Fruit Picking in Jeju: Best Orange Farms to Visit


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  • Mandarin picking in Jeju is one of the activities that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’ll travel during the winter season.
  • If you plan to stay or visit in Seogwipo, visit Choi Nam Dan Orange Farm. They offer a tangerine-picking experience, which you can book here for only ₩4,900!
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Experience Mandarin Orange Picking in Jeju Island

Fruit picking in Jeju may seem like a simple activity for some, but there’s a lot of culture and history behind it. For hundreds of years, Jeju Island has been producing 40 different kinds of oranges, which were once considered food for the royalty. Getting to try mandarins was a luxury in the past, and they were treated with high regard especially with its superb sweet taste.

Nowadays, sampling Jeju’s citrus fruits has become a sought-after activity for many local and foreign visitors. If you’re visiting the island especially during the cold season, make sure to stop by any of the following farms to experience Mandarin orange picking in Jeju:

1. Jeju Farm (제주농원)

jeju orange picking

Jeju Farm is a simple and homey attraction where you can harvest some of the island’s best mandarins. The farm is not as big as others, but a lot of locals find the place quite charming. Aside from their beautiful rows of orange trees, you can find various photo zones where you can take pictures to commemorate your trip! Their fruit-picking experience also comes with sampling, so you’ll get to know how the fruit tastes like.

jeju fruit picking

Mandarin picking at Jeju Farm starts at only ₩700 or $0.65 per person. If you want to bring home the fruits of your labor, they also offer options that’ll let you take up to 5kg of oranges!

  • Price range: ₩700-10,000 per person
  • Recommended activity: Admission + 1kg Take-away / 1인 감귤체험입장(무한시식)+1kg포장
  • Address: Seoseong-il-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si 901
  • Hours: 9am-7pm (last admission before 5pm)

2. Choi Nam Dan Orange Farm (최남단 감귤체험)

jeju fruit picking winter

If you’re looking for a bigger farm in Jeju that offers other activities aside from fruit-picking, come visit Choi Nam Dan Orange Farm in Seogwipo! They are a large eco-friendly theme park that offers various experiences, including orange-picking, jam-making, citrus soap-making, and an ecological experience. The farm offers a rural experience, so you’ll also get to meet adorable animal residents!


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