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Visit the island’s best attractions in one day when you book WAUG’s Jeju bus tour here!



  • Want to visit the most scenic spots in Jeju Island? Hop on the WAUG Pink Bus that is a lot cheaper than taking a taxi!
  • You can choose to join the Southeast Jeju Tour or the West Jeju Tour, which feature attractions like Camellia Hill, Oedolgae, the Soesokkak Estuary, and the Instagrammable Citrus Museum.
  • Locals and foreigners who booked the activity found the Pink Bus comfortable, the guide, kind and helpful, and the course, good-value-for-money! See all the reviews here.
  • WAUG’s Jeju bus tour only costs ₩29,900 or $25.7 per person. You can click here to see the itineraries.

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How to Tour Jeju Island Like a Local

If you’re thinking about spending a day or two to explore the attractions in Jeju, then consider the WAUG Pink Jeju Island Bus Tour. It’s a trip that’s designed to give a nice overview of the island, so you can expect to visit the top nature spots, Insta-worthy cafes, and places where locals like to hangout.

Jeju Island Tour
Photo review for the WAUG Pink Jeju Island tour.

The WAUG Pink Bus runs on two courses: Southeast and West. They each highlight 6-7 attractions and are offered alternatingly, such that the Southeast Jeju Tour is offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the West Jeju Tour, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Saryeoni ForestGueomri Stone Salt Farm
Namwon Keuneong Promenade Hagwi ~ Aewol Coastal Road
Soesokkak Estuary (Lunch)Handam Beach
Honeymoon HouseHyeopjae Beach (Lunch)
Kal Hotel GardensIsidore Ranch
Sojeongbang FallsCamellia Hill 
Hallasan 5.16 Maple RoadJeju Saebyeol Oreum
*This itinerary is as of Nov. 10, 2020 and may change without prior notice.

Thousands of WAUG users — a majority of them Koreans — recommend this Jeju bus tour because it’s affordable. Compared to taxi tours that cost ₩120,000 or $100 on average, the Pink Bus only costs ₩29,900 or $25.7. Moreover, the tour includes admission to select attractions (not all) and a very nice driver who’s more than willing to double as a photographer! Read on to get an idea about this Jeju island bus tour, or you can click below to jump to the user reviews:

1. Jeju Bus Tour: Southeast Course Overview

The Southeast Course is ideal if you want to get a good mix of Jeju’s natural beauty. This tour will take you to lush forests, scenic coasts, and an Insta-worthy cafe. Here’s a quick overview:

Jeju Tour - Jeju Pony Range
Jeju Pony Range. Photo review for the WAUG Pink Jeju Island tour.

The first stop is the Jeju Pony Range. Here you can get up close with the island’s horses, which locals consider special since they were once given as gifts to Korean royalties. You’ll be allowed to feed the Jeju horses here, however you will not be able to ride them. Before you leave, don’t forget to capture the beautiful Hallasan or Halla Mountain that you can view from this pony range!

The second stop for this Jeju tour is Cafe Gallery. This is great if you want to grab some coffee and toast to fully perk up your senses (the bus leaves at 9am). But unlike your typical coffee shop, Cafe Gallery has a nice little forest that has become quite the popular photo zone.

Jeju Tour - Namwon Keuneong Promenade
Photo review for the WAUG Pink Jeju Island tour.

Next up is Namwon Keuneong Promenade. This is a nice cliffside attraction that’s frequented by Jeju residents for its superb and romantic views. Here you can take a leisurely walk and admire the blue sea. You can also strike a pose on top of or by the giant rocks for that picture-perfect holiday photo.

The fourth stop is the beautiful Soesokkak Estuary, which is my favorite. I love the tangerine scent here, as well as the vibrant colors of the forest. You’ll reach the estuary right around lunch time, which means that you can have a meal here and enjoy the impressive views.

Jeju Tour - Citrus Musem
Photo review for the WAUG Pink Jeju Island tour.

After having your fill, you’ll then proceed to the Citrus Museum. Citrus is Jeju’s specialty product, so you’ll get to try the island’s fruits here. You’ll find the museum pretty informative, but I think people enjoy frolicking in the citrus gardens more!

The last two stops of this Southeast Jeju Tour are the KAL Hotel Gardens and the Sojeongbang Falls. KAL’s fields are quite spectacular; it’s exactly how I’ve always pictured Jeju as a sprawling and lush land. Sojeongbang Falls, on the other hand, is the highlight destination for many Korean tourists — and for good reason. Aside from the calming and refreshing vibes that the falls gives, it also offers a good view of Seogwipo Coast.

If you want to see what WAUG users shared about their Southeast Jeju bus tour experience, or if you want to check if it’s available on your travel dates, click below!


