Go-Kart in Jeju: Best Race Parks to Visit & Ticket Price


Experience the imported go-kart fleet of Jeju Seri World when you book your tickets here! (New users get extra $3 or ₩3,000 off first booking 🎉)


  • Have a thrilling adventure with your friends and family as you go go-kart racing in Jeju!
  • The island has a handful of theme parks that you can visit at a discount, including Cafe De Le Koomda and Seri World.
  • On average, go-kart tickets in Jeju cost ₩25,000 or $21, but you can book this option for only ₩9,900 or $8.5!

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Go-Kart Racing in Jeju Island

One of the things that I like about Jeju is that it offers various activities for families and groups of friends. Many people that I know thought the island was just about sunrise peaks and splendid seas, and while they’re not wrong, there’s really plenty more to do here. Some outdoor activities that you can do are horseback-riding, rail biking, and go-kart racing, which are most popular in summer, but can be done year-round.

If you’re planning your travel itinerary and considering to have some outdoor activities, or if you’ve already decided to experience go-karting in Jeju and are looking for places to book, then check out this list:

1. Leports Land


Leports Land is one of the largest and most exciting go-kart racing tracks in South Korea. The attraction features courses with a lot of hairpin corners, which makes it a very fun place to race in for first-time and long-time racers. But the best thing about this go-kart park in Jeju is that they offer a top-of-the-line fleet from Italy, so you and your family will really have a fast and furious adventure!

Go-kart tickets at Leports Land in Jeju cost ₩25,000 or $21, but you can book them at a discount below for only ₩15,000 or $12.9 (same rate applies for child, teen, and adult racers!):


2. The Ma Park


Ma Park in Jeju may be more known as a horse-themed park, but they also have a fun go-kart racing track. In terms of size, the tracks won’t compare to the bigger ones in this list, but it definitely is most recommended for kids, as noted by a WAUG user who went here. (I’m pretty sure they’ll love this horse show, too!)

If you and your young family would like to experience go-kart here, you can book your tickets below for only ₩9,900 or $8.5 each. The regular cost is ₩25,000 or $21, so this is definitely a steal! (Not a WAUG user yet? You can sign up by clicking the button below to get an extra ₩3,000 or $3 off your first booking!)

3. Seri World


If you plan to stay in the southern Jeju city of Seogwipo, the nearest go-kart race track that you’ll find is Seri World. Similar to #2, this park is also home to a horseback-riding facility, which means that you can spend a full day here (Oh, they also have this Instagrammable maze park!).

Seri World offers go-karts that are very easy-to-operate, which means first-time racers regardless of age will surely have fun in this park. Tickets originally cost ₩25,000 or $21 each, but you can book below to save 50%!

4. Cafe De Le Koomda

Located on the Eastern side of Jeju Island, Cafe De Le Koomda is a ranch-slash-track-slash-cafe. This is the best place to visit if you have someone traveling with you who’s unable to do go-kart racing — they can unwind in the in-house coffee shop! As for the tracks, I’d say this is a little intermediate, and kids will definitely have a blast here.

You can book Cafe De Le Koomda go-kart tickets at a discounted price of ₩12,000 or $10 below:

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