Japan Reopens to Qualified Foreign Nationals from the Philippines, 3 Other Countries


This is part of Japan’s plan to graudally allow entry or reentry of select foreign nationals in August 2020.


  • On July 31, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the reentry procedures for foreign residents and reentry permit holders who are staying or have stayed in the Philippines, Peru, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
  • Requirements for readmission include a re-entry confirmation letter and a certificate of negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Japan’s borders remain closed for tourists, but if you’re planning to travel to Osaka whenever safe and possible, check out these must-visit attractions and restaurants!

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Japan Opens Borders to Foreign Residents

If you are a foreign resident in Japan or a reentry permit holder who is currently staying or have stayed in the Philippines, Peru, Pakistan, or Bangladesh due to travel restrictions, here’s some good news: you can now undergo the readmission procedure! Here are the requirements:

  • A Reentry Confirmation Letter from the relevant overseas diplomatic office of Japan
  • Certificate of negative test result that’s issued within 72 hours before your departure to Japan

Reentry starts on August 7, 2020, and do note that the measures apply for the following individuals:

  • Foreign nationals who have left Japan before the 4 countries were placed under Japan’s travel ban
  • Spouse or Child of a Japanese National
  • Permanent residents and family (spouse and/or child)
  • Long-term residents

(Diplomats and government officials are exempted from the said measures.)

If you wish to find more information about Japan’s reentry requirements and guidelines for foreign residents, click here.

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For tourists: is Japan’s reopening a good sign?

Tourists from these countries remain unable to visit Japan, but personally, I think the plan to readmit foreign residents is a positive sign. It’s uncertain when the travel ban will be lifted, but knowing that the Japanese government has decided to reopen their borders to residents is telling of their willingness to restart responsible travel.

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To find the press release on the reentry of qualified foreign nationals into Japan, click here.

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