Tour Busan by Yacht: Fall in Love With the City’s Seas & Iconic Landmarks


Have a splendid day or a romantic evening in Busan when you book your yacht tickets here!

  • When in Busan, don’t miss the yacht experience that locals and foreign travelers recommend!
  • Take it in the coast of Korea’s second largest city and see Dongbaek Island, Haeundae Beach, and Gwangandaegyo Bridge.
  • Busan Yacht Tour tickets cost ₩50,000 or $42 on average, but you can book here starting at ₩20,000 or $17!

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While Busan shares a lot of similarities in Seoul as a megalopolis, Korea’s second largest city has a charm that the capital does not have. Its fish markets and beaches make it stand out, but there’s nothing like its coast that dazzles during the day and night. If you want to get the full experience in Busan, make sure to hop on a yacht tour, which will not only make you fall in love with the city’s seas but also the following attractions:

1. The Bay 101

An impressive waterfront complex with shops, restaurants, bars, and a yacht club!

2. Dongbaek Island


3. Haeundae Beach


4. Gwangandaegyo

5. Gwangalli Coastline


6. Marine City


Busan Yacht Tour Hours

The Busan Yacht Tour operates daily with up to 10 sessions per day, which means that you can pick to ride during the day or night — if not both!

  • Session 1: 10:00 
  • Session 2: 11:00 
  • Session 3: 12:00 
  • Session 4: 14:00 
  • Session 5: 16:00 
  • Session 6: 18:00
  • Session 7: 19:00 
  • Session 8: 20:00 
  • Session 9: 21:00 
  • Session 10: 22:00 

Each session runs for around 1 hour, and, depending on the weather or local circumstances, the number of sessions may change. You can learn more here.

Busan Yacht Tour Ticket Price

The Busan Yacht ticket costs ₩50,000 or $42 on average, but you can book online on WAUG here to score a discount! (New WAUG users get an extra ₩3,000 discount coupon after signing up here! The extra coupon can be applied for a minimum purchase of ₩30,000.)

Here’s our offer:

1. Busan Yacht Tour
2. Busan Yacht Tour Sunset/Nighttime

3. Busan Yacht Tour Late Night
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

How to Book Nami Island Bus Tickets on WAUG

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  2. Proceed to the booking page of the Busan Yacht Tour here.
  3. Select the date and quantity.
  4. Check out using your credit or debit card.
  5. Wait for your voucher on the WAUG app, which you can download below:

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