‘Miss Hammurabi’ is the Legal-Themed K-Drama You May Just Enjoy on Netflix


Miss Hammurabi is a K-Drama that stars Go Ara and Kim Myeong Su. The show is available on Netflix in select countries.

Credit: JTBC


  • Looking for a Korean drama to watch next? Consider Miss Hammurabi, a show that’s penned by an actual chief judge in Seoul.
  • By narrating stories behind civil and criminal lawsuits, viewers will feel inspired by the passion of the new blood, collective action for change, and budding romances that are subtle but skin deep.
  • Miss Hammurabi features the character of Park Cha Oh Reum, a newly appointed judge who shakes up the court even before stepping on its grounds.
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‘Miss Hammurabi’ Synopsis: What’s the K-Drama About?

Credit: SBS

Miss Hammurabi (or 미스 함무라비) is a JTBC Korean drama that stars Han Se Sang, Go Ara, and Kim Myeong Su (aka L of Infinite), who play the roles of Sung Dong-il, Park Cha Oh Reum, and Im Ba Reun. The K-drama’s first episode aired in May 2018 and has 16 episodes in total. Miss Hammurabi is available on Netflix in select countries:

An ardent, empathetic courtroom judge partners with a fellow rookie, a principled man of integrity, to negotiate the legal system and those they serve.

Miss Hammurabi synopsis

Social Reviews for ‘Miss Hammurabi’

What did some of the viewers think about The Heirs? Take a look at some of the reviews that we found on Twitter (minor revisions were made):

In what appears to be a rundown of @iconickdramas’ favorite Korean shows, she shares the following about Miss Hammurabi:

“Top 7: Miss Hammurabi. A story about the life of judges who fight for what is right. This drama talked about social issues like poverty, discrimination, gender equality, and a lot more…”

@woohyunnielly tells us the following about the Korean drama (the original tweet has a reference to Japanese dramas): “Miss Hammurabi is hardly a rom-com, and Go Ara’s character is the titular character with unique ideas behind her — not just someone’s tomboy girl. I love this drama to bits.”

“The way the broadcast station markets Miss Hammurabi is misleading to me. Myungsoo is an eye candy… but this drama is deep and [real. It tackles problems in society, the legal system, and workplaces.] It deals with human and female rights. And yet they focus on just the romance,” the Twitter user added.

In December 2018, @Kpop_Polling pitted Miss Hammurabi against other shows like The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Beauty Inside, and Where Stars Land for the best K-drama. Miss Hammurabi won by receiving 34.6% of the votes (466 of 1,349 votes).

Twitter user @HeleinaQuesada had these words to say after watching the show: “Thank you so much for the life lessons and for changing my perspective in a good way…”

“The thing I like most about Miss Hammurabi,” @grandjaebeom’s tweet reads, “is that they talk about cases like sexism in the workplace, denouncing the whole patriarchy system, and changing the misogynistic ways of superiors in the workplace.”

“It’s a refreshing thing to see them change it all.”

Get to Know the Cast of ‘Miss Hammurabi’

Now, let’s get to know the actors who star in the series!


1. Go Ara as Park Cha Oh Reum

Rookie judge of the 44th Civil Court of the Seoul Central District Court. Dreams of ‘a court that is strong for the strong and weak for the weak.’

2. Kim Myeong Su as Im Ba Reun

A judge of the 44th Civil Court of the Seoul Central District Court. Elite and individualist.

3. Sung Dong Il as Han Se Sang

Deputy Judge, Division 44 of the Civil Court, Seoul Central District Court.

4. Lee Elijah as Lee Do Yeon

Officially the stenographer of the 44th Civil Court of the Seoul Central District Court. Prefers to keep her life personal life private in the workplace.

5. Ryu Deok Hwan as Jung Bo Wang

Judge of the 43rd Civil Court of the Seoul Central District Court. Im Ba Reun’s best friend. Likes to poke around other courtrooms.

‘Miss Hammurabi’ Filming Locations

This legal-themed K-Drama was mostly shot in Seoul. If you get inspired to visit in the future, check out these activities and experiences that you can book on WAUG:

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  2. [Activity] Hanbok & Wedding Cafe
  3. [Activity] Han River E-Land Moonlight Cruise
  4. [Tour] Seoul Palace Tour
  5. [Attraction] N Seoul Tower

Is ‘Miss Hammurabi’ on Netflix?

Yes, it is! But remember that availability of content changes depending on region, so the show may not be viewable in your area.

‘Miss Hammurabi’ OST & Episode Highlights

If you’re still unsure if you should watch the show in full, you can get a feel of the K-Drama by watching these clips!

‘Miss Hammurabi’ OST

Miss Hammurabi Episode 1 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 2 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 3 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 6 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 9 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 11 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 12 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 13 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 14 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 15 Sneak Peek

Miss Hammurabi Episode 16 Sneak Peek

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