Hallim Park in Jeju: List of Festivals & Entrance Fee


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  • With its Instagrammable gardens and floral fields, Hallim Park has become a popular tourist spot in Jeju.
  • Whether you come in winter, spring, summer, or autumn, you can enjoy a festival that highlights various plants and flowers.
  • The entrance fee for Jeju Hallim Park is ₩12,000 or $10.2, but you can get a 5% discount per ticket when you book here!

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Why Visit Hallim Park in Jeju

If there’s one attraction in Jeju that I’d absolutely recommend to first-time visitors, it will have to be Hallim Park. Traveling to the island is all about unwinding and enjoying Korea’s best naturescapes, and this is one of the places that’ll help you do that. With so many mini-attractions and activities, you’ll definitely feel satisfied after spending even just half a day here.

Hallim park jeju island

The expansive park has 9 zones, including the Subtropical Botanic Garden, Bird Garden, and the Jae-Am Folk Village. However, what I like most were the Hyeopjaegul & Ssangnyonggul Caves, which are just two of the 20 caves that can be found in the area. These caves, which were formed after Hallasan erupted, keep a temperature of 12-18 degrees Celsius all year round. (Jeju gets hot in the summer, so this place was very memorable to me!)

Hallim park cave
Cave in Jeju Hallim Park.

Of course, if you’re looking for more vibrant and romantic spots, then make sure to visit the Jeju Stone & Bonsai Garden and the Wild Grass & Flower Garden. They have stunning domestic flowers blooming in all seasons, as well as trails that solo adventurers, couples, friends, and families enjoy.

Below I’ve listed the festivals that are held in Jeju Hallim Park, but if you want to see what WAUG users think about the attraction, check out this review:

“The park was so beautiful, and the month I visited had a festival that I really loved 😃”
Ti***** | Hallim Park review

Hallim Park Festivals

If you’ve already pinned down your travel dates, then refer to this list of festivals that are held in Hallim Park:

1. Hallim Park in Summer: June, July, & August Festivals

  • June: Hydrangea
  • July/August: Water Lily & Lotus

2. Hallim Park in Autumn: September, October, & November Festivals

  • September: Spider Lily
  • October: Cosmos & Pink Muhly Blossom or Pumpkin
  • November: Chrysanthemum

3. Hallim Park in Winter: December, January, & February Festivals

  • December: Camellia
  • January: Narcissus
  • February: Plum Blossom

4. Hallim Park in Spring: March, April, & May Festivals

  • March: Cherry Blossom
  • April: Tulip
  • May: Wildflower & Bougainvillea

Book Jeju Hallim Park Tickets Online

Here’s the ticket price for Hallim Park (may change without notice):

Hallim Park TicketRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Adult (19 years & up)₩15,000₩11,400
Teen (13-18 years old)₩8,000₩7,600
Child (3-12 years old)₩7,000₩6,650

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Hallim Park: Address, Hours, & Map

Hallim Park is located in 300 Hallim-ro, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Jeju-do, Korea. Here’s their operating schedule: 8:30am-5:30pm from March-August, 8:30am-5pm from September to October, & 9am-4:30pm from November-February.

To see the theme park map and full festival list, visit their website here.

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