5 Han River & Hangang Park Activities That You Should Try


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  • Han River, once voted as the city’s second most scenic attraction (next to Namsan), attracts locals and foreigners year-round.
  • During the summer, some of the activities that you can do here are flyboarding, kayaking, and riding this cute electric duck boat!
  • Other popular things to do in the area include biking in Hangang Park and riding the romantic Eland Han River cruise.
  • If you plan to visit soon, make the most out of your stay by visiting this buffet restaurant that offers great food and superb views!

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Things to Do in Han River & Hangang Park

Ask a local to name the top 5 attractions in Seoul, and I’m pretty sure Han River will make the list. Previously a waterway for trade, Hangang is now a weekend getaway spot that people love to visit during spring, summer, and fall. It’s a very accessible attraction; it lies in the middle of Seoul so you can get to it easily wherever you’re coming from. The water is blue and inviting, and while swimming is not allowed in the area, you can still enjoy a lot of water rides and activities. Here are some of them:

1. Take a bike ride in Hangang Park

Biking along Han River is the fastest way to fall in love with Seoul. You’ll be able to take in the immense cityscape and the beautiful nature all at once. The cycling trails are great, and you’ll love the energy of the people who are doing different types of cardio. You can go in the day or night — it doesn’t matter — but I remember coming here just before sunset and spending one full hour just admiring the surrounds.

Tandem bikes in Seoul.

If you want to rent a standard bike, you can visit Yeouido Hangang Park. There are many rental stations in the area, and they usually charge ₩3,000 or $2.5 for the first hour and ₩500 or $0.4 for every succeeding 15 minutes. The rate for the tandem bikes is twice the rate of the standard.

2. Explore Han River on a duck boat


If you want to try something more challenging, rent a manual Duck Boat. The ride is good for 3 people and you will have to pedal to move across the river. But if you want to laze away, you can also rent an electric Duck Boat. Watch the clip below so you can get an idea of the experience:

Renting a manual duck boat in Han River typically costs ₩15,000 or $12.5 (40 minutes), but you can book below for the price of ₩12,000 or $10!


3. Go on a picnic at Hangang Park

When you’re done biking or operating a Duck Boat, recharge by having a picnic or camping by the Han River. Many locals visit here when the weather’s good, so I suggest coming in early to secure a good spot!

Got no tent, camping chairs, or table? You can easily rent an all-in-one picnic set here starting at only ₩9,900 or $9.10! There are various options available on WAUG, including the 109 Set (comes with a tent for 3-6 people), Dog Set, Board Game Set, and a Picnic Basket Set. These packages are complete with everything that you’ll need for a perfect day. Just order in some fried chicken and beer, and you’re all set!

4. Have a meal with a superb view

Chavit Cusine, buffet restaurant on the Han River.

Aside from having a picnic, you can also visit one of the three restaurants in the Han River area. The first option that you have is a buffet place called Chavit Cuisine. They serve sushi, surf n’ turf, pasta, pudding, and so much more. The food’s quality is excellent, so expect a very satisfying experience.

A weekday lunch at Chavit Cuisine regularly costs ₩38,000 or $32.7, but you can enjoy a 5% discount when you book this Han River buffet restaurant on WAUG. Click below to find out more and see the other options available:

The River restaurant.

If you’re not in the mood for an eat-all-you-can experience in Seoul, you can also consider these two a la carte restaurants: The River and Isola. Both are Italian restaurants, but the latter offers the cheaper dining option.

At The River Italian restaurant, you can choose between two courses: one with steak and one with pasta. Both sets come with starters and dessert. You can check out the price and customer reviews for The River below:

Isola restaurant in Han River.

Finally, Isola. Similar to The River, this restaurant in the Han River area also offers two lunch sets that feature pasta and steak. However, they offer more options in their menu, which you can view below. (The pasta or risotto lunch set typically costs ₩30,000 or $25.8, but you can get it on the WAUG app for only ₩27,000 or $23!)

5. Enjoy the Eland Han River Cruise

Last but definitely not least — the Eland Han River Cruise. This is the most popular activity in the Han River and for good reason! Aside from the scenic cruise experience, you can enjoy a live Jazz performance, fireworks show, or a romantic evening ride depending on the ticket you’ll purchase. Here are the options that you consider (Oh, you’ll also be able to buy bird feeds on site so you can feed the seagulls!):


If you’ll visit Han River with your friends or children, I suggest booking the Daytime Cruise. For couples, we’d recommend the Han River Moonlight or Starlight Cruise!

How to Book Han River Activities on WAUG

If you’re unfamiliar with using WAUG, you can follow these steps to book the Han River duck boat, picnic set, buffet restaurant, and more:

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here. (New users get a discount coupon!)
  2. Proceed to the booking page of your preferred activity.
  3. Choose the date of your visit and provide the other information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. (Switch the page’s currency to KRW so you can see the other local payment options, like phone payment!)
  5. Wait for your voucher in the the app, which you can download WAUG here!

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