LOOK: IKEA Japan to Release the Brand’s First Clothing Collection


The line is called EFTERTRÄDA, and it will be released on July 30 in IKEA Harajuku.



  • IKEA Japan will launch the brand’s first apparel collection called EFTERTRÄDA on July 31.
  • The line will include a t-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, and more, with the official logo as the main design.
  • If you’re planning a trip to Japan in 2021, make sure to visit IKEA Harajuku and these popular attractions in Tokyo that you can visit at a discount!

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IKEA to Debut First Apparel Line in Harajuku

New and noteworthy. Credit: IKEA

IKEA Harajuku in Japan has been the talk-of-the-town lately. The store in Tokyo has bagged a couple of distinctions since it opened its doors in June: it’s the first IKEA with a convenience store, first IKEA in an urban location, and the only IKEA that serves the Swedish flatbread tunnbrod. But, as if these credentials aren’t impressive enough, the store will also be the first to debut IKEA’s first apparel and merchandise collection called EFTERTRÄDA. Here’s what the line looks like:

Official IKEA Shirt, Hoodie, Tote Bag on Limited Release

Credit: IKEA

In partnership with IKEA in Sweden, IKEA Japan developed an apparel and lifestyle collection that’s “inspired by and made for the people of Tokyo”. It’s branded as EFTERTRÄDA, which will feature a t-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, umbrella, bath towels, and water bottles. The collection will exclusively be available in the IKEA Harajuku store from July 31 to August 6. Here’s a first look on the merch:

Official IKEA shirt with the barcode motif, a nod to IKEA’s BILLY Bookcase. Credit: IKEA
IKEA Tote Bag. Credit: IKEA
IKEA Umbrella and Tumbler. Credit: IKEA
Credit: IKEA

The official website says that more items will be added to the collection and that they’ll release a digital lookbook soon.

Now, For Your Itinerary: IKEA Harajuku & These Attractions

If you’re planning to travel to Japan next year (or as soon as possible!), make sure to visit IKEA Harajuku! Here’s the address: Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−14−30 WITH HARAJUKU内

You can also check out these attractions, which you can book at a discount on WAUG:

  1. [Tokyo] Tokyo Disneyland® & Disney Sea
  2. [Tokyo] Tokyo Skytree®
  3. [Tokyo] Odaiba Joypolis
  4. [Osaka] Abeno Harukas 300 Observatory
  5. [Osaka] Umeda Sky Building

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