Best Massage in Myeongdong: Full Body & Foot Treatments

  • Treat yourself to a relaxing massage in Myeongdong at Spa 1899 Donginbi! Book their full-body or foot massage at a discounted price here.
  • Fancy a chair massage for some instant relief? Visit this spa in Myeongdong that has a cozy cafe!
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Where to Get a Massage in Myeongdong

If you feel the need to relieve yourself of stress and fatigue, you can visit two spas in Myeongdong that offer satisfying and excellent massage treatments. Whether you want a 50-minute premium chair massage or a luxurious full-body red ginseng package, you’ll find a service that’ll help smoothen out your back or focus on those aching feet. Here are the massage parlors to check out:

1. Oriental Healing Cafe HUE

Perfect to visit for the weekend, Oriental Healing Cafe HUE is a chair massage parlor in Myeongdong with premium equipment and a cozy cafe. They have partitioned chair massage areas for guests, a powder room, and a nice dining area where you can chill. The massage takes 50 minutes and will focus on your back, legs, and arms. After the session, you’ll then be treated to some refreshments, including coffee, tea, bread, or some cakes. Here’s the price list:

1. Chair Massage + Drink₩13,000
2. Chair Massage + Drink +
Bread or Cake

2. Spa 1899 Donginbi Myeongdong (CheongKwanJang)

Another excellent spot where you can get a massage in Myeongdong is Spa 1899 Donginbi. They are a massage parlor that offers treatments with artisanal red ginseng or donginbi, which is unique to South Korea. The red ginseng will not only help you soothe your tired muscles, but will also give your skin an instant glow! Spa 1899 has various massage packages offered, but I’d recommend their 2-hour package called Slow Aging B, which combines whole body and foot massage. Of course, if you’re looking for 1-hour options, you can also consider their Body Focus or Foot Focus options.

1. Foot Focus₩121,000
2. Body Focus₩121,000
3. Slow Aging B₩215,000

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How to Book Massage Parlors in Myeongdong Online

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