fresh and tasty^^ thank you waug for good deal
  • Must-try: Seafood Basket, Rose Pasta
  • Price range: ₩63,000 ($54)
  • Location: Gangnam

50. 943 King’s Cross Cafe

If you like Harry Potter, it’s a must-try brunch café.
  • Must-try: Best Set (Dragon’s Leg Set)
  • Price range: ₩15,000-43,000 ($13-37)
  • Location: Hongdae

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