We Tried the Famous Okin Pizza in Seoul & Absolutely Loved It

  • Okin Pizza in Seoul is located in the charming Seochon Village near Gyeongbokgung.
  • The crowd-favorite here is the Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza, which goes well with draft beer!
  • Okin Pizza is on WAUG, which means that you can book it at a discounted price! Click here to see the menu and the booking steps.
  • WAUG (와그) is the No. 1 activity platform from Korea that you can use to book restaurants, experiences, and attractions. If you’re not a member yet, download the app here, sign up, and get a welcome ₩3,000 or $3 discount coupon! 🥳

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What to Expect When You Visit Okin Pizza in Seoul

Seochon Village is often associated with renovated hanoks, traditional literature, and storefront signs in hangul, but local foodies know that it’s also home to one of the most popular pizza spots in Seoul: Okin Pizza (옥인피자). In the last 2 years, I’ve seen a lot of positive posts and reviews about this restaurant — it’s been featured in Mangoplate’s best listicles since 2016! — but it’s only this year that I got to visit. I went with 2 of my friends on the day before chuseok, so we didn’t have to wait to be seated. As expected, the restaurant is a small redesigned hanok, which I think tourists especially will appreciate!

Hanok Pizzeria

As I walked inside Okin Pizza, I quickly noticed modern finishes that actually complemented the structure. The friendly staff then led us to the only dining space available, which is a small room with just one table for 4 (great for social distancing!). Since I booked Okin Pizza online, I skipped the menu and showed the voucher for the Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza + Ade Set that I got.

In just around 5 minutes, the homemade Ricotta Cheese Salad and drinks (lemonade and grapefruit) came out. The salad was fresh, flavorful, and light to the taste, and it had plenty of Ricotta, which really made me happy since. Just as we were finishing up, the staff came with our large Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza, which, for first impressions, looked appetizing and smelled great!

Bestseller on the Menu

WAUG user photo review for Okin Pizza. Credit: 남승*

As I took photos of the main dish, I really could tell that this is, indeed, a gourmet pie. It’s a double-crust pizza, and you’ll immediately notice the oozing pumpkin filling. The crusts (top and bottom) were thin and flaky, and the sweet pumpkin and cheese filling was just the right balance of sweet and savory. All of us at the table were really satisfied!

Okin Pizza: Menu & Price

If you also want to try (or if you want to come back for) Okin’s pumpkin pizza, then check out these sets that you can book on WAUG:

Okin Pizza
Price on
LESS: ₩5,000
단호박 치즈피자(L) 단품
Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L)
단호박 치즈피자 세트
Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (R) + Salad + Potatoes
단호박 치즈피자 + 생맥주 세트 (2인 세트)
Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L) + Ricotta Salad + Draft Beer Set for 2
단호박 치즈피자 + 에이드 세트 (2인 세트)
Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L) + Ricotta Salad + Ade Set for 2
단호박 치즈피자 + 맥주/에이드 세트 (2인 세트)
Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L) + Ricotta Salad + 1 Ade + 1 Draft Beer Set for 2
*Limited-time promo for Seoul restaurants on WAUG’s Korean platform

As you can see, you can book the large Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza on WAUG for only ₩20,900. What’s more is that if you apply the ₩5,000 promotional coupon, you can save as much as ₩6,100 or $5.5!

How to Book Okin Pizza on WAUG

Okin Pizza is currently only available on WAUG’s Korean platform. If you need some help, you can either translate the page to English via Google Translate or Papago, or just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Log in or sign up for WAUG

You can do so by clicking here. If you’re not a WAUG user yet, click the floating ₩3,000 coupon to get to the registration page. You can then create an account using your email address, Google, Naver, Kakao, or Facebook account. You’ll then get the $3 or ₩3,000 discount coupon for new members after signing up! 🥳

(TIP: You can also create an account on WAUG’s English platform here, but you’d have to switch back to the Korean platform to book Okin Pizza!)


2. Download the promotional ₩5,000 Coupon

After signing up, go back to Okin Pizza’s booking page and scroll down to find the pink promotional ₩5,000 Coupon or 서울 맛집 5,000원 할인 쿠폰. Click on it.

You can view your available coupons by going to the menu and selecting 쿠폰. (New users will have the ₩3,000 and ₩5,000 coupons!)

3. Select the date of your visit and menu item

Here’s the translated menu for easy reference:

OptionEnglish Translation
1. 단호박 치즈피자(L) 단품 Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (Large)
2. 단호박 치즈피자 세트
Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (Regular) + Salad + Potatoes
3. 단호박 치즈피자 + 생맥주 세트 (2인 세트)Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L) + Ricotta Salad + Draft Beer Set for 2 people
4. 단호박 치즈피자 + 에이드 세트 (2인 세트)Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L) + Ricotta Salad + Ade Set for 2 people
5. 단호박 치즈피자 + 맥주/에이드 세트 (2인 세트)Sweet Pumpkin Cheese Pizza (L) + Ricotta Salad + 1 Ade + 1 Draft Beer Set for 2 people

4. Check out


You can pay with your card, mobile service provider, Toss, or Naver Pay.

5. Wait for your voucher

After your payment goes through, you’ll instantly receive your Okin Pizza voucher via email and the WAUG app, which you can download below. On your visit, just present the mobile voucher to the staff and you’re all set!

Location & Address

Okin Pizza is located in 26 Okin-gil, Okin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. They are open from 11:30am-9pm with breaks at 3-5pm on weekdays and 3-3:30 pm on weekends. Last order is at 8pm.

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Featured images from @baboseohyeok (L) & @maiko.510 (R) on Instagram.

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