AWESOME DEAL: Hong Kong SIM Card (Hong Kong Airport Pick-up)


Get unlimited data connection in Hong Kong when you book a 4G/LTE SIM card on WAUG here! (New users get extra $3 coupon after signing up! 🎉)



  • Stay connected in Hong Kong with a blazing 4G/LTE SIM card that comes with unlimited data!
  • Choose between a 5-day or 8-day option, which you can book at a discounted price on the WAUG app.
  • Pick up your SIM card upon your arrival at Hong Kong International Airport!
  • Don’t forget to book this Octopus Card, which you can use to pay for your fares in Hong Kong 🚆

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Best Hong Kong SIM Card for Travelers (3G/4G/LTE)

In a concrete jungle like Hong Kong, you’d want to equip yourself with the fastest and reliable SIM card. If you want an unlimited data connection for transportation, communication, social media, and others, you can book a SIM card here, which comes in a 5-day and 8-day option. This Hong Kong SIM card on WAUG offers up to 4G/LTE speeds and fits mini, micro, and nano SIM card trays — basically all types of mobile phones! What’s more is that you can pick up the SIM card in Hong Kong International Airport, so you can send updates (or upload photos!) as soon as you arrive.

  • Reliable and unlimited data connection at fast speeds
    • 5-day option: 4G/LTE
    • 8-day option: 3G data
  • Fits mini, micro, and nano SIM card trays
  • Pick up at Hong Kong airport (Terminal 1)

Price & Deal: SIM Card in Hong Kong


A 4G/LTE SIM card in Hong Kong (with unlimited data for 5 days) typically costs HK$68 or US$9, but you can book on WAUG here for only HK$52 or US$7! If you need an option for around 7-8 days, you can also book the 8-day option (unlimited data at 3G speeds) for only HK$57! 🎊

(I personally have used a 3G SIM card in Hong Kong, and it wasn’t as bad — or slow — as expected! Sure, there’s a 10-second wait or so to fully load websites or upload photos, but when using apps like Google Maps, the speed was very satisfactory!)

How to Book a Hong Kong SIM Card on WAUG

WAUG is the No. 1 activity and experience booking platform in South Korea. If you’re unfamiliar with booking activities online, here are the 5 simple steps to follow:

  1. Download the app and create an account here. (New members will get a $3 coupon!)
  2. Proceed to the booking page of the Hong Kong SIM card here.
  3. Select the date and quantity.
  4. Check out using our debit, credit, or prepaid card.
  5. Receive your mobile voucher on the WAUG app and present it at the HK airport!

Hong Kong SIM Card Airport Pick-up Location & hours


Upon your arrival in Hong Kong International Airport, proceed to Terminal 1, Arrivals Area and present your mobile voucher at Counter A13 (OBS counter) to claim your SIM card.

The redemption counter is open daily from 9am-11pm.

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