For Overseas Filipinos: How to Accomplish the Electronic Case Information Form (e-CIF)

If you are an OFW who has plans to return to the Philippines, you must accomplish the e-CIF. Below are the steps.



  • The Philippine Government launched the Electronic Case Information Form or e-CIF to help returning overseas Filipinos undergo the health protocol upon arrival in NAIA.
  • To accomplish the e-CIF, you will need to fill out the online form and get your QR code.
  • The e-CIF is required to get Immigration clearance in the Philippines.
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What is the e-CIF?

The e-CIF stands for Electronic Case Information Form. It aims to help returning OFW’s undergo the mandatory health protocols set by the Philippine government.

Remember that you must accomplish the e-CIF three (3) days before your arrival in the Philippines.

How to accomplish the e-CIF?


Before you take your flight back in the Philippines, follow these steps that will help you accomplish the e-CIF:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the form and submit.
  3. Save the QR code to your device (smartphone or tablet). If you don’t have a device, you can also print the QR code.
  4. Present the QR code at the airport when you take the COVID-19 test.

What will happen if you don’t fill out the e-CIF?

The e-CIF is required to get clearance from Immigration. If you’re not able to fill out the e-CIF before your flight, you will have to do it at the airport, which may cause you delay.

How to make the most of your time as on OFW

If you’re currently overseas without immediate plans to return to the Philippines, then you won’t have to answer the e-CIF. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your time abroad by visiting the best restaurants and attractions in the country that you’re in. See the options in your country below:

Where are you currently based?


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    what if the entry date was changed or moved? what to do? since already paid the application. There would be a problem in the airport if didn’t change?