3 Nami Island Tours From Seoul That You Will Love!


Whether you’re looking to visit in winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can book discounted Nami Island tours here!



  • Get to the dreamy Nami Island in a jiffy! If you want to simplify your itinerary, we recommend booking this tour that will also take you to Petite France! (The rate’s cheap and comes with admission tickets too!)
  • If you want to visit Garden of Morning Calm and experience rail biking in the spring or summer, consider booking this awesome package.
  • The Seoul to Nami Island tours on WAUG are available year-round. Recreate your favorite Winter Sonata scenes or take your photos when the autumn foliage peaks.
  • WAUG is Korea’s No. 1 travel activity booking app. Get a discount coupon worth ₩3,000 or $3 when you sign up here!

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COVID-19: Is Nami Island open and safe to visit?

As of publish time, there are no changes to the operations of Nami Island, Petite France, and the Garden of Morning Calm. If you’ll visit soon, I encourage you to wear a mask to protect yourself and the people around you. Also follow other basic measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, such as frequent handwashing and keeping a safe distance with other people.

Easy-to-Book Nami Island Tours from Seoul

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was visiting Nami Island in South Korea. Despite not having any idea about it (I haven’t seen Winter Sonata, unfortunately!), I felt like I had to go due to its popularity. I had my first trip in the winter, and the place instantly became one of my favorites in the world. Among so many things, I fell in love with the short but scenic ferry ride, the iconic row of trees that makes hearts flutter, the cute rabbits, and the nice Korean cafes. I was totally smitten by Nami Island, and I knew as soon as I hopped out of the ferry that I’ll have to come back for more.

남이섬. Nami Island in the tailend of Spring.

If you, too, are thinking about visiting this wonderland, you can choose between the three Nami Island tours on WAUG. There’s a package that comes with admission to Petite France and another that packs a visit to the Garden of Morning Calm. Here are the details:

1. Nami Island & Petite France Bus Tour

One of the nice things about booking a Nami Island Tour is that you’ll get to travel with zero stress. I personally think that my visit would not have been as memorable if I had to worry about getting to the island, transferring to Petite France, and figuring out what’s so special about the attractions. While it is possible to enjoy a self-arranged or DIY trip, it may not be ideal if you’ll travel as a couple or as a group. You’ll definitely want guaranteed bus seats, admission tickets that are readily avaialble (so you can skip the queue), and a local guide who can take good care of your needs.

쁘띠프랑스. Petite France in Gapyeong.

For these reasons, I’d recommend WAUG’s cheapest Nami Island tour from Seoul, which is perfect if you’re after convenience and affordability. This is what I booked, and one of the things that I liked about it is that it picks up and drops off at key points in Seoul. This includes Hongdae (at Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 4), Myeongdong (at Myeongdong Station, Exit 3), and Dongdaemun (at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, Exit 10), which you can all easily access via subway. Of course, the tour was well-paced and satisfying, and the commendable English-speaking guide really enriched my appreciation of both Nami and Petite France. Here are a couple of booking notes so you can get a sense of the bus tour’s inclusion:

  • PRICE: around $31.5 (or S$44, HK$243, ₱1,600, or NT$940)
  • Admission passes to Nami Island & Petite France are included, so you’ll only need to bring money for meals and souvenir. (I suggest around ₩20,000 or $16 for coffee, snacks, and a meal!)
  • First pick-up starts at 7:20am.

Here are some of the reviews for this Nami Island + Petite France Bus Tour on WAUG:


Ever since [I] fell in love with Korea because of K-pop, I always dreamed of visiting Korea, especially Seoul city.

Simply taking a tour bus from Seoul, I could feel the beauty of Nami Island and [Petite France. My] friend and I had such a great time there moving around and taking pictures, and the best part was a fun bike riding in Nami Island 🙂

User review on WAUG | 2018-06-06

Petite France is so pretty, so I took a lot of photos. The bus tour went on as scheduled and had no delay.

Translated user review on WAUG | 2019-09-04

It was convenient because the tour starts from Seoul! Also Petite France had a different atmosphere from Seoul, so it was a great tour!

Translated user review on WAUG | 2019-03-16

2. Nami Island, Petite France, & Rail Bike Bus Tour

멋진 풍경을 보며 레일바이크도 탈 수 있어요. Enjoy a scenic rail bike experience!

Seeing Nami Island will leave you breathless, but nothing beats the experience of riding a rail bike as you marvel at nature’s beauty. If you’d like to have a thrilling time with your friends or some quality time with your special someone, book this second Nami Island tour option from Seoul. Aside from seeing Nami and Petite France, you’ll get to try a truly one-of-a-kind experience during your trip. The schedule will be more packed than the first bus tour option, but it’s going to be worth it!

  • PRICE: around $54 (or S$76, HK$416, ₱2,700, or NT$1,600)
  • Includes a rail bike ticket and admission passes to Nami Island & Petite France.
  • First pick-up starts at 7:20am.

Here are some reviews that WAUG users left for the second Nami Island tour from Seoul:

I was excited when I booked because I had not visited the suburbs around Seoul before. From now on, I plan to visit the suburbs because the natural scenery was beautiful.

