7 Things to Do in Eco Land Theme Park, Jeju Island


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  • The Eco Land Theme Park in Jeju-do lets you explore the mystical Gotjawal Forest aboard a Lincoln Locomotive.
  • The train will take you on a scenic tour around the forest, which houses local plants, animals, healing zones, and a mesmerizing lake.
  • The entrance fee for Eco Land Theme Park is ₩15,000 or $13, but you can book a ticket here for only ₩12,200 or $10.5!
  • Eco Land in Jeju Island is open year-round, which means you can visit in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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Things to Do in Eco Land Theme Park

Spending time in Eco Land Theme Park is one of the best things I did in Jeju Island. Having been resigned to the daily hustle in Seoul, the attraction has provided me an opportunity to retreat and enjoy an outdoor adventure that’s meaningful and enriching.


Eco Land is housed inside Gotjawal Forest, which is an expansive land filled with tall trees and curious creatures. Native plants from over 300 species also thrive here, and they are believed to give off healing effects. You can definitely expect to come out refreshed after spending even just an hour here, but I doubt you’d want to cut your time short given the park’s many natural Insta-worthy photo zones. (Ideally, you should allot 4-5 hours in Eco Land Theme Park.)

Gotjawal Forest was formed by highly viscuous lava, which makes it a large volcanic land.

Below I’ve listed some of the things you can look forward to, but if you haven’t purchased your Eco Land Theme Park tickets yet, you can do so here. The on-site entrance fee for adults costs ₩15,000 or around $13, but WAUG offers an admission ticket for only ₩12,200 or $10.5. (Similarly, regular youth and child passes cost ₩12,000 and ₩10,000, respectively, but you can book them for only ₩10,700 and ₩9,000 below.)

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1. Hop on the Eco Land train tour

Now, let’s begin the journey! The first thing you can expect when you reach Eco Land Theme Park in Jeju is a doughnut-shaped building. This is the Main Station, which is where the ticket booth, gift shop, fountain plaza, and main dining outlets are located. This is also where you’ll hop on the old-fashioned Lincoln Locomotive that will take you on a journey around the Gotjawal Forest.

Train tour in Eco Land Theme Park.

In total, there will be 5 train stops: the Main Station, Eco Bridge Station, Lakeside Station, Picnic Garden Station, and the Lavender, Green Tea, and Rose Garden Station. You are free to get off and get on from any or all of these stops, but take note that your Eco Land Theme Park ticket is only valid for one circulation.

2. Explore the lake in Eco Bridge Station


From the Main Station, your first stop will be the Eco Bridge Station. The area features a 300m-long lakeside deck and a nice coffeeshop called Cafe Over Water. It’s worth spending at least an hour here if you want to take in the beauty of the Gotjawal Forest, which is guaranteed to leave you breathless during winter, spring, and fall. If you’ll visit in the summer, you’ll be happy to know that this part of Eco Land Theme Park won’t feel as hot and humid. That’s, of course, made possible by the seemingly unending lines of trees that help lower the temperature.

3. Take a photo at Don Quixote-inspired windmill


The second stop of the train tour in Jeju Eco Land Theme Park is the Lake Side Station. The most notable landmark here is the Don Quixote and Windmill, a popular photo spot for foreign and local visitors. The surrounding area was actually a grassland for the mythical Jeju horses, so it’s only fitting that they have donkey fixtures here that you can ride on (like Sancho!). If you’ll bring your family in this area, then look for the expedition ship and the bumper boats that are popular among kids. There’s also a snack bar in this area where you can get churros, waffles, and some ice cream!

4. Have a picnic at Eco Land Theme Park’s Picnic Station


Make your trip to Jeju Eco Land memorable by having a picnic! Whether you’ll travel with your partner, friends, or family, you can make use of the vast fields at Picnic Garden Station to bond and laze the day away. There’s a snack bar here where you can get some bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) and pizza, so you won’t have to worry about food. Other activities to enjoy here are the Gotjawal Forest Tour with commentary and the Kids Town for the toddlers!

5. Experience the Healing Zone


Now, let’s talk about the activity I enjoyed the most: ecotherapy in Jeju Eco Land Theme Park! This is a holistic experience that is offered in the Picnic Garden Station, specifically in the Eco Road. This is a trail filled with mushroom-like substance called sporia, which are grains of volcanic ashes that have moisturing effects. The path is also filled with various local plants, which are said to help reduce stress and increase immunity.

6. Explore the European-themed garden


Finally, we move onto the last stop of Eco Land Theme Park’s train tour: the Lavender, Green Tea, & Rose Garden Station! As you can tell by the name, this area is filled with various plants, flowers, and herbs. This is definitely an Instagram-worthy paradise, and you’ll have fun taking selfies and photos here. Before you leave, stop by the snack bar for a refreshing mango or pineapple juice!

7. Shop & dine at Eco Land Theme Park’s main station


Your Jeju Eco Land Theme Park train tour stops where it all begins: the Main Station. If the snacks you had in the themed areas didn’t fill you up, you can have a nice lunch or dinner in the main restaurant before leaving the palce. I suggest getting their Fried Pork Cutlet, Jjajangmyeon, or their Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup, which are their bestsellers.

Jeju Eco Land Theme Park Reviews

What did travelers have to say about this nature-filled attraction in Jeju? Well, Eco Land Theme Park currently has an excellent 4.9/5 star-rating on WAUG, and one user described it as a nice Europe-themed town. Another user noted that there were a lot of activities to enjoy, and another recommended to visit Jeju Eco Land in spring and autumn.

Eco Land Theme Park in winter.

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Jeju Eco Land Theme Park: Entrance Fee & Ticket Deals


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Location & Hours of Jeju Eco Land Theme Park

Jeju Eco Land Theme Park is located in 1278-169, Beonyeong-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea. The train tour runs from 8:30am-5pm from April to November and 8:40am-4:30pm from December to March.

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