This Restaurant in Seoul Makes Crazy Good Korean Street Food



  • CrazyFry is a modern and casual pub in Seoul that offers a leveled-up tteokbokki experience.
  • Pair the popular Korean street food with beef brisket, pork belly, or fried chicken, among other exciting options!
  • This restaurant in Yeouido is also known for their squid tower (called Crazy Monster or 크레이지 몬스터), which calls for a few rounds of ice cold beer or cola.
  • Menu items at CrazyFry typically range from ₩13,000-20,000 (around $11-16), but you can get restaurant vouchers here for less!

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Why CrazyFry is a Must-Try for Korean Street Food Lovers

I’m fond of the mom-and-pop stores in Hongdae, Hyehwa, Dongdaemun, and the like, but CrazyFry in Yeouido is on top of my list when I crave for Korean street food and alcohol. Especially if I’m going on a lunch date or night-out with friends, having tteokbokki in this restaurant in Seoul is just more preferable because of the fun atmosphere, accessible location, and, of course, tasty food choices.

Unlike having stir-fried rice cakes in the street where you’re given a serving on a plate or bowl, this pub in Seoul will give you a huge platter with awesome add-ons! Traditionally, tteokbokki is cooked with boiled eggs and scallions, but at CrazyFry in Yeouido, you can choose to add meat and seafood options. Check out what they offer below:

1. Deep Fried Seaweed

황제김말이 즉석 떡볶이

This one’s the cheapest from the tteokbokki set selection, but it definitely isn’t the least. Just take a look at the humongous gimmari (김말이 or deep fried seaweed roll with glass noodles) that you’ll surely want to have all for yourself. (Gimmari is actually another popular Korean street food, but it’s usually a lot smaller in size. It always pairs well with tteokbokki.) Priced at ₩13,000 or $11.

2. Beef Brisket

황제김말이 즉석 떡볶이

If you have not tried tteokbokki with beef brisket yet, do so when you visit CrazyFry. The restaurant puts in good-quality meats, which, given a few minutes in the round pan, will render soft and flavorful. It definitely goes well with the Korean rice cakes that are submerged in sauce! Priced at ₩23,000 or $19.

3. Squid & Seafood

통오징어 즉석 떡볶이

Bet you haven’t seen this combo in a Korean street food cart yet! If this photo is making you curious about how squid tastes like when it’s swimming in red and fiery tteokbokki sauce, you definitely should give this menu item a try. The mix is almost natural, but if you’re going for this option, you may want to check out the squid tower that I’ll introduce shortly below. Priced at ₩23,000 or $19.

4. Original Chicken

불타는 통닭 즉석 떡볶이

If you’ve already visited a traditional market in Korea, chances are you’ve already seen a whole fried chicken. At CrazyFry, you’ll have it on top of your tteokbokki pan, and you’ll get to enjoy the skin in its perfectly crispy and crunchy form. Priced at ₩23,000 or $19.

5. Pork Cutlet

황제 돈까스 즉석 떡볶이

If you’re like many locals, you’d want your donkkaseu with rice and curry. But if ever you’re tired of this pairing, come by CrazyFry and try something new: pork cutlet and tteokbokki. This might just be a combo that you’d call your favorite! Priced at ₩23,000 or $19.


Other options that you can have with at CrazyFry Tteokbokki & Pub are Sweet & Sour Pork, Sliced Pork Belly, Sausage Stew, and Flying Fish Roe. If you’d like to see the restaurant’s menu, you’ll find the link on WAUG here.

By the way, spice levels may be adjusted to your preference. Also, if you’d like to see how the restaurant serves the Korean rice cake + gimmari set, watch this clip!

Squid Towers & Other Premium Korean Street Food

Aside from the quintessential tteokbokki, you can also try any of CrazyFry’s squid towers, which taste as perfect as they look! If you’re a calamari fan — word of caution — the images may just make you drool!

1. Crazy Monster

크레이지 몬스터

Yep, they call their squid tower a monster. It’s definitely something you want to devour! Priced at ₩18,000 or $14.5.

2. Crazy Black Monster

크레이지 블랙 몬스터

In case you’re wondering, they did not burn the squid! The breading is such because it’s got the the cephalopod’s ink, which I definitely think is quite meta. Priced at ₩18,000 or $14.5.

닭껍질 튀김 or Fried Chicken Skin.

Aside from the calamari, you can also try the following: Assorted Sausage, Chicken Brothers, Deep-Fried Shrimp, Chicken Skin Fry, Fish Cake Soup, and Fried Potatoes. If you’d like to get a sample of each, I suggest getting the Fry Avengers. It’s a perfectly assembled plate of your well-loved Korean street food, including the Crazy Monster.

Get a Discount When You Try Korean Street Food at CrazyFry!

If you have not used WAUG yet, here are the steps to get restaurant vouchers that you can use to pay when you visit CrazyFry in Yeouido (Branch 2):

  1. Create your account here.
  2. Proceed to the booking page of CrazyFry Tteokbokki & Pub (Branch 2).
  3. Select the date and provide other required information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX card. (If you’re using a credit or debit card that’s issued from South Korea, you can book from WAUG’s Korean page here.)
  5. Wait for your purchase confirmation and mobile voucher.

You may choose to get the ₩20,000 or ₩40,000 cash coupon, which you can book for only ₩18,000 (around $16.6) or ₩36,000 (around $30) on WAUG!

Finally, make sure to have our app on your phone so you can easily read reviews and present the mobile voucher for your visit!

Location & Hours

CrazyFry Branch 2 in Yeouido is located at B1, 31, Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, which is just 3 stations away from Hongdae (Hongik Univ. Station).

They are open for lunch and dinner everyday from 11am-10pm. However, on weekdays, they close for a break from 3-5pm.

Please take note that menu prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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