Translated user review on WAUG | 2019-04-20

Taking the rail bikes during the winter was cold but romantic! I felt like I’ve been concentrating for a long time? And it felt like going on a school trip? It was really good ^^

Translated user review on WAUG | 2018-09-11

3. Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of Morning Calm Bus Tour

For travelers and families who plan to make the most of their stay in South Korea, I suggest getting this third bus tour option on WAUG. It includes admission to the Big 3 tourist attractions in Gapyeong, which are Nami Island, Petite France, and the Garden of Morning Calm. Namiseom will charm you with its majestic state, Petite France will wow you with its European vibe, and the Garden of Morning Calm will impress you with its floral installations. These spots are quite popular among local visitors, so if you don’t want to miss out on everything that Gapyeong has to offer, consider booking this all-inclusive Nami Island tour.

  • PRICE: around $54 (or S$76, HK$416, ₱2,700, or NT$1,600)
  • Includes admission to Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of Morning Calm.
  • First pick-up starts at 7:20am.

I went with a friend, and the Garden of Morning Calm is so pretty at night! Next time, I’ll come with my boyfriend! The experience was comfortable thanks to this bus tour! strongly recommend it ><

Translated user review on WAUG | 최영*

[Moving] on a tour bus is the biggest advantage of this tour. The French village was great, and my wife and I totally enjoyed the bike riding at Nami [Island.]

User review on WAUG | 2018-06-14

How to Book Nami Island Tours from Seoul Online

If you have not used WAUG yet, here are the simple steps to book any of the Nami Island bus tours on our platform:

  1. Sign up for an account here.
  2. Proceed to the booking page of the tour you’d like: Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3
  3. Select the date and provide other information required of participants.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX card.
  5. Wait for your purchase confirmation and mobile voucher.

Finally, make sure to download WAUG on your phone so you can easily present your mobile voucher and book things to do near you!

FAQ: Nami Island

a. Is it really cheaper to book a tour on WAUG?

If you visit the attraction’s official website here, you will see that the regular Nami Island tour bus package (with entrance fee) costs ₩31,000 or around $25. Meanwhile, admission to Petite France is set at a rate of ₩10,000 or around $8. If you’ll book the two separately, this sums up to ₩41,000 or $33.

However, if you book on WAUG, you’ll only have to pay around $31.5. What’s more is that if you’re a new user, you can even reduce the cost by applying your $3 discount coupon. (Not to mention you get to earn WAUG points that you can use on your next trip or day out!)

b. If I’m not booking a bus tour, how do I get to Nami Island from Seoul via train?

You have two options. Either take the Gyeongchun Line or the ITX-Cheongchun. Here are the details:

Seoul to Nami Island via Gyeongchun Line

Screenshot of Google Maps result for ‘Sangbong to Nami Island’
  • Proceed to Sangbong Station in Seoul and ride the train that goes to Gapyeong Station. The journey should take around 53 minutes (14 stops).
  • From Gapyeong Station, Nami Island will be 20 minutes away by foot and 5 minutes away via car.

Here’s the link to our Google Maps search.

Seoul to Nami Island via ITX-Cheongchun

Alternatively, you can take the ITX-Cheongchun train to get to Nami Island from Seoul. Here are the options we took from the website:

  • Yongsan to Gapyeong Station
  • Cheongnyangni to Gapyeong Station
  • Chuncheon to Gapyeong Station (Chuncheon is the capital of Gangwon province.)

To reiterate, Nami Island will still be 20 minutes away by foot from Gapyeong Station and 5 minutes away if you take a cab. If you want to simplify the commute, then we recommend booking any of the bus tours from Seoul that we have on WAUG instead.

c. How about getting to Nami Island by car?

If you plan to drive from Seoul to Nami Island, here’s the address that you can key in in your navigation app: 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Nami Island Ticket Office or Dock).

Note that the parking fee is ₩4,000 (around $3.4) for the first 12 hours.

d. How’s the weather in Nami Island?

Visiting Nami Island in the spring is most ideal since the weather does not fall in the extremes. However, as I’ve said, I visited during the winter and still had a blast.

e. Do I really have to take the Nami Island ferry?

Well, it’s either the ferry or the zipline (given that weather in Nami Island permits!). But the most common way to reach Nami Island from the bus stop is the ferry, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love the experience.

f. How much does the zipline or zip-wire in Nami Island cost?

It’ll set you back ₩44,000 or $36, but the price already includes admission to the half-moon-shaped island.

g. What are the operating hours for Nami Island?

Nami Island is open from 7:30am-9:45pm.

h. Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, there is an accommodation and a handful of restaurants inside Nami Island! The hotel is called Hotel Jeonggwanru, which looks absolutely gorgeous in its grand pavilion style.

For restaurants, you have Nammoon Restaurant (Korean cuisine), Dongmoon Restaurant (Asian and Halal-certified), Seomhyanggi (Grill & Stew), and PIZZA & PASTA (Italian, obviously!). There are also many Insta-worthy cafes and food stalls, so you definitely won’t go hungry when you visit.

i. How does Nami Island look like in the winter or spring?

Good question! It’s best to check out this short video that shows how the island transforms depending on the season:

j. Is there a Nami Island map I can download?

Yes, click here to get the official Nami Island map, guide, and brochure in English. For other languages like Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, and others, click here.

Before you go

We just want to wish you well as you explore Korea! Don’t miss out on the activities that we offer on WAUG aside from the Nami Island tours listed on this guide.

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