Get to Know Your Korean Baseball League Team’s Cheer & Mascot


If you’ve already picked a Korean baseball league team to support, then it’s time to know their mascot and cheer for 2020!



  • As the Korean Baseball Organization (or KBO League) gains international exposure, you may want to know about the individual player chants and mascots.
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1. KIA Tigers

Let’s start with the Korean baseball league team that has the most number of seasons won — KIA Tigers. If you’re rooting for Jang Yeong Seok (1B), Lee Min Woo (Pitcher), Yoo Min Sang (1B), Baek Yong Hwan (Catcher), and Choi Hyung-woo (LF), learn their player chants here:

Here’s how it’s like when KIA Tigers cheerleaders and fans chant along!

Now for KIA Tigers’ mascot, his name is Hodoli (호돌이). Here’s how the cute tiger is when in action!

2. Samsung Lions

If Samsung Lions caught your attention during their first few games, check out their song line-up here:

For individual player chants, here’s a video for Koo Ja Wook (Left Fielder), Lee Sung-Gyu (Infielder), Park Chan Do (Left Fielder), Park Hae Min (Center Fielder), and more:

As for the Samsung Lions’ mascots, they can get pretty wild!

3. Doosan Bears

Following 2019’s winning Korean baseball league team? Check out the cheer for Doosan Bears’ players! The video below shows chants for Kim In Tae (OF), Jose Miguel Fernandez (DH), Park Kun Woo (Right Fielder), Jung Soo Bin (Center Fielder), Kim Tae Geun (OF), and more.

You can also watch this adorable dude’s English video tutorial of the Doosan Bears cheer!

Here’s how it sounds in the stadium!

Of course, this Korean baseball league team’s mascot who goes by Cheol Woong (철웅) knows how to join in the fun!

4. SK Wyverns

If you’d like to support SK Wyverns, learn the exciting chants as you watch Kim Taek Hyung (LHP), Ricardo Pinto (RHP), Jung Hyun (Infielder), Yoon Suk-min (Infielder), Jamie Romak (Infielder), and the rest of the team. The cheer songs all sound very exciting and will sure have you dance along!

SK Wyverns’ mascot is Athena, and you can find her not being so *heavenly* in this video!

5. LG Twins

Considered by many as Seoul’s Korean baseball team (sorry, non-fans), LG Twins’ mascots and cheerleaders surely won’t disappoint. Check them out in action below in one of their 2020 matches:

If you’d like a primer on LG’s Korean baseball league team and appreciate players like Lim Chan Gyu (Pitcher) and Yoo Kang Nam, you can watch this English video:

6. Lotte Giants

If you’re a fan of Lotte Giants and have taken interest on their team’s active roster, specifically with Shin Bon Gi (SS), Choi Young Hwan (Pitcher), Kim Won Joong (Pitcher), Kim Joon Tae (Catcher), Jeon Jun Woo (LF), Choo Jae Hyun (Outfielder), Dixon Machado (Infielder), Han Dong Hui (3B), and Lee Dae Ho (1B), make sure to memorize their cheer!

Also check out their mascots that can energize the crowd!

7. Hanhwa Eagles

Hey there, new Hanhwa Eagles fans! If you’re looking to learn the 2020 chant for your Korean baseball league team, check out this tutorial video from their cheerleaders! Make sure to sing along when you watch Choi Jae Hoon (C), Oh Sun Jin (SS), and the rest of the gang!

If you’d like to know about the mascot (and even how to make one using foam!), check this out:

8. Kiwoom Heroes

They may not be the avengers, but Kiwoom Heroes are exactly what their team’s name sounds like to supporters! Check out this Korean baseball team’s player chants for 2020: Kim Hye Sung (Infielder), Kim Ha Seong (Infielder), Seo Keon Chang (Infielder), Park Dong Won (Catcher), and more.

9. NC Dinos

If NC Dinos is your pick, have a listen to their 2020 player chants below! Players featured include Park Min Woo (Infielder), Kim Tae Jin (Infielder), Aaron Altherr (Outfielder), Lee Won Jae (Infielder), and more!

If you want to see this Korean baseball league’s mascots do a dance-off, watch this:

10. KT Wiz

Want to know the 2020 cheer songs for KT Wiz players Sim Woo Jun (Infielder), Hwang Jae Gyun (Infielder), Park Seung Wook and more? Click below!

As for this Korean baseball league’s mascots (Vic & Ddory), have a look here:

Which Korean baseball league team are you supporting?

Let us know in the comments section!

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