This Korean Cooking Class in Seoul Teaches Classic Comfort Food


Looking for a Korean cooking class in Seoul that’s taught in English? Consider this option!



  • O’ngo Food Communications, a long-established food and tour company in Seoul, offers basic and intermediate cooking classes for foreigners.
  • Those who have zero background in Korean cuisine can learn how to make savory seafood pancakes, tofu stew, bulgogi, and more.
  • Classes run for two (2) hours and are offered from Monday to Saturday in Jongno-gu.
  • The regular price of O’ngo Food’s Korean cooking class in Seoul is around ₩75,000 or $65, but you can book it here for only ₩65,000 or $55.9!

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Best Korean Cooking Class in Seoul

Learn how to make bulgogi! Credit: O’ngo Food

If you’re thinking about signing up for a one-day Korean cooking class in Seoul but are not sure if it’s worth it, hear me out: it is! I’ve tried it, and there were a few things that I picked up that I don’t think I would if I just watch online tutorials. It’s more than just the recipe or technique; it’s the way you’ll be made to learn what tastes 100% Korean. Plus, the professional chef who taught the class responded to my burning questions about Korean food willingly, so I was really satisfied.

If you too want to learn how to cook tasty Korean dishes, check out the details of this Korean cooking class in Seoul:

1. Korean Cooking Class for Beginners

O’ngo Food Communications is a company that promotes Korean food to foreigners. They offer cooking classes that cater to different types of learners and food tours that will take you to all the good spots in Seoul.

If you have no background about Korean cuisine or cooking in general, I suggest booking the 2-hour Korean cooking class for beginners. Here they will teach you how to make two classic Korean dishes, which you may just call your next comfort food.

1.1 Haemul Pajeon & Sundubu Jjigae Class

Seafood Pancake & Soft Tofu Stew.

If you want to learn how to make the savory seafood pancake (haemul pajeon or 해물파전) and the soft tofu stew (sundubu jjigae or 순두부찌개), here’s the class schedule: 10am-12pm on Monday, 2pm-4pm on Tuesday, and 10am-12pm on Saturday.


1.2 Baechu Kimchi & Bulgogi

Cabbage Kimchi & Marinated Beef

The cabbage kimchi (baechu kimchi or 배추김치) and marinated beef (bulgogi or 불고기) class is offered on Tuesdays at 10am-12pm, Thursdays at 2pm-4pm, and Saturdays at 2pm-4pm.

1.3 Bibimbap & Doenjang Jjigae

Bibimbap & Soybean Paste Stew.

To learn how to make the iconic Korean mixed rice (bibimbap or 비빔밥) and the flavorful soybean paste stew (doenjang jjigae or 된장찌개), book this beginner Korean cooking class in Seoul on a Wednesday (runs from 10am-12pm).

1.4 Dakbokkeumtang & Japchae

Spicy Chicken Stew & Glass Noodle Salad.

The last beginner class option teaches how to cook spicy chicken stew (dakbokkeumtang or 닭볶음탕) and glass noodle salad (japchae or 잡채). It’s offered every Thursday and Friday from 10am-12pm.

2. Intermediate Korean Cooking Class

If you want to learn how to cook Korean Barbecue, then I suggest taking the intermediate cooking class. It’ll let you handle three types of protein: pork, beef, and chicken. O’ngo offers the class at 2om-4pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Korean Cooking Class Reviews

Curious to know what WAUG users who booked the class thought? Check out these reviews!


“My Chinese friend was so satisfied to take this cooking class. She always wanted to learn to make Korean food. It was also good to listen to [the] explanation in English. If anyone [likes] cooking and eating, just join this cooking class and food tour.”

Korean Cooking Class review on WAUG | 2018-04-11


“Had so much fun to make Korean food with my American friends. They were interested in Korean food for a long time, so I decided to take this cooking class and joined a night food tour. What a friendly guide and we visited great restaurants and tasted the food.”

Korean Cooking Class review on WAUG | 2018-02-14

How to Book a Korean Cooking Class in Seoul

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Address & Hours

The Korean cooking class in Seoul will be held at 3/F, 55-1 Nakwon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea.

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