High1 Ski Resort: 7 Things First-Time Visitors Should Know

  • High1 Ski Resort is a premium winter sports and holiday destination in the province of Gangwon.
  • They have over 21 slopes that visitors can enjoy — 7 for beginners, 3 for intermediate, 9 for advanced, and 2 for experts!
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Visiting High1 Ski Resort

With 21 slopes for skiers and snowboarders of varying levels, as well as elegant hotels that are suitable for a family getaway, High1 Ski Resort has become a preferred holiday destination for many locals and foreigners. If you’re planning your very first visit, this guide will cover a few basic information to help you have a fun and memorable trip!

1. Check the weather and resort operational status

Screenshot from High1 Ski website.

Bad weather affects business operations, so it’s always best to check the weather status before you take a trip. High1 Ski Resort has this information displayed on their website, so do check it from time to time before your travel date. (You will be able to see the operational status for each gondola, lift, and slope.)

2. See the slopes via High1 Ski Resort’s Webcam

If you want to see the conditions of the slopes in High1 Resort (snow report), you can do so via their website. They have links that show real-time footage for each slope, which will also help you see which ones are crowded. To view, just click on the Webcam button on the top-right corner of the screen and select any of the Red Dots, which represent the skiing zone.

High1 Ski Resort Map + Webcam links. Screenshot from High1 Ski website

Fun fact: High1 Ski Resort’s slopes are named after mythical gods and goddesses, namely Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Athena, and Victoria!

3. Book your High1 Ski Resort Lift Ticket

Once you’ve confirmed the availability of the resort on your travel dates, you can then book a lift ticket, which comes in 3, 5, 7, 9, and 12 hour options. This will give you access to the lifts that go up to the peak of the slopes where you’ll start your skiing session.

Why book a lift ticket on WAUG? Rates are a lot lower than the list price! Check out this table for reference:

3 hours₩54,000₩36,600
5 hours₩66,000₩44,800
7 hours₩74,000₩50,200
9 hours₩79,000₩53,600
12 hours₩94,000₩63,800
3 hours₩43,000₩29,200
5 hours₩52,000₩35,300
7 hours₩58,000₩39,400
9 hours₩62,000₩42,100
12 hours₩74,000₩50,200

4. Best High1 Ski Resort equipment rental

After checking the business operations and current conditions of the resort, it’s now time to suit and gear up! To rent the latest equipment and clothing for your visit, visit High1 Salomon Board & Ski Rental (하이원살로몬). As you probably can tell, the shop rents out equipment from Salomon, which is the leading European outdoor activity brand based in France.


What I like about this rental store is that they refresh their ski and board products every year and do a fantastic job in cleaning and disinfecting them! Check out their offerings:

High1 Salomon Ski & Board Rental is also located just a few minutes away from the resort. They can offer you cheaper rates than the store in the resort.

5. Accommodations at High1 Ski Resort

Most visitors of High1, especially those who live in Seoul, spend a night or two in the resort. It’s just ideal to book a hotel since roundtrip transportation from Seoul takes at least 6 hours. If you haven’t made a reservation yet, consider the following properties that you can book:

  • Grand Hotel Main Tower – ₩300,000-4,800,000 or $270-4,300 per night
  • Grand Hotel Convention Tower – ₩320,000-8,500,000 or $288-7,650 per night
  • Palace Hotel – ₩200,000-440,000 or $180-400 per night
  • Mountain Condominium – ₩400,000-1,500,000 or $360-1,350 per night
  • Valley Condominium – ₩200,000-550,000 or $180-495 per night
  • Hill Condominium – ₩300,000-500,000 or $270-450 per night

6. High1 Ski Resort Guidelines for Visitors

To have a safe and enjoyable visit at High1 Resort, take note of the following:

  • Only those in proper ski attire will be allowed to enter the slopes.
  • Stay at the edge of the slope if you need to rest. The center of the slope is intended for skiing or boarding.
  • Maintain a certain distance with other skiers. If collision is expected, you should either warn others by shouting or fall down to avoid collision.
  • As much as possible, warm up 30 minutes before skiing (exercise).
  • Never drink and ski.
  • In case of accident, report the situation to the ski patrol or by calling 033-590-7119.
  • The most important principle behind safe skiing is by yielding to others. 😊

7. How to get to High1 Ski Resort from Seoul

From Seoul, you can get to High1 Ski Resort by taking the Winter Shuttle Bus. This is operated by Purple Ski Bus and picks up from the following:

  • Hongik Univ. Station (Hongdae)
  • Sinchon
  • Insa-dong
  • Myeongdong
  • Seoul Station
  • Itaewon U.S. Army Main Post Gate #1
  • Sports Complex Station

The travel time is estimated at 3 hours. For inquiries and more information, call +82-10-9388-5889 or visit the website here.

How to Book High1 Resort (Lift Tickets & Skis/Boards) on WAUG

  1. Log in or sign up for WAUG here. (New users get an extra $3 or ₩3,000 discount! 🎉)
  2. Click here to proceed to the booking page of High1 Resort Lift Ticket.
  3. Select the date and option.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. (If your method of payment is issued in South Korea, switch the currency to KRW to activate the local card processor and see other payment method like Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, and mobile payment!)
  5. Wait for your voucher/s that we’ll send through the WAUG app, which you can download below.

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