Get a Korea Travel Card, the Best Prepaid Transportation Card in Korea


Just like T-Money, you can use the Korea Travel Card to pay for your subway and bus rides as well as retail purchases in South Korea. Book one at a cheaper price here! 🚇 🚌 ☕️

  • The Korea Travel Card is a prepaid transportation card that can be used to pay for subway, bus, and, cab fares nationwide. It can also be used in restaurants, fast food joints, convenience stores, cafes, supermarkets, and more.
  • By using this transportation card, you’ll get a discount each time you ride the subway or bus.
  • The Korea Travel Card works exactly like T-Money, Cashbee, and Namane. However, the Korea Travel Card offers access to a mobile app, which you can use to reload your card, check your remaining balance, and view previous transactions. (You can also top up your card in convenience stores like CU, eMart24, 7-Eleven, and GS25.)
  • Prepaid transportation cards in Korea usually cost around $4.5-6, but you can book the Korea Travel Card here for only $3.8!

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Introducing the Korea Travel Card


If you’re planning a trip to South Korea, getting a Korea Travel Card is highly recommended. Aside from getting to commute like locals do and not having to purchase single-journey train tickets, you can enjoy a ride discount of ₩100 each time you ride the bus or subway. What’s more, you also get FREE transfers when you hop in and out within 30 minutes (applicable to bus-to-bus, subway-to-bus, and bus-to-subway transfers).

Another cool thing about the Korea Travel Card is that it can be used to pay for purchases in dining and shopping establishments. These include but are not limited to Emart, AK Plaza, Hanaro Mart, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Domino’s, Krispy Kreme, Angel-in-us, 7-Eleven, CU, GS25, and more. (You can also use the same card to pay for your purchases inside Lotte World, Everland, & Seoul Land!)

Korea Travel Card vs. T-Money or NAMANE

If you’re familiar with T-Money, know that the Korea Travel Card works exactly the same — they’re both used for transportation and retail. But what we love about the Korea Travel Card (which is offered by the same company that owns Cashbee) is that it connects to the LOCA M Top-up app, which enriches the travel experience. Here are the features you can enjoy:

  • Check your remaining balance easily
  • View payment and transaction history
  • Top up your Korea Travel Card

After booking and picking up your card here, you can download the LOCA M app on the App Store or Play Store.

Book a Korea Travel Card for Pick-up at Incheon Airport

To get your hands on this cost-efficient Korea transportation card, you can book at a cheaper price on WAUG. Here are your options:

1. Korea Travel Card (Incheon Airport T1 Pick-up)

  • PRICE: Only $3.85 or ₩5,000 per card
  • PICK-UP LOCATION: Booth 32 on the 3/F Departure Area (next to Counter N)
  • HOURS: 07:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily (closed on Korean New Year and Korean Thanksgiving holidays)

2. Korea Travel Card (Incheon Airport T2 Pick-up)

  • PRICE: Only $3.85 or ₩5,000 per card
  • PICK-UP LOCATION: Booth 7 on the 3/F Departure Area (next to Counter G)
  • HOURS: 07:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily (closed on Korean New Year and Korean Thanksgiving holidays)

How to Use the Korea Travel Card

When riding the bus, simply place your Korea Travel Card on the sensor until you hear it beep. You’ll see the charged amount as well as the remaining balance of your card. Before getting off, tap your card on the sensor by the rear doors to get the discount or free transfer. (The process is the same when using the Korea Travel in the subway, except you’d have to tap your card at the turnstiles.)

You can use your Korea Tour Card in the following:


1. Trains & subway lines

  • Seoul & Gyeonggi
    • Airport Railroad (to go from Incheon to Seoul and vice-versa)
    • Lines 1-9
    • Shinbundang Line
    • U Line
    • Suin Line
    • Gyeongchun Line
    • Gyeongui-Jungang Line
    • Jungang Line
    • Bundang Line
    • Yongin Ever Line
    • Ui Sinseol Line
    • Bundang Line and more!
  • Incheon (Lines 1-2)
  • Daejeon (Line 1)
  • Daegu (Line 1)
  • Gwangju (Line 1)
  • Busan (Lines 1-4)

2. Buses

  • Seoul & Gyeonggi
  • Incheon
  • Daejeon
  • Daegu
  • Ulsan
  • Gwangju
  • Busan
  • Sejong
  • Gangwon
  • Chungbuk
  • Chungnam
  • Gyeongbu
  • Gyeongnam
  • Jeonbuk
  • Jeonnam
  • Jeju

How to Get a Refund for Your Korea Travel Card Balance

If you have a remaining balance of ₩20,000 or less in your Korea Travel card, you can go to a convenience store and get a refund instantly. The amount that you will get back will be your balance less the service fee, which is around ₩500.

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