Shinhwa World: Visit Jeju’s Best Amusement & Water Park!


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  • Jeju Shinhwa World is an integrated resort in South Korea that consists of premium hotels, restaurants, and attractions that are designed for the ultimate getaway experience.
  • Shinhwa Water Park has extreme slides, relaxing water spas, and a jjimjilbang that will help you destress.
  • The Theme Park not only houses the only roller coaster in Jeju Island, but also kid-friendly rides that are inspired by the Korean animation Larva.
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What to Expect in Jeju Shinhwa World

Shinhwa World is an incredibly massive leisure complex that’s located in the southwest part of Jeju Island. It spans 2.5 million square meters of land area and houses premium hotels, dining facilities, a casino, and amusement attractions that are perfect for all types of travelers. Families and friends will enjoy the fun rides in Shinhwa Theme Park, as well as the jaw-dropping slides in Shinhwa Water Park. Couples and solo travelers who want to destress will love the scenic garden and indoor pools that are equipped with powerful water jets — perfect if you want to loosen those tight muscles! Oh, Shinhwa World also has a state-of-the-art jjimjilbang or Korean spa, which means that you will definitely have a relaxing experience here.


What I especially like about Jeju Shinhwa World are two things: their location and price. Here’s some info for your planning:

Strategic location

First, Shinhwa World’s location is very ideal for travelers. It is near notable attractions like the O’sulloc Tea Plantation, the Jeju Aerospace Museum, and the Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park.

Affordable Entrance Fee

Second, they offer world-class amenities at fairly reasonable rates. Admission to Shinhwa Water Park only costs ₩19,000-45,000 or $16-38 (varies per season), while entrance to the theme park is priced at ₩39,000 or $33 regularly.

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Shinhwa Water Park

Now, let’s talk about the two amusement attractions in Shinhwa World. First (and my personal favorite!), the Shinhwa Water Park! If you’ll travel to Jeju Island anytime from the last few weeks of May through the first weeks of September (spring and summer seasons), then you’ll surely love this place. It’s a place where you can beat the heat, have the most epic hydro adventure, and experience body rejuvenation.

1. Slides

The Super Creeper Coil in Shinhwa Water Park. Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

The water facilities at Shinhwa World are made for thrills. Groups of friends will find attractions like the Giant Double Leaf an exciting challenge. This is a slide that showcases a 70-degree free-fall section — the first of its kind in Asia! There’s also the Super Creeper Coil, which features a 257-meter slide that’s full of twists and turns. When you’re inside the long tunnel, you’ll move at very high speeds until you make the plunge to the cold splash pool. A word of caution, the creeper coil is highly addictive.

Landing at the splash pool. Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

Traveling with little kids? You can have a blast in the Wave Pool, which is a perfectly recreated Jeju Island beach, the Recreation Pool, a 0.9-meter deep pool that’s suitable for all ages, and the indoor Kids Pool.

2. Relaxation Pools

Indoor pool. Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

But aside from thrilling slides, Shinhwa World also has some of the best relaxation pools — exactly why I’m in love with this place! Apart from outdoor pools, the water theme park also has indoor facilities, which can be enjoyed year-round (yes, even in the winter!). Some of my favorite facilities here are the Relaxing Spa, which has strong water jets that massage the body, and the Roof Garden Bade Pool, which overlooks Shinhwa World resort. (If you’ll travel with your special someone, then here’s a tip: visit the garden pool at night and enjoy the romantic scenery!)

Another thing to love about Shinhwa World’s water park is their jjimjilbang or Korean spa facility. They have state-of-the-art steam areas — salt, clay and charcoal — and a premium recreation area. This place will definitely help you get rid of your fatigue.

Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

To check if Shinhwa Water Park is available for booking on your travel dates, as well as score discounted passes, click below:

Shinhwa Theme Park

With 15 rides, virtual experiences, and parades, Shinhwa Theme Park is one of the noteworthy amusement sites in Jeju Island. The park features the adorable characters of Larva, a Korean animation series that has been picked up by Netflix.

For kids-at-heart, the two must-try attractions here are The Dancing Oscar, the only roller coaster in Jeju, and Oscar’s Spin n’ Bump, a circular ride that will thrust you to the air.

The Dancing Oscar, Shinhwa World’s roller coaster. Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

For the kids, they can look forward to several mechanical rides, the carousel, a choo-choo train experience, and the Larva’s Space Adventure, which is a 3D shooting game for the entire family!

Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

Shinhwa World also has a 4D theater called Rotary Park, which has Dr. Gissle in a giant dome screen.

Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

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Restaurants in Shinhwa World

Now that we’ve tackled the parks, let’s now have a look at the restaurants in Shinhwa World. They actually have many options, but I first want to highlight Just Cafe and Bump Snacks. You’ll find these two in Shinhwa Water Park and Shinhwa Theme Park, respectively, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about where to eat when you visit.

Just Cafe is where you can get Korean rice meals and noodles, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that add on to the poolside experience. On the other hand, Bump Snacks is where you can get Shinhwa World’s signature hotdog sandwiches, which I found very tasty.

The spread at Landing Dining. Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

Shinhwa World houses more than 30 dining options in total. Of all the restaurants, coffee shops, and bars here, what I’d recommend visiting is the Landing Dining. This is a premium buffet place in Landing Resort that cooks up Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western dishes. Among others, they serve a variety of fresh seafood here, but the stand-outs are their lobsters and crabs.

Buffet rates at Shinhwa World’s Landing Dining are as follows:

  • Adult
    • Breakfast at 30,000 or $25
    • Dinner at 89,000 or $75
  • Child
    • Breakfast at 17,000 or $14
    • Dinner at 45,000 or $38

Shinhwa World also has a couple of familiar food and beverage outlets, including Starbucks Reserve, A Twosome Place, and BHC Kitchen. To view the full list of dining outlets, click here.

Hotels in Shinhwa World

Deluxe twin room at Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott Resort. Credit: Jeju Shinhwa World

If you plan to stay in Shinhwa World, your options would be Marriott, Somerset, Shinhwa Resort, and Landing Resort.

Shinhwa Resort is ideal if you plan to spend time in the two parks. It’s near the attractions and offers scenic views of Jeju Island from one of their Junior Suites. They also have an open-air PlayStation area and a romantic sky pool.

For a luxurious stay, check in at the 5-star Landing Resort. Their rooms are upscale and well-appointed, and they have an eco-friendly and safe playground that the kids will enjoy.

To learn more about the different Shinhwa World hotels (and their casino), visit the official website here.

Reviews for Jeju Shinhwa World

Shinhwa World currently has a spectacular 4.6/5 rating from WAUG users who booked a theme park and/or a water park ticket. Some guests said that it’s perfect for a half-day visit, while many say that it’s the best attraction in Jeju Island, just like below:

The kids thought that it’s the best amusement park they’ve ever been to! We were fortunate that we didn’t have to queue up for the rides at all due to COVID-19; it was a very fun and good facility…

Translated WAUG user review for Shinhwa World | 2020-07-27

To read all the user reviews for Jeju Shinhwa World on WAUG (automatically translated into English), click below:

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Shinhwa World Location

Jeju Shinhwa World is located in 38 Sinhwayeoksa-ro 304 beon-gil, Andeok-myeon Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Korea. If you won’t rent a car, you can visit by taking the bus or hailing a cab. Here’s the How to Get Here notes from the website.

Oh, and one last thing! In case you want a map of Jeju Shinhwa World, you can also download it here.

Enjoy your trip to Jeju Island

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