Incheon Airport to Seoul: Bus, Train, & Private Transfer Options


Make your way from Incheon Airport to Seoul by booking this private pick-up service!


  • If you’ll fly into Incheon International Airport and will go straight to downtown Seoul, you can take the train, bus, or a private vehicle transfer.
  • For airport trains, you can choose to ride the All-Stop or the KTX.
  • For buses, you can take the standard or deluxe.
  • If you prefer a private vehicle to take you and your group from Incheon airport to Seoul, consider booking this van transfer that can accommodate up to seven (7) people.
  • Starting your travel itinerary shortly after landing? Rent a subway locker where you can store your luggage, or you can also have them delivered to your accommodation via this airport luggage delivery service.

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You can get to Seoul from Incheon International Airport Terminals 1 or 2 in a couple of ways. You may choose to take a public mode of transportation (AREX trains, buses, and cabs) or book a private vehicle transfer for utmost convenience. Below are the details:

Incheon Airport to Seoul via Private Vehicle Transfer or Van

If you’d like to arrange a private vehicle pick-up that can take you and your group to Seoul from Incheon airport, you can do so via WAUG — the No. 1 travel app from Korea. Here are the details:

  • PRICE: starts at ₩61,750 or $53.1 (excludes toll fee of ₩6,600)
  • Operated by JSVAN, the top call van operator in Incheon International Airport
  • Available 24 hours
  • Also offers drop-off service to Incheon and Gyeonggi-do


If you haven’t used WAUG yet, you can sign up to here to get a $3 coupon that you can use on your first purchase!

How to Go from Incheon Airport to Seoul via Train

There are two types of airport trains that can take you to Seoul Station: the KTX (Korea Train Express) and the All-Stop Train. If your priority is to get to Seoul in the quickest way possible, we recommend you take the KTX.

1. Incheon to Seoul via KTX (Express)

The KTX or Airport Express Train in Korea runs up to 305 kph and can take you to Seoul in as fast as 43 minutes if coming from Terminal 1 or 51 minutes if coming from Terminal 2. This is a popular choice among tourists since the trips are nonstop (from the airport it’ll take you directly to Seoul station, as shown in the route map below) and the seats are more comfortable. It also offers amenities, such as vending machines, airplane-style restrooms, and entertainment system.

Route map of KTX and All-stop Trains. Credit: Korea Tourism Organization

To purchase a KTX train ticket to Seoul Station, proceed to Incheon Airport’s Transportation Center where you’ll find machines that issue single-journey tickets. A ticket costs ₩9,000 or $7.5 for adults and ₩7,000 or $5.8 for children. The rates are the same regardless if you’ll come from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. (Note that you’ll be required to put down a deposit of ₩500 or $0.4 when buying a ticket from the machine. You can get a refund via the Refund Machines that are located near the exit turnstiles.)

If your last stop is not Seoul Station (e.g. Myeongdong station), you can easily customize your final destination in the same ticketing machine. Additional fees apply depending on your travel distance.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying single-journey train tickets, paying for a deposit, and using the refund machine each time you ride the train, you can just purchase a T-Money card. This is a transportation card in Korea that works like EZ-Link in Singapore and Octopus Card in Hong Kong. Using this will give you a discount of ₩100 whenever you take the bus or subway.

For your reference, here are the operating hours of the KTX or Airport Express Train:

Operating Hours & Travel Time

Here’s the timetable for Airport Express trains that are bound to Seoul Station:

OriginFirst TrainLast TrainTravel Time
Terminal 15:23 am10:48 pm43 min
Terminal 25:15 am10:40 pm51 min

2. Incheon to Seoul via All-Stop Train

If you don’t mind a slightly longer train ride to go from Incheon to Seoul, you can take the All-Stop Train instead. The travel time will be around 58 minutes if you’ll come from Terminal 1 and approximately 1 hour and 6 minutes if you’ll board from Terminal 2.

Riding the All-Stop train will offer you the experience of commuting like most locals do. It stops at several stations, including Cheongna International City, Gyeyang, Gimpo International Airport, Digital Media City, and Hongik Univ. Expect the train to be packed during peak hours.

Similar to the KTX, you may also buy your All-Stop train tickets to Seoul Station from the machines found at the airport’s Transportation Centers. Expect to pay a lower price of ₩4,150 or $3.5 if you’re coming from Incheon Terminal 1 and ₩4,750 or $4 if coming from Terminal 2. The deposit of ₩500 also applies.

Operating Hours & Travel Time

Here’s the timetable for All-Stop trains that are bound to Seoul Station:

OriginFirst TrainLast TrainTravel Time
Terminal 15:24 am11:39 pm59 min
Terminal 25:18 am11:32 pm56 min

How to Go from Incheon to Seoul via Bus


If you’ve always preferred taking the bus, you can purchase a ticket at the booths located outside Gates 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 or 9C of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. You can either buy a ticket for the Standard or Deluxe airport buses in Korea:

1. Incheon Airport to Seoul via Deluxe Bus

The Deluxe is more popular among tourists since it makes fewer stops and has more comfortable seats. A one-way ticket costs ₩14,000-16,000 or $11.7-13.4.

2. Incheon Airport to Seoul via Standard Bus

Take the Standard airport bus if you prefer to save money, don’t mind being in a more crowded space, and a longer travel time. A one-way ticket only costs ₩9,000-10,000 or $8-9.

Most tourists take the following bus routes to Seoul:

  • 6001 (Dongdaemun Fashion Town)
  • 6003 (Guro/Seoul National University)
  • 6005 (Insadong)
  • 6015 (Mapo/Myeongdong)
  • 6020 (Banpo/Gangnam Station)
  • 6030 (Hannam/Itaewon)
  • 6702 (Namsan/Dongdaemun)
Airport bus stop. Credit: Incheon International Airport

How to Go from Incheon to Seoul via Taxi

If you don’t feel like sharing your ride, you can always hail a taxi. However, while this is the most comfortable way to get to Seoul (among public transportation options), it is also the most expensive. The average Incheon Airport to Seoul taxi fare costs ₩52,000 if you’ll take the toll (58km) and ₩62,000 if you’ll avoid tolls. Here are the several cab types that are available:

1. Incheon Airport to Seoul via Standard Taxi

This is your average cab that’s usually orange or silver in color. It’s the cheaper option, but there is a 20% surcharge that applies for late-night trips (12am-4am).

2. Incheon Airport to Seoul via Deluxe Taxi

If you want to have more legroom, then go for the deluxe. It usually comes in black with a yellow sign on top. No late-night surcharge applies, but it’d definitely be more expensve.

3. Incheon Airport to Seoul via Jumbo Taxi

This airport taxi option is ideal for groups of 6-10 people. No late-night surcharge applies.

4. Incheon Airport to Seoul via International Taxi

This one’s exactly like your Standard Taxi, except the driver can speak in other languages, i.e. Chinese and Japanese.

SAFEX Incheon Airport Luggage Delivery Service (Seoul)

If you’d like to send your luggage from Incheon airport to your accommodation, office, or any other location in Seoul, then you can book the SAFEX Luggage Delivery Service here.

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