8 Gift Certificates in Korea That Your Friends & Family Will Love


Want to treat yourself or a friend on their birthday? Click here to see all the gift certificates in Korea that you can book on WAUG! 🎂☕🍗

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How to Purchase a Mobile Gift Certificate in Korea

When you’re looking to brighten up someone’s day, sending a gift certificate is just a great idea. Whether you want to give a friend something on their birthday, show appreciation to your colleague, or even just treat yourself, you can purchase a mobile gift in Korea using WAUG. Below we’ll show you the 5 easy steps, but first let’s look at the options that you have:

1. Pay’s Gift Cafe Gift Certificate


This one’s for coffeelovers! The Pay’s Gift Cafe can be used in various coffeeshops in Korea, including Ediya, Angel-in-Us, Mammoth, Caffe Bene, Sulbing, Selecto Coffee, Cafe Droptop, Dore Dore, Mahogany, Coffine Gurunaru, Coffee Namu, and Palgong Tea.

2. Tours les Jours Strawberry Montmartre Cake #1

gift certificate korea tous les jours

What’s a birthday without a cake? If you’re looking to give someone a special and classic round cake, go for a Tours les Jours bestseller like the Strawberry Montmartre #1!

  • PRICE: ₩20,000
  • Valid for 93 days from the date of purchase
  • Real-time transmission via MMS
  • Cannot be used in the following branches: Yongsan Station as well as branches located in airports, marts or rest areas (e.g. bus stops)

3. Goobne Chicken Gift Certificate

Celebrate without the guilt! Reward yourself or treat a loved one with Goobne’s oven roasted chicken, which comes in various flavors. (They also have pizza too!)

  • PRICE: ₩30,000
  • Valid for 366 days from the date of purchase
  • Real-time transmission via MMS
  • Other options: ₩10,000 Gift Certificate, ₩20,000 Gift Certificate, and ₩50,000 Gift Certificate
  • Cannot be used in the following branches:
    • Seoul: Sangdo 4-dong, Myeongil, Gaepo 4-dong
    • Gyeonggi: Icheon, Jeongja 2.3-dong, Pungdeokcheon 2-dong, Jaegung Ogeum-dong, Saneung, Morning, Omokcheon, Daewon, Godeok, Janghang, Maseok, Anseong Hangyeong University, Seoksu 2-dong, Gagoksu-dong, KINTEX, Gapyeong Glamping
    • Sejong: Sejong Boram, Sejong Hansol, Saerom
    • Gangwon-do: Donghaecheongok, Inje, Yangyang Naksan
    • Gyeongsangnam-do: Changwon Palyong, Gimhae Jinyeong, Gyeongnam Hamyang, Gyeongnam Hapcheon, Gyeongnam Ha-dong
    • See the full list by clicking below:

4. Emart24 Digital Gift Certificate


Give the gift of choice! With so many treats and lifestyle products available at Emart24, this is definitely one of the best gift certificates in Korea that you can send!

5. Won Halmoni Bossam & Jokbal Voucher


Know someone who loves pork? Send them a Won Halmoni gift certificate for a nice, clean-tasting Korean pork feast!

  • PRICE: ₩30,000
  • Valid for 366 days from the date of purchase
  • Real-time transmission via MMS
  • Other options: ₩10,000 Gift Certificate and ₩50,000 Gift Certificate
  • Cannot be used in the following locations:
    • Seoul: Won Grandma Noodle Bossam (2nd Lotte World/Lotte Mall Eunpyeong)
    • Gyeonggi/Incheon: Cheongpyeong Branch, Won-Grandma Noodle Bossam (Gimpo Airport Branch)
    • Gangwon: Hongcheon Daemyung Vivaldi Park Branch, Gangwon Yongpyong Resort Branch
    • Gyeongsang: Won-Granny Noodle Bossam (Lotte Gimhae/Lotte Outlet Dongbusan)

6. Pay’s Gift FoodCafe Gift Certificate


Know someone who enjoys good food and desserts? Get them the Pay’s Gift FoodCafe gift voucher, which can be used in Outback, Lotteria, Krispy Kreme, Tous les Jours, Sulbing, School Food, and more!

7. McDonald’s Double Bulgogi Burger Set


Want to treat a coworker to McDonald’s? Get them this gift certificate for some tasty fIll!

8. Hollys Gift Certificate

Love the drinks, cakes, and pasta at Hollys Coffee? Purchase a gift card today and treat yourself to a delicious meal!

How to Book Mobile Gift Certificates in Korea on WAUG

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here.
  2. Choose from the gift certificates here.
  3. Select the date and quantity. On the Customer Info page, provide the mobile number where you want to receive the MMS gift certificate or voucher code. (Note that a mobile number issued in Korea is required to receive the voucher.)
  4. Check out using your card. (Mobile payment, Toss, or Naver Pay options are available if you’re using WAUG in Korean language.)
  5. Receive the MMS voucher.

Why Book Gift Cards in Korea on WAUG?

Aside from the $3 discount coupon that you’ll get (coupon for new users), you earn WAUG points for each booking! Use these points to book any activity on WAUG, including tours, attraction passes, rental car, restaurants, gym membership, spa vouchers, and more!

Looking for more vouchers?

Check out WAUG’s full list of digital gift certificates in Korea here!

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