4 Seasons of Nami Island: Scenic Spots & Best Things to Do


Nami Island looks glorious in all four seasons. Whether you’ll visit in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, you can book this shuttle bus from Seoul! (New users get $3 off first booking!)


  • Nami Island is more than just the filming location of the hit Korean drama Winter Sonata.
  • During summer, you can do all sorts of adrenaline activities here, such as ziplining, treetop adventure, and trampoline!
  • Nami Island in autumn impresses with chilly weather, vibrant trails, and a scenic lake.
  • To get to Nami Island from Seoul, you can book this tour bus at a discounted price!

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Nami Island & How to Get There

Namiseom or Nami Island is an attraction in Korea that can be enjoyed year-round. With scenic naturescapes, walking trails, and gardens that transform in season, you can expect to have a wonderful time here, regardless if you come in spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

But what exactly is in Nami Island? What can you expect when you visit? A lot of people think that, apart from being the shooting location for the Korean drama Winter Sonata, it’s really no more than a garden that’s the size of an island. While, in the literal sense, this is true, I beg to differ.

Discover Nami’s magical spots.

There’s a lot to do and discover in Nami. Below, I’ve listed some of the spots and activities that you can enjoy, but if you’ve already decided to visit, then check out these Nami Island bus transfers that you can book online:

Nami Island Tours
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Things to Do in Nami Island Per Season

I’ve only visited Nami Island in winter and spring, so if you ask me when’s the best time to visit, my response would have to be either of the two. Personally, I prefer my trip in spring, simply because the weather was not too cold and the ground wasn’t slippery. Although I wasn’t able to time my visit during the peak of cherry blossoms, I still had an enjoyable time with friends. Below are more details:

1. Nami Island in Spring: March, April, May

Spring feels. Credit: namisum.com

As plants regrow and flowers bloom, Nami Island gets filled with the fresh scent of spring. Walking in its grounds feels romantic, especially when the Metasequoia Lane turns pink.

For an Insta-worthy photo, you can visit the Cherry Tree Lane, which looks pretty during cherry blossom season. Biking is also a popular spring activity in Nami Island, so you should definitely try it, especially if you’ll go with a date!

2. Nami Island in Summer: June, July, August

Summer adventure in Nami Island. Credit: namisum.com

Nami Island in summer is said to be a good mix of warmth and breeze. If you want to escape the summer heat, Namiseom will be a great shelter. Aside from the towering trees in the Korea Pine Tree Lane and the Tulip Lane, there’s also a lot of spots by the lake where you can chill. Of course, if you’re looking to have a summer adventure, you can do all the adrenaline activities in Forest Adventure TreeGo, including ziplining and trampoline!

To cool down, drop by the Sonata Cafe and have some bingsu. You can also visit the Bookcafe for some iced latte, juice, and ice cream!

3. Nami Island in Autumn: September, October, November

Autumn in Namiseom. Credit: namisum.com

Ah, Nami Island in autumn! A lot of travelers that I talked to loved Nami in this season. Perhaps it’s the pleasant shades of red, orange, and yellow that fill up the entire attraction, or the chilly winds that come after summer.

During fall, you should visit the Songpa Gingko Tree Lane, which is said to be one of the most popular photo spots for couples. If you want to go somewhere less crowded, head on over to the more secluded White Birch Lane or the Changgyeongwon Garden, which gives a scenic view of the lake.

You can also take the UNICEF Charity Train or the Story Tour Bus to see the hidden spots of Nami Island during autumn.

4. Nami Island in Winter: November, December, & February

Winter wonderland. Credit: namisum.com

Finally, winter! Don’t get me wrong; while I said I prefer to visit during spring, coming to Nami when it’s transformed into a winter wonderland is still a great idea. Everything just looks magnificent — exactly as if you’re transported to dream land!

The most popular spots to visit during this season are, of course, the filming site of Winter Sonata, the Metasequoia Lane and the frozen Meta Lake.

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