How to Book Nankai Rapi:t Tickets at a Discounted Price


A regular one-way Nankai Rapi:t ticket costs ¥1,130 or $11, but you can book here for only ¥1,051 or $10! 🎉

  • The Nankai Rapi:t is a limited express train service that runs between Kansai Airport and Namba Station in Osaka.
  • The train takes fewer stops than the Airport Express and runs for a duration of 34 minutes.
  • A regular roundtrip Nankai Rapi:t train ticket costs ¥2,260 or $22, but you can book online here for only ¥2,135 or $20.6!
  • WAUG is an official partner of Namba Access Rapi:t and the No. 1 activity booking platform from South Korea. If it’s your first time to use WAUG, you can download the app here, sign up, and get a $3 discount coupon that you can use on your first booking 🥳

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Taking the Nankai Rapi:t

If you want to go to Osaka from Kansai Airport, the best way is to take the Nankai Rapi:t. This is a limited express service that’s more convenient and efficient than the Airport Express, which makes a couple more stops. The Rapi:t is also less crowded since passengers are assigned seats — perfect if you want a more comfortable and less crowded ride! As for the travel time, it’ll only take 34 minutes to get to the other end of the route. (Rapi:t means “rapid”, in case you’re wondering!)

Nankai Rapi:t Regular Seats. Credit: 挪威 企鵝

Another thing that you should know if you’re planning to purchase a Nankai Rapi:t ticket is that you have two options: the Regular Seat and the Super Seat. Both options offer wide legroom, WiFi access, and luggage space, but they differ in terms of the seat layout. The section for Regular Seat Passengers has 4 seats per row, while the Super Seat area only has 3 seats per row.

Nankai Rapi:t Map

Now that you have the basic info for the Rapi:t express train, let’s now look into the routes that the Rapi:t takes to help you plan your trip. There are 2 Rapi:t express routes, which are displayed on the map below:

Map for Rapi:t α.

The first type of the Rapi:t train is α, which has a travel time of 34 minutes from Kansai Airport to Namba Station. In between, it makes stops at Rinku Town, Izumisano, Tengachaya, and Shin-Imamiya.

Map for Rapi:t β.

The other type of the Rapi:t train is β, which is more commonly taken. It offers a travel time of 37 minutes and stops at the following: Kansai Airport, Rinku Town, Izumisano, Kishiwada, Sakai, Tengachaya, Shin-Imamiya, and Namba.

How much are Nankai Rapi:t train tickets?

The price for a one-way Nankai Rapi:t ticket (Regular Seat) costs ¥1,130 or $11, but you can book on WAUG here for only ¥1,051 or $10! If you’re looking to purchase a roundtrip ticket, you can book one here for only ¥2,135 or $20.6 (vs. the regular price of ¥2,260 or $22).

1. One-way Ticket¥1,130
2. Roundtrip Ticket¥2,260

Aside from the discounted price, here are the other benefits that come from booking your Rapi:t ticket on our platform:

  • New WAUG users get an extra $3 discount coupon (around ¥310) after signing up!
  • Instant confirmation after booking!
  • No need to print anything! After booking your ticket on WAUG, you’ll receive a mobile voucher on the app instantly. Simply show the mobile voucher at the ticket booth to redeem your physical ticket/s to board the train.
  • Purchasing a roundtrip Nankai Rapi:t train ticket on WAUG will also get you 3 shopping coupons worth ¥500 each!

How to Book Nankai Rapi:t Tickets Online

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If you’re unfamiliar with booking train passes, attractions, and other activities online, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here.
  2. Proceed to the booking page of the Rapi:t one-way ticket here or the roundtrip option here.
  3. Select the date and provide your basic information for ticketing.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. (If your method-of-payment is issued in South Korea, switch the currency to KRW to see other options like Naver Pay and mobile payment!)
  5. Wait for your voucher on the WAUG app (instant confirmation!), which you can download below:

How to Redeem & Use Your Actual Nankai Rapi:t Ticket

Credit: Nankai Electric Railway Co.

After booking a ticket on WAUG, you’ll get a mobile voucher that you simply need present at the ticket booth to collect your physical tickets. If you’re coming from Kansai Airport (going to Namba Station in Osaka), the booth is in Kansai Airport Station. If you’re coming from Osaka, you can exchange your mobile voucher in Namba, Tengachaya, or Shin-Imamiya station.

For more information, you can download this handy Nankai Rapi:t English brochure for quick reference.

Nankai Rapi:t Timetable

Finally, before you make your way to Osaka or Kansai Airport via the Nankai Rapi:t, you can check out this link for the service hours of the train: Nankai Rapi:t Timetable

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