How to Apply for an F-6 or Korean’s Spouse Visa in the Philippines


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  • Applying for an F-6 or Korean’s spouse visa in the Philippines entails two sets of requirements: one for the Filipino spouse and another for the Korean spouse. Marriage interview is optional.
  • The visa application fee is ₱2,000. Processing takes 10 working days or 2 weeks, as of May 14, 2020.
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UPDATES as of 2020.05.14

The Embassy of Korea in the Philippines announced that they will start to accept applications for the F-6 (Spouse of Korean) and F-2 (Child of Korean) visas.

However, processing is limited to Filipino applicants who do not need to undergo the English interview or take the Korean Language Exam. This is to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the Embassy.

Those who are eligible to apply must be able to submit the following documents, in addition to the core requirements listed below: Hospital Certificate of Diagnosis, Consent to Quarantine, and Health Condition Form.

Submission of the CFO certificate is also temporarily waived until further notice.

Tourist visa applications (C-3) are currently not being accepted.

Korean’s Spouse Visa Requirements

If you are looking to apply for a Korean’s spouse visa (F-6 or F61) in the Philippines, you must prepare two sets of requirements: one for the Filipino spouse and one for the Korean spouse. Here are the required documents:

1. Visa Requirements for the Filipino Spouse

a. Application form

Download the visa application form for Korean’s spouse here. (If you need help in answering the form, read: How to Fill Out: Korean Visa Application Form)

b. One (1) Photo

Using paste or glue, attach your passport-size colored photo to your visa application form.

c. Original Passport

Your passport must be in good condition and have a validity period of at least six (6) months from the date of your departure. For example, if you plan to fly to South Korea on July 1, 2020, your passport should not expire on or before January 1, 2021.

d. Copy of Passport Bio-Page

This is the page on your passport that has your photo, personal details, and issuance information.

e. Original PSA Marriage Certificate

If you don’t have an original marriage certificate on hand, click here to request one from PSA online. (You can have it delivered to your address.)

f. Original NBI Clearance

Your NBI clearance should have been issued within the last three (3) months

g. Original Medical Certificate

Your medical certificate should have been issued within the last six (6) months. It must be printed in the hospital’s letterhead (typewritten or computerized) and should include the physician’s signature and contact number. Here is a sample (certificate format for travel abroad with additional AIDS, VDRL, and Psychological tests).

h. Original & copy of CFO certificate

To learn more about getting your CFO certificate, click here.

i. Personal Details Form

Download the Personal Details Form for Korean’s spouse visa applicants here.

j. Proof of Korean Language Proficiency

You can submit either one of the following: TOPIK Certificate, Certificate of Completion from Designated Institution (Sejong), Copy of Diploma in Korean Language Degree, or Proof of Filipino Korean Status.

Here’s the list of the designated Korean language institutions (Sejong), as of February 2, 2020: King Sejong Institute in Balanga City, King Sejong Institute in Cebu, and King Sejong Institute, Korean Cultural Center, Philippines

(Those who studied Korean language in other institutions will be required to take a proficiency examination at the Embassy in Taguig. This includes those who studied at King Sejong Institutes in Cainta and Pasay.)

Please note that if there is a child born between the couple, the applicant is exempted from submitting this requirement.

k. Additional documents

Per the Embassy’s announcement on May 14, 2020, applicants must also submit the following:

  • Hospital Certificate of Diagnosis
  • Consent to Quarantine
  • Health Condition Report Form

2. Visa Requirements for Korean Spouse

a. Copy of Passport / 여권사본

Submit a copy of the passport’s first page. (사진면)

b. Korean Marriage History / 한국 혼인관계증명서(상세) 원본

The document must be original, detailed, and acquired within the last 3 months. (배우자 등재된 서류, 3개월이내)

c. Basic Certificate / 기본증명서(상세) 원본

The Basic certificate must be original, detailed, and acquired within the last 3 months. (3개월이내)

d. Family Relations Certificate / 가족관계증명서(상세) 원본

The Family Relations Certificate must be original and detailed. It also should have been issued within the last 3 months. (3개월이내)

e. Korean Resident Registration Certificate / 국문 주민등록등본 원본

Submit the original certificate, which should have been issued within the last 3 months. (3개월이내)

f. Original Medical Certificate / 건강진단서 원본

This should be issued by a hospital or public health center within the last 6 months. Here is a sample. (6개월이내, 병원급 이상 또는 보건소에서 공무원채용 응시 건강검진 표 양식으로 발급. 건강검진항목 예시참조)

g. Original Korean Credit History / 신용정보 조회서 1부

Download the form here. (발행기관 : 한국신용정보원장

h. Certificate for Marriage Guidance Program / 국제결혼 안내프로그램 이수증 원본 또는 사본

Submit the original and photocopy of the certificate that’s issued from an Immigration Office in Korea. (한국 출입국관리사무소 발급)

i. Original Invitation Letter / 초청장 원본

Refer to the format here. (정해진 양식으로 작성)

j. Guarantee Letter / 신원보증서 1부

Use the Guarantee Letter template here. (정해진 양식으로 작성)

k. Financial Documents / 소득 관련 증명 서류

Submit the applicable documents that prove Korean spouse’s income:

