Price & Perks: Osaka Metro Pass for 1 or 2 Days (Unlimited)


Enjoy unlimited metro rides and discounted attraction tickets with an Osaka 2-Day Pass! Book yours at a discounted price here.


  • The Osaka Pass for 1 and 2 days is a transportation card that provides unlimited access to the Osaka Metro & City Bus.
  • Passholders also get discounted admission to more than 30 attractions, including the Osaka Castle Museum and Umeda Sky Building — a perfect companion for travelers!
  • The Osaka 1-Day Pass regularly costs ¥800 or $8, but you can book it here for only ¥696 or $6.7! (New users get extra $3 off first booking 🎉)

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Enjoy Unlimited Travels with the Osaka Metro Pass

Planning a trip to Osaka? I’m pretty sure that you’re reading up on the travel passes that are available in the area. If your goal is to get to as many attractions as possible without spending too much, then you can consider buying an Osaka Pass (also referred to as Osaka Metro Pass or Osaka Unlimited Travel Pass). This is a 2-in-1 card that gives unlimited rides on the metro and city buses, as well as discounts in more than 30 attractions in the area. It comes in two options: Osaka 1-Day Pass and Osaka 2-Day Pass, which both come at affordable rates.

Osaka Metro Pass. Image credit: Travlists

Osaka Metro Pass or Osaka Amazing Pass?

But should I get the Metro Pass or Amazing Pass? Now that’s a question travel planners typically ask. Check out this table for a quick comparison:

Travel Pass
& Validity
Price on
1. Osaka Metro Pass
➡ 1 dayOsaka Metro
& City Bus
Discounts on >30 attractions¥696
➡ 2 daysOsaka Metro
& City Bus
Discounts on >30 attractions¥1,265
2. Osaka Amazing Pass
➡ 1 dayOsaka Metro & City Bus + Various RailwaysFree entry to
>45 attractions
➡ 2 daysOsaka Metro & City Bus + Various RailwaysFree entry to
>45 attractions

As you can see, the Osaka Amazing Pass has more coverage and benefits than the Osaka 1-Day or 2-Day Pass. However, it doesn’t always mean that it’s the best option for everyone. If you’re stuck choosing between the two, then consider the attractions that the Amazing Pass offers. (You can refer to this list.) If you’re satisfied with the sites that are offered, then go ahead and book one here. It’ll save you money on tickets and transportation. However, if you’re thinking about visiting a few other places or would just like to make use of the unlimited rides, then the Osaka Metro Pass is the one to get.

Osaka Metro Pass Review

To help you choose, consider this feedback from one of our users who booked the Osaka Metro Pass:

Very easy to redeem from the airport. Thanks to the pass we really had easy time getting from site to site. Plus, the discounts at most of the major sites is a really good bonus.
Er** | 2019-06-06

Transportation Coverage for Osaka Unlimited Travel Pass

Osaka Metro Map.

The Osaka Pass provides unlimited rides to the Osaka Metro for 1 or 2 days. This means that you can take the following lines:

  • Midosuji Line (M)
  • Tanimachi Line (T)
  • Yotsubashi Line (Y)
  • Chuo Line (C)
  • Sennichimae Line (S)
  • Sakaisuji Line (K)
  • Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line (N)
  • Imazatosuji Line (I)
  • Nanko Port Town Line (P)

Aside from the metro, your Osaka 1-Day or 2-Day Pass will also give you access to the Osaka City Bus network, except for routes that go to IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studios Japan.

Osaka Metro Pass Partner Attractions & Benefits

With your Osaka Unlimited Travel Pass, you can also get discounts in over 30 attractions that are accessible via the bus and metro. Below, I have listed some of them to help you plan your itinerary (prices and information may change without notice):

  1. Osaka Castle Museum – ¥540 per adult (from ¥600)
  2. Umeda Sky Building – 10% off on tickets for adults
  3. Tsutenkaku Tower – ¥100 off for adults
  4. Tennoji Zoo – ¥350 per adult (from ¥500)
  5. The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living – ¥500 per adult (from ¥600)
  6. Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel – ¥700 per adult (from ¥800)
  7. Osaka Museum of Natural History – ¥270 per adult (from ¥300)
  8. Shitennoji Temple – ¥200 per adult (from ¥300)
  9. Kids Plaza Osaka – ¥1,260 per adult (from ¥1,400)
  10. Osaka Science Museum – ¥480 per adult (from ¥600)
  11. SPA WORLD Onsen – ¥200 off per adult (Must contact the facility beforehand)
  12. AQUA-Liner – ¥1,530 per adult (from ¥1,700)
  13. Nagai Botanical Garden – ¥180 per adult (from ¥200)
  14. Sakuya Konohana Kan – ¥450 per adult (from ¥500)
  15. Osaka Museum of History – ¥540 per adult (from ¥600)

How to Get an Osaka Metro