6 Tips for Parents Who are Ready to Go Hiking with Kids

hiking with kids

Hiking is a great way to have exercise and enjoy nature. There is no other way to replicate the mental and physical benefits of a good hike. Parents who plan to introduce their kids to your choice of awe-inspiring hikes won’t be that easy. If you do too much at once, your kids won’t like it, and it may make them feel uncomfortable. So I’m sharing here a few things you should keep in mind if you plan to hike with your kids.

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1. Choose a realistic hike

man wearing blue crew neck t shirt holding girl near mountains
Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

Like any enthusiastic hiker, you have your preferred trails. You have to make sure that it’s a kid-friendly and kid-centric hike. Pick a route that’s long enough to consider, like you and your kids have achieved something and short enough to be achievable for your entire family.

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2. Choose destinations that might be interesting to your kids

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Kids love attractive things like streams, lakes, or fantastic views. They often got bored quickly so it’s important to consider if the destination got an exciting feature that will hold your kids interested and fun. 

3. Have stops along the way

man and kid walking on downhill
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Hiking with your kids means you can’t move quickly up on a trail without stops. Keep your expectations modest and plan for a couple of stops. Kids would often complain if they are tired or hungry, your stops could be a site seeing, a break where you tell a bit of story or bonding while having some snack. 

4. Bring in food and water

Don’t get caught on a trail without meals for your kids. It’ll provide them the power they need to continue going and keep everyone full during the hike. 

While hiking, it’s natural to get dehydrated, kids can easily get dehydrated even quicker than adults so keep in mind to bring enough water for them and make sure you get the time to drink it. 

Lastly, remember to also teach them to pick up your garbage and carry it with you.

5. Be prepared

When hiking with kids, anticipate the unexpected. You never know what’s going to occur. Be ready for anything. Carry a first aid kit, a plastic bag with a few wet wipes, sunscreen, and a cell phone. It’s always ideal to have an emergency preparedness and first aid ready in place.

6. Dress appropriately

man walking on top of mountain under blue sky
Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

For hikes done early mornings or in higher elevation would mean that you’re dealing with colder temperatures. It’s always a best practice to dress yourself and your kids in layers that can also be easy to remove as you go. You should also check and make sure they got the right footware that will keep them comfortable as you trail across your hike.

For hikes during summer make sure your kids are protected with sunscreen to keep them away from sunburns. It’s also a great idea to use sunglasses, hats, lightweight pants, or long-sleeved shirts for added sun protection.

You should not really wait until your kids are all grown up before they get to experience hiking, have fun with nature trails and teach them on how to be a responsible hiker. Bringing them along with you will create awesome memories that they can cherish and share as they grow.

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Contributed by Gavin from Roaming Spices.



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