15 Things Lee Je Hoon Fans Should Know


Lee Je Hoon once said that his “only hobby and happiness is watching movies at the theater.”

Perfect travel buddy. Credit: JTBC


  • Lee Je Hoon played a gloomy character in Where Stars Land, but did you know that he loved to style Chae Soo Bin’s hair behind the scenes?
  • Find out other interesting things about Lee Je Hoon in this trivia list, including his height, major, and how he is when he’s on a trip!
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Essential Lee Je Hoon Facts & Trivia

If you’ve just stumbled upon Lee Je Hoon, you’re probably in need of some facts and trivia about him. This post will try to cover things that fans should know about the Korean actor, including his height, filmography, birthday, and travel interests. But before you read on, get this finger heart from the Where Stars Land male lead!

Photo of Lee Je Hoon in Gasan-dong from November 2018. Credit: Explicit / CC BY-SA 4.0

1. The name Lee Je Hoon is written as 이제훈 in Korean alphabet

Je Hoon or Je-hoon (제훈) is his first name, and Lee (이) — pronounced as -ee as in sheep — is his last name. The actor’s given name is quite common among Korean males.

2. He was born in the summer

Lee Je Hoon’s birthday is July 4th of 1984. That fell on a Wednesday.

3. He was born and raised in South Korea

Channel Korea lists Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu in Seoul as Lee Je Hoon’s birthplace and hometown. Here’s where it is from WAUG’s map:


As you can see, he was born near Korea’s iconic places such as Gyeongbok and Changdeok. No wonder why he grew up looking natural in a hanbok!

Still from Lee Je Hoon’s drama ‘Secret Door’. Credit: Dramabeans

When you visit South Korea, find a hanbok that fits you perfectly at Haewadal near Gyeongbokgung. Bookmark the place’s link here for your future trip!

4. Lee Je Hoon’s Zodiac

In Western astrology, his sign is Cancer. Astrology.com associates being a Cancer to being domestic (loves to stay home), family-oriented, sympathetic, and intuitive.

In Chinese astrology, Lee Je Hoon was born in the Year of the Rat, specifically the Wood Rat. Most commonly associated traits include being warm-hearted, intuitive, diligent, and thrifty.

5. His blood type is B

If Korean Wiki Project is 100% accurate about their description for those with the B blood type, Lee Je Hoon would have these characteristics:

Mentally toughNot cooperative
IndividualistFollows their own rules
Finish what they startThoughts more than feelings
FocusedCan seem cold or distant
Specialist in somethingCan seem serious

Oh, and you might be interested to know that, as common beliefs have it, those with Blood Type B are mostly compatible with B and AB types. 😉

6. He sported a buzz cut in middle school and high school

Many people found him good-looking even before he debuted!

7. He wanted to become an actor ever since

In his published interview on 南洋商报, Lee Je Hoon mentioned that he was always fascinated with movies and knew he wanted to pursue a career as a performer.

‘When I was a child, I loved to watch movies, read a lot, and had a lot of ideas. Being an actor is a natural thing.’

8. In college, he joined a dance club

Calling it his hobby, Lee Je Hoon joined a hiphop dance club when he was in college! Can’t visualize him strutting it? Check out this video of him dancing from Fashion King:

If you call dancing a hobby as well, try signing up for this K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul and let out your inner Lee Je Hoon!

9. Lee Je Hoon’s height is 177cm.

According to Channel Korea, the Korean actor stands 5’8 tall!

10. He dropped out as a biotech major from Korea University Sejong Campus

To pursue his passion, he moved to the state-run Korea National University of Arts and focused on acting. (He’s definitely someone who goes after his dreams!)

11. Lee Je Hoon’s career as an actor started in short films

Lee Je Hoon is considered as one of Korea’s commercially successful actors, but he first appeared in humble student shorts. One of his first notable roles was in a queer coming-of-age flick called Just Friends? (2009). While the film dealt with a sensitive theme, it was eventually ruled out as a movie that “provides understanding of and education about minorities”. The short film made it to the 14th Busan International Film Festival.

12. Lee Je Hoon’s performance in Signal was his biggest breakthrough

This one’s a trivia that may come off as more subjective than otherwise, but Lee Je Hoon’s acting chops was widely noticed in this highly-acclaimed TV series. For this drama, he got nominations for a Best Actor role and Best Celebrity Award, Actor. While in earlier years, he got nominations and awards for being the best newcomer, actor in a music film, and even best supporting actor, it was his work in Signal that got him the highest nomination for an actor. (Yes, add that to your list of Korean dramas to watch!)

13. He won Best Actor for his performance in I Can Speak

Yep, it’s that film where Lee Je Hoon shows off his English speaking skills!

But the movie’s larger theme, though subtle, is the struggle and ambition of a Korean comfort woman who seeks the aid of Lee Je Hoon’s character. (I hate spoilers too, so I’ll leave the description as is!)

14. He won SBS’ Top Excellence Award for Where Stars Land

Lee Je Hoon in ‘Where Stars Land’. Credit: SBS

This is a Korean office drama that stars Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin. The story revolves around the daily life of airport workers and the struggles that they deal in their workplace.

In one of the cast’s interviews that’s published on Soompi, it was revealed that Lee Je Hoon was actually quite the life of the party and his co-star’s hairdresser:

Chae Soo Bin said that Lee Je Hoon is also her hair stylist, and Kim Ji Soo explained, “He fixes the bangs of his female co-stars.”

The series also featured Filipino actors Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young, which delighted viewers from the Philippines.

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15. He makes for the perfect travel companion

Lee Je Hoon once appeared in a travel variety show called Traveler with fellow star Ryu Jun Yeol. One of the things that got him excited to do the JTBC project was the idea of backpacking in Cuba and being filmed with no script.

Korean Backpackers in Cuba. Credit: JTBC

By the end of their shoot, Jun Yeol admitted that he didn’t quite expect Lee Je Hoon to be such a great travel buddy. Here’s what he have to say, as published on The Korea Times.

Lee was a perfect travel mate… I have never clicked with someone like this before, though I’ve traveled many times. Lee is someone that anyone would like to travel with.

That’s it for our short trivia list! If you’ve got anything to add, do let us know!

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