Korean Embassy in the Philippines Resumes Long-Term Visa Processing


Application for Korean visa types A, D, E, F, and H are now being accepted two months after the Embassy announced suspension of their visa services.


  • On June 10, the Embassy of Korea in Taguig announced that they have resumed processing of visa applications.
  • However, this is limited to applicants of the A, D, E, F, and H types of Korean visa, which are all considered long-term visas (period of stay is more than 90 days).
  • Tourist visa applications (under category ‘C’) are still not being accepted pending the lifting of the Philippine government’s travel restrictions.
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Embassy of Korea in the PH Announces Partial Visa Processing

In line with the Philippine government’s decision to allow long-term Korean visa holders to leave the country, ROK’s Embassy in Taguig have begun to accept long-term Korean visa applications. This comes more than two months after visa services were suspended due to COVID-19. Here is a list of the eligible applicants as of publish time:

Visa Category A

This is for diplomats and government officials.

Visa Category D

This is for artists, students, industrial trainees, journalists, religious workers, corporate workers, and job seekers, among others.

Visa Category E

This Korean visa type is for those who intend to work as a teaching assistant, professor, foreign language instructor, artist, hotel staff, athlete, and others.

Visa Category F

This is for spouses and children of Korean nationals.

Visa Category H

Sub-categories for this Korean visa type are the Working Holiday and Working Visit.

Additional Korean Visa Requirements

Aside from the standard documents, eligible applicants must be able to submit the following: (1) Consent to Quarantine, (2) Health Condition Report For, and (3) Medical Certificate. Find out more information about these requirements here: South Korea’s Enhanced Travel Requirements Amid COVID-19

Current Processing Time

Those who will apply for any of the aforementioned visas may expect to get a result in ten (10) working days. If successful, you must download the Korean Visa Grant Notice. Find more information about this document here.


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