Visiting National Gallery Singapore: Tickets, Exhibits, & More


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  • National Gallery Singapore is the country’s largest Southeast Asian art museum.
  • It’s home to over 9,000 art pieces, which you can study and appreciate in interactive ways.
  • General admission tickets to National Gallery Singapore cost S$20 or $14.7 each, but you can book here to get one at a discounted price of S$11.6 or $8.7!
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📣 COVID-19 Alert: Is National Gallery Singapore open?

Yes, and they are enforcing health measures for visitors’ safety. To learn more, check out the What to Remember section in this link.

What to Expect in National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is a vast museum that’s housed inside two historical monuments: the City Hall and the former Supreme Court. The buildings per se look magnificent and perfectly capture the vibe of the Civic District. You can expect to feel amazed even before walking in.

Inside the building awaits an impressive collection of more than 9,000 artworks from Southeast Asia. These include pieces from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei. Most of these artworks are featured in the Gallery’s long-term exhibitions, including Siapa Nama Kamu? and Between Declarations and Dreams. Both aim to show the changing artistic regional landscape as well as the rich contributions of the artists behind the artworks.

Now for some of the areas that shouldn’t be missed in National Gallery Singapore: if you’re visiting with children, check out the Keppel Centre For Art Education, which is designed to pique the youth’s curiosity in amusing ways. For adults, do spend some time in The Gallery, where you can enjoy thought-provoking full-feature and short films as well as performances.

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National Gallery Singapore Tickets

If you’re thinking about visiting National Gallery Singapore soon, then you can avail of the discounted offer that WAUG has on tickets! Here are the details (pricing and info may change without notice):

1. General – Standard
(13 years and up)
SGD 20
(USD 14.7)
SGD 11.6
(USD 8.7)
2. General – Concession
(7-12 years old)
SGD 15
(USD 11)
SGD 9.4
(USD 7)

How to Book National Gallery Singapore Tickets Online

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Address & Hours

National Gallery Singapore is located in 1 St. Andrew’s Road Singa­pore 178957. They are open from 10am-7pm, with final admission at 6:30pm.

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