Visiting Jeju Island in Autumn? Don’t Miss These 5 Spots!



  • Jeju transforms magnificently during fall. From late September to November, the island delights with golden-brown, green, and orange hues.
  • If you’re planning a trip, make sure to add Camellia Hill into your itinerary. This place has autumn trails that are filled with pink muhly grass and pampas grass. You can get tickets at a discounted price here.
  • To explore the island conveniently, consider joining this cheap Jeju bus tour. It will take you to some of the best natural autumn viewing spots, including a pony range near Hallasan, the Citrus Museum, and Sojeongbang Falls!
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Jeju Autumn Guide: Best Places to Visit in the Island

Whether you’ll time your visit to Jeju during the peak dates of fall foliage or any time between late September, October, and November, make sure to visit these spots to experience the best of what the island has to offer:

1. Camellia Hill


Camellia Hill is one of those attractions that easily make it to any list of the best sites in Jeju — and for good reason! While many come for the camellias during winter, Camellia Hill is also a popular attraction in fall. In late September, it starts to become an autumn garden filled with pink muhly grass and pampas grass, which all kinds of travelers love!

Camellia Hill is located in Seogwipo-si, which is very accessible from any part of the island. Admission only costs ₩8,000 or $6.9 per person, but you can book below to enjoy a discounted rate of ₩6,500 or $5.6!


2. Hallim Park

Hallim park jeju spring

Autumn is about seeing and being with one nature, and one of the places to do this in Jeju is in Hallim Park. This is a huge plant and flower garden that houses Insta-worthy corners, from bonsai and wild grass zones, to sub-tropical botanic gardens and eerie caves. Hallim Park can actually be enjoyed year-round, but during autumn, they hold festivals for Spider Lilies (September), Cosmos & Pink Muhly Blossom or Pumpkin (October), and Chrysanthemum (November), which makes it the perfect place to visit.

You can learn more about this attraction and book your tickets to Hallim Park below. Admission costs ₩15,000 or $13, but you can purchase TICKETS on WAUG for only ₩11,400 or $10!

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3. Jeju Rail Park


If you haven’t experienced rail biking in Jeju or at all, it will be nice to check out this park. Aside from experiencing the fun rail bike activity (which is perfect if you’re traveling with friends or kids!), you can actually get to see major tourist spots from here, like the Yongnuni Oreum or the Dragon Eye Mountain and the Seongsan Ilchulbong, which is the tuff cone that’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After rail biking, you can spend time in their cozy cafe and enjoy the autumn-filled surrounds.

To learn more about rail biking in Jeju during autumn, watch the short clip here. You can also book your discounted tickets below, starting at only ₩9,800 or $8.4!

4. Eco Land Theme Park


While the mention of theme parks usually bring to mind extreme rides and thrill, Eco Land is quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong; this place is enjoyable. However, instead of roller coasters and carousels, what you have here is a vintage-looking train that will take you around the mystical Gotjawal Forest — a must-see during autumn! The theme of the place is actually healing, so you’ll get to reenergize physically and mentally when you visit.

We have a separate feature for Eco Land Theme Park here, but, for quick reference, here are some of the things that you can expect when you visit this attraction in Jeju during autumn:

  • Cafe Over Water (which is exactly what it sounds)
  • Lakeside Deck
  • Eco Land Theme Park Picnic Station
  • Healing Zone (where you can enjoy ecotherapy)
  • European-themed Garden filled with lavenders and roses

Tickets for Eco Land Theme Park costs ₩15,000 or $13, but you can book on WAUG below for ₩12,200 or $10.5!

5. Citrus Museum

Jeju Tour - Citrus Musem

Finally, we get to the attraction that is recommended by Jeju Tourism Organization to visit during October: Citrus Museum! Citrus is actually one of the island’s specialty attractions, and they ripen with reddish orange colors in autumn just like the rosy cheeks of a child.

Here, you’ll have fun as you explore and take photos of the Instagrammable citrus field. You will also get to see their subtropical botanical garden and Citrus Museum. Also, from October 15 to December 31 (autumn and winter season in Jeju), you also get to pick your own citrus from trees at the museum!

Citrus Museum is part of WAUG’s affordable Jeju Island Bus Tour (Southeast Course). If you want to travel like a local in Jeju during autumn, you can join this activity, which makes a stop at the following attractions:

Jeju Tour Bus
See scenic fall spots when you join the Jeju Island Bus Tour!
1. Jeju Pony Range1. Bangju Church and Cafe
2. Cafe Gallery2. Handam Beach
3. Namwon Keuneong Promenade3. Camellia Hill
4. Soesokkak Estuary4. Jungmun 
5. Citrus Museum5. Hyatt Hotel Gardens
6. Kal Hotel Gardens6. Oedolgae/Hwanguji Coast
7. Sojeongbang Falls7. Saeyeon Bridge

Book the tour below for only ₩29,900 or $25.7 per course!

How to Book Jeju Fall Attractions & Activities on WAUG

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Enjoy your autumn trip in Jeju!

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