Keisei Skyliner Tickets: How to Book Online for a Cheaper Price


Get to downtown Tokyo from Narita Airport fast when you buy a Keisei Skyliner ticket here! (New users get extra $3 off first booking!)



  • Many travelers in Japan recommend taking the Keisei Skyliner for its speed and comfort.
  • From Narita Airport, you can easily proceed to Nippori Station, which connects onto JR lines and Ueno Station, which is located in the heart of Tokyo.
  • A one-way Keisei Skyliner ticket regularly costs ¥2,520 or $23.8, but you can book here for a discounted price of ¥2,250 or $21.7!
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Taking the Tokyo Keisei Skyliner

When I was planning my commute to Tokyo from Narita Airport, I mainly considered two train options: the Keisei Skyliner and the JR Narita Express (N’EX). These two are quite the speed monsters, especially when placed side-by-side with more economical alternatives, like the JR Sobu Line and the Keisei Limited Express. Below, let’s have a closer look at N’EX and the Skyliner:

  • In terms of travel time, the Keisei Skyliner takes 41-55 minutes, while the JR Narita Express clocks in at 60 minutes.
  • For standard one-way ticket pricing, the Keisei Skyliner will set you back around ¥2410-2680 or $22.8-25.4, while a N’EX ticket would cost ¥3,000 or $28.4.
  • Popularity and recommendation-wise, a lot of travelers say that the JR Narita Express is the more comfortable option to travel between Narita Airport and Tokyo.

Given all these items, I purchased the Keisei Skyliner ticket not only for its cheaper price, but also because the ride is ulta-fast. At 160 kph, the Skyliner is actually one of Japan’s fastest trains, which I wanted to experience as well!

Buying a Keisei Skyliner Ticket at a Discounted Price

If you’re planning to get a ticket for the Keisei Skyliner, you can purchase it on-site at the Skyliner Ticket Counter in Narita Airport Terminal 1, Nippori Station, or Ueno Station. However, if you don’t want to pay the full fare and save money, then you can book online here for only ¥2,250 or $21.7.

Here are some of the things that you can expect on your ride:

keisei skyliner tokyo subway ticket
Pleasant and comfortable car interiors.
keisei skyliner price
Ergonomically-designed seats with power outlets.

WAUG is the No. 1 travel booking platform from South Korea. You can use the app to book your Tokyo Keisei Skyliner tickets, as well as other travel essentials and items in your itinerary, including your accommodation! Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here. (New users get extra $3 or ₩3,000 off first booking!)
  2. Proceed to the Keisei Skyliner Ticket booking page here.
  3. Select the date and quantity, and provide other required information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX.
  5. Wait for your voucher/s that we’ll send through the WAUG app, which you can download here.

Is your method-of-payment issued in South Korea? You can switch the page’s currency to KRW so you can see the other local payment options, like phone payment.


Tokyo Skyliner Ticket Booking Notes

To help you plan your trip, here are some more notes about the Keisei Skyliner:

1. Keisei Skyliner Timetable

As of June 2020, the earliest Skyliner train leaves Narita Airport Terminal 1 at 8:22am and Terminals 2 & 3 at 8:25am.

For the Ueno/Nippori to Narita Airport route, operation starts at 5:30am (from Keisei-Ueno).

The information above is expected to change without notice. To find the accurate Skyliner timetable, visit

2. Keisei Skyliner Map

Map of Tokyo Keisei Skyliner.

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