2. Jeju Bus Tour: West Course Overview

Now, let’s look into the second course that the WAUG Pink Bus offers: the West Jeju Tour. Compared to the first option, this one will take you to the more popular attractions in Jeju. Here’s a quick overview:

Jeju Island Tour - Handam
Photo review for the WAUG Pink Jeju Island tour.

The West Course will first make a stop in Handam Beach, which is chosen as one of the 31 sites that represent Jeju. The area features a 1.2 km paved trail along the beautiful coastline, so you’ll definitely feel close to the ocean.

The next few stops of the Jeju Tour are Camellia Hill, Jungmun Tourist Complex, and the Hyatt Hotel Gardens. Camellia Hill is a 20-hectare park that not only features beautiful Camellias, but also 500 species of wildflowers and trees. It also houses a noteworthy cafe and gallery where you can pick up your morning cuppa.

For lunch, you’ll be exploring the popular Jungmun Tourist Complex. This is a collection of ocean-facing chained-brand hotels, as well as recreational spots like the Cheonjeyeon Falls and Teddy Bear Museum. You get to pick where you want to have lunch in this area, before moving on to Hyatt’s Instagrammable palm tree street and Jungmun beach as the next part of this Jeju tour. Get ready to strike your best pose.

Finally, you’ll have the Oedolgae, Hwanguji Coast, and Saeyeon Bridge as the final stops of the tour. Yes, this Pink Bus tour saves the best for last! You’ll be able to view the iconic Oedolgae Rock here, which was formed after a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. You also have the boat-shaped Saeyeon Bridge that connects Seogwipo Port and Saeseom Island. The bridge dazzles at night, so you may want to ditch your bus ride and stay here ’til evening. (Getting off at any point in the tour is allowed.)

To see reviews, booking information, and price of this West Jeju tour, check below:

Reviews for the Jeju Bus Tour via WAUG Pink Bus


My name is Has and I’m from Singapore. I came to Jeju island with my girlfriend who is from Korea… We visited the [Southeast] side of Jeju yesterday and the West side today. The experience…was mind blowing. I had visited a few other countries and went for many other tours but nothing [compares] to this… We had 2 different tours but the same driver/tour guide for both. He was fantastic. His information and humour was great… He took lots of photos for everyone… [They look] so professionally taken as though he was working for a big magazine company… Go on this tour. I promise you it will be amazing and mind blowing.

Review for the WAUG Pink Bus Jeju Tour | 2018-11-15

I joined the West Jeju Tour alone on September 28. The tour is quite suitable for solo travelers. Everyone who came alone got along well. More importantly, our driver also played the parts of the driver and photographer really well… Next time I visit, I’ll join the Southeast Jeju Tour! Thank you!

Review for the WAUG Pink Bus Jeju Tour | 2018-11-15


Hi, I’m the guy from Los Angeles who joined your tour today (and will also join tomorrow). I just wanted to say thank you for the great tour. I got to see and know so much of Jeju today, thanks to your informative and fun tour. The pictures you took turned out great! I will definitely recommend this tour to my coworkers and friends. It’s a great deal!

Review for the WAUG Pink Bus Jeju Tour | 2019-05-09


How to Book the WAUG Pink Jeju Island Bus Tour

WAUG Pink Jeju Bus Tour Review
Photo review for the WAUG Pink Jeju Island tour.

If you’re unfamiliar with using WAUG, then you can follow these steps to book the WAUG Pink Bus:

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here. (New users get a discount coupon!)
  2. Proceed to the booking page here.
  3. Choose the date, select your preferred Jeju tour (if not both), and provide other participant information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX.*
  5. Wait for your voucher/s that we’ll send through the WAUG app, which you can download below.

Is your method-of-payment issued in South Korea? You can switch the page’s currency to KRW so you can see the other local payment options, like phone payment!

FAQ: Touring Jeju on a Bus

1. How are the public buses in Jeju?

Unlike transportation in Seoul or Busan, public buses in Jeju Island are infrequent. However, I know a couple of people who were still able to accomplish their itinerary without a rental car or chartered tour, so you should be good if you won’t hop on the WAUG Pink Bus. Of course, the only downside is that you may spend more time planning for your routes.

2. How much do Jeju taxi tours cost?

On average, a taxi tour costs ₩120,000 or $100 per day for up to 4 people. Some charge as high as ₩200,000, so expect to shell out ₩30,000-50,000 or $25-43 per person if you’ll travel as a group.

Finalize your Jeju tour itinerary!

Tour Jeju Island with a map!

Last two things before you go! First, if you want to see a list of 20 things you can enjoy in the island, read: 20 Things to Do in Jeju Island on Your First Visit.

Finally, if you want to have a handy map of Jeju, download the WAUG app! You can use it to find nearby things-to-do and book them at a discount.

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