You’ll Love These Jokbal & Bossam Sets from Manjok Ohyang


Want to see if the raving reviews for Manjok Ohyang are true? Book the restaurant’s jokbal and bossam set menu here! (New users get extra $3 or ₩3,000 off first booking 🎉)


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Manjok Ohyang in Dongdaemun

Considered by many as the best jokbal restaurant in Seoul — it’s listed in the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand, no less! — Manjok Ohyang is definitely a must-try dining spot for all. Their specialty, of course, is the sticky and flavorful jokbal, which is a sweet and savory Korean dish that’s made of pig’s feet. The prominent guidebook described it as “impeccably crafted”, and foreigners who went to try Manjok Ohyang in Dongdaemun had these words to say:

But aside from the generous serving of sticky pig’s trotters, Manjok Ohyang also makes an equally delightful Korean dish called bossam. This is a simple boiled Korean pork dish, which you dip in sauces and wrap with different kinds of greens. Both jokbal and bossam perfectly go well with alcohol, so expect to have a very satisfying experience!

Manjok Ohyang: Jokbal & Bossam Set Menu

Manjok Ohyang Jokbal & Bossam Set.

If you’re down to try this Michelin-listed restaurant in Dongdaemun, or if you’re actually coming back for more, I suggest getting their jokbal and bossam set menu. Not only will you save money by doing so, you’ll also get to try more of what Manjok Ohyang offers, like their buckwheat noodles!

Here are the details:

Set Menu & PriceWhat’s Included
Good for 2
(starts at ₩39,800)
Medium portion of jokbal, bossam, or both (half-and-half)
Good for 3
(starts at ₩44,900)
Large plate of jokbal, bossam, or both (half-and-half)
Good for 4
(starts at ₩59,900)
Extra large serving of jokbal or bossam

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How to Book Manjok Ohyang in Dongdaemun

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