5 Cheap Things to Do in Kansai This 2023 (feat. Fun in Kansai Pass)


Save money when you visit Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto with the Have Fun in Kansai 1-week Free Pass! 🇯🇵

Traveling in Japan does not have to be expensive. There are many ways you can explore regions like Kansai without breaking the bank. From using tourist-friendly transportation cards like the Osaka Amazing Pass to getting the new “Have Fun in Kansai” 1 Week Free Pass, you can achieve your #travelgoals and still save some money! Below are some of the budget-friendly yet worthwhile facilities to visit if ever you’re traveling to Osaka, Kyoto, or Kobe:

Budget-friendly Things to Do in Kansai

1. Harukas 300 Observatory

Let’s start with Osaka’s famous sightseeing spot — Harukas 300 Observatory! For an admission ticket that costs less than $10, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Get to spot attractions like Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple from a height of 300 meters or nearly 1,000 feet!

2. Osaka Wonder Loop Bus

Go on an exciting hop-on hop-off bus adventure aboard the Osaka Wonder Loop! Aside from getting around the city and stop near Namba Parks, Osaka Castle Park, Dotonbori, and more, you’ll also enjoy the journey itself for around $20!

3. Osaka Wonder Loop Cruise

Don’t want to hit the roads? Take the Wonder Loop Cruise instead! Enjoy a scenic 20-minute evening ride aboard the city’s waterway for just $13!

4. Kyoto Railway Museum

Japan may be known for its high-speed bullet trains, but there’s a whole lot of history to take in when it comes to their railway! If ever you’re in Kyoto, take time to appreciate the exhibitions that showcase Japanese trains over the years. It’ll definitely make you appreciate the country’s robust transportation even more.

5. Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel

Finally, for less than $6 per trip, you can enjoy sightseeing with a flair in Kobe! The Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel is a sight to behold, but the view from its cabin is even more breathtaking. Look out into Kobe Port and be dazzled by the wheel’s neon lights!

Save money with the Have Fun in Kansai 1-Week Free Pass!

If you plan to visit any of the 5 spots listed above, you can save even more money with the Have Fun in Kansai 1-Week Free Pass! This tourist-friendly card will give you access to up to 3 facilities in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe that are listed below:

  • ABENO HARUKAS Observatory
  • Wonder Loop Bus
  • Wonder Cruise
  • Osaka Gourmet Walk
  • 298 Yakinuku
  • Nonotori
  • Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway
  • Kobe Concerto
  • Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel
  • Kannonya
  • Ton Ton Tonkatsu
  • Frantz Sweets
  • 298 Yakinuku
  • Nonotori
  • Arashiyama Gourmet + Randen
  • Kyoto Railway Museum

What’s more, until March 31, 2023, you’ll also get a 1-way ticket that you can use to ride the airport express train to Shin-Osaka!

How to Use the Fun in Kansai Pass

  • The Have Fun in Kansai Pass can be used to enter 3 facilities of your choice.
  • You will have 7 days to visit your selected attractions or restaurants after your first visit.
  • After booking, you will have 30 days to activate your Fun in Kansai Pass, i.e. use it to enter the first facility of your choice.

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