  • Original income tax return, original receipt for earned income tax, and bank statement for the last 1 year of payroll account (showing monthly payroll)
  • If employed, original employment certificate and copy of business registration
  • If self-employed, original business registration and original income tax return
  • Bank certificate (optional)
  • Additional Financial Support from Family
    • Required to be submitted only if the financial document of Korean spouse is insufficient.
    • Statement on Family’s Financial Status: should be in a specific format as required by Embassy
  • Other financial documents (optional)
    •  Land/real estate register and land/real estate value certificate

If there is a child born between the Filipino and Korean couple, this requirement may be waived.

  • 국세청 발급 소득금액증명서 원본, 근로소득 원천징수부 원본, 최근 1년간의 급여통장 거래내역서 (급여부분 확인)
  • 직장인의 경우 재직증명서 원본과 사업자등록증 사본
  • 개인 사업가의 경우 사업자등록증명원과 소득금액증명서 원본
  • 은행잔고증명서 원본 (선택)
  • 가족의 소득 및 재산에 의한 소득요건 보충서류
    • 본인의 소득이 미흡한 경우 제출
    • 가족소득현황진술서 : 정해진 양식으로 작성
  • 기타 재산 관련 서류 (선택)
    • 주택/토지 등기부등본과 공시지가표

부부사이에 출생한 자녀가 있는 경우 소득 관련 서류 면제.

l. Residential Document / 주거지 관련 서류

If residence is owned, submit real estate register. If renting, prepare the real estate register and copy of contract of lease. (본인 소유 시 주택 등기부등본. 임대 시 주택 등기부등본과 임대차계약서 사본)

m. Additional Documents / 추가구비서류

Submit the documents that apply:

  • If you are introduced by an agent who is legally registered under Korean Marriage Law:
    • Copy of Certificate of Registration of International Marriage Agency, Copy of Certificate of Insurance Saving Fund, Copy of Personal Contract between Korean and Agency
  • If you are introduced by relative or friend
    • Copy of any valid ID or Passport
  • If there is a child born between the Filipino spouse and Korean spouse
    • Korean birth certificate or Philippine birth certificate of child

If there is a child born between the couple, the following documents are exempted: Korean’s Certificate of Marriage Guidance Program and Korean’s Credit History.

  • 결혼중개업체를 통해서 만난 경우 구비서류
    • 국제결혼중개업체 등록증 사본, 보증보험증권 사본, 개별 계약서 사본
  • 친인척 또는 지인의 소개로 만난 경우
    • 소개자 신분증 사본
  • 부부 사이에 출생한 자녀가 있는 경우 : 출생증명 관련 서류
    • 한국 출생증명서 또는 필리핀 출생증명서

부부 사이에 출생한 자녀가 있는 경우 한국인의 건강진단서, 국제결혼안내프로그램 이수증, 신용정보조회서는 면제 됩니다.

Applying for a Korean’s Spouse Visa

After you prepare all the requirements, arrange them in the order shown above, e.g. Application Form first, then Proof of Korean Language Proficiency last. You may then proceed to the Embassy, which is located at 122 Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines. They accept documents from 8:30am through 11am. Personal appearance of the Filipino spouse is necessary.

Releasing time for Korean’s spouse visas is 1:30pm-4pm on weekdays.

F-6 Visa Processing Period & Fee

The Korean spouse visa processing fee (F61) is set at ₱2,000.

As of May 14, 2020, it takes ten (10) working days to process an F6 visa application. However, this may be extended if the visa officer would need more time to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Marriage Interview for Korean Spouse Visa

The Embassy does not require Korean’s spouse visa applicants to undergo a marriage interview. However, those who wish to know more can view the requirements and fees here.

Here is the note from the Embassy:

Marriage interview is not required. However, if the couple prefers to take the interview to acquire information on marriage process and spouse visa, they may apply for marriage interview on Tuesdays and Thursdays with same requirements.

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of the Philippines

Denied Korean’s Spouse Visa Application

If you did not succeed in getting your F-6 visa for Korea, don’t lose hope! You may apply again after six (6) months.

Contact the Embassy

If anything is unclear, do contact the Embassy at these numbers: +63-2-856-9210 loc. 220, 230, 280, or 302.

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  1. Good day,

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    1. Is it possible to for my Korean spouse to have an English interview at the embassy since we use English for communicating? (he hasn’t lived in a English country for a year or more)

    2. Should we attend the program at CFO (Commission on Filipino Overseas) to get the GCC( Guidance and Counseling Certificate) before applying for an F-61 (Spouse visa) or can we apply after the visa application is granted?

    3. For my Korean Spouse, does he need all his documents be translated in English? Or is it okay to just have it in Korean?

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