Have You Seen the ‘Calculate Your Next Travel Destination’ Post?


“A new scientific algorithm has been developed to help calculate your next travel destination…”


  • Skyscanner recently released a post that’ll let you calculate where you’re traveling next.
  • With so many people dreaming to go on a trip nowadays, the post quickly went viral and became a meme.
  • Whichever destination you get — be it Singapore, Japan, or South Korea — you can start getting some trip ideas from WAUG, Korea’s best activity booking app. Check it out here.

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‘Calculate Your Next Travel Destination’

Want to know where you’re going when the global health condition improves? Skyscanner may just help you figure it out! The process is pretty simple: pick a number, do some basic math, and match your answer to the list of places on the right side.

Here’s the post that was shared on Twitter (if you have difficulty in reading, we’ve provided a transcript below!):



  1. Choose a number between 1 and 9
  2. Multiply it by 3
  3. Add 3
  4. Multiply by 3 again
  5. Add the two digit number you get together
  6. Number you get is where you will be traveling to


  1. Singapore
  2. Spain
  3. India
  4. Thailand
  5. Malaysia
  6. Indonesia
  7. Brazil
  8. England
  9. Stay at home
  10. Australia
  11. Cambodia
  12. Vietnam
  13. Japan
  14. South Korea
  15. India
  16. Canada
  17. Mexico
  18. New Zealand

What did you get? (Hint: you can click on some countries above to know more about it on WAUG!)

To view the original post from Skyscanner, click here. (The language and content of the post may be subject to geographical restriction.)

What did others get?

Do not read on unless you’ve tried the “Calculate Your Next Travel Destination” post! Here’s how some users reacted to it:


Hope not…


Probably this guy’s English is good?


Army, let’s stay home!






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