Learn Baking in Seoul: Best One-Day Dessert-Making Classes


Korean Baking Classes in Seoul for Newbies & Experts

Desserts in Korea are a good mix of local and Western treats. From the traditional tteokcake (떡케이크) to American-style cookies and cupcakes, they have everything to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. If you want to learn local recipes and techniques, be it on your short travel to Seoul or long-term stay, you can easily pick up the Korean baking techniques by signing up for a 1-day class. Here are some of the best baking schools and courses that you can book in Seoul (available in Korean only):

1. Rose Tteokcake Baking Class

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Tteokcake or rice cake is usually reserved for special occasions, such as a baby’s 100th-day birthday celebration or an office warming party. It’s a Korean dessert that symbolizes well wishes, good health, and cleanliness, which makes it an excellent treat. Traditionally, tteokcakes are made with steamed flour that contains sticky or non-sticky rice. This gives the cake more texture and bite.

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If you have some background in baking and want to learn how to make a delicate Korean rice cake, then I’d really recommend this baking course in Seoul since it’ll be very hard to find a similar course elsewhere:

  • PRICE: ₩55,000 on WAUG (vs. regular price of ₩90,000)
  • Make a 15×6-cm cake that’s good for 3-4 people
  • Learn how to top your tteokcake with edible roses
  • 2-hour class

2. Cup Tteokcake Baking Class

If you’re into making small desserts, then consider learning the cupcake version of tteokcake: cup tteokcake. The baking school that offers #1 also has a one-day class for those who want to learn Korean-style cupcakes. What I like about this 2-hour course is that they’ll also teach you (very carefully) how to design your cup tteokcake with flowers, which is perfect if you want to give cute sweet treats to your friends or family!

  • PRICE: ₩45,000 (vs. regular price of ₩70,000)
  • Make 3 cup tteokcakes
  • Learn how to top your cup tteokcake with flower designs
  • 2.5-hour class

3. Tteokaron Baking Class

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Learn how to make macaron with a unique Korean twist! Using the same ingredient of rice flour, you’ll get to learn a truly innovative recipe that’s suitable even for those who have no baking background at all. If you want to do something extra sweet for your boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you both want to spend some time baking in the kitchen, then I’d recommend signing up for this fun tteokaron (tteok + macaron) course!

  • PRICE: ₩55,000 (vs. regular price of ₩105,000)
  • End product: 15-piece packaging box
  • 2-hour class

How to Book Korean Baking Classes in Seoul on WAUG

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If you’re unfamiliar with booking rides and activities online, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here.
  2. Proceed to the booking page of your preferred one-day baking class in Seoul.
  3. Select the date, option, and quantity.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. (Switch the currency to KRW to see other options like Naver Pay and mobile payment.)
  5. Wait for your voucher via email and present it on the day of your visit.

More One-Day Baking Courses in Seoul

Want to learn how to make other kinds of dessert? Here are some more options:

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