Change of Routine: Italy, Spain Ease Lockdown as Death Toll Drops


The governments of Italy and Spain, two European countries that were hit the hardest by the coronavirus, outlined plans to open up their economy and public spaces on May.



  • On April 26, Italy reported its lowest single-day death count since mid-March.
  • Spain tallied 288 deaths, their lowest one-day toll in 37 days.
  • Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte laid phase two plans to reopen the manufacturing sector in May and dine-in restaurants in the beginning of June.
  • The Spanish government also allowed children under 14 years to go outside for one hour a day starting yesterday.
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COVID-19 Updates in Italy & Spain

Stock photo of Sevilla, Spain.

On April 26, Italy and Spain both reported their lowest one-day death tolls in more than 30 days. ABC News shared the following updates:

For the first time in a long time, we are below 300…

Fernando Simon, Spanish Health Alert and Emergency Co-ordination Centre Director
  • 260 new deaths were reported by Italy, their lowest since the middle of March.
  • 288 new deaths were reported by Spain, their lowest in 37 days.

There had been at least 26,600 COVID-19 deaths in Italy and at least 23,190 in Spain. To view the trends of new confirmed cases in these countries, do visit the website of the WHO.

What Eased Lockdown Means for Italy

Restaurants in Italy expected to reopen on June. Stock image of Campo Santa Margherita in Venice.

Beginning May 4, Italy will move on to their phase two plan, which focuses on restarting their economy. Here are steps outlined by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as reported on

We will live with the virus and we will have to adopt every precaution possible.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte
  • Manufacturing, construction companies, and wholesalers will be allowed to resume operations on May 4.
  • Retailers will open up two weeks after or mid-May. Takeaway business may follow suit.
  • Full operations for restaurants and bars in the start of June

However, Italy’s Veneto region had already lifted restrictions on takeaways, cemeteries, and pizzerias on April 24.

Spain Loosens COVID-19 Lockdown Protocol

Stock photo of a child riding a bike.

On April 26, the Spanish government started to allow children under 14 years to leave their homes for a total of one hour per day. Use of bikes and skateboards are now permitted, but public spaces such as parks are still restricted.

Outdoor exercise and recreational walks may also be permitted on May 2nd if the coronavirus infection rate slows.


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For more information and COVID-19 updates in Italy and Spain, you may visit the following sites: ABC News, BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, and the World Health Organization.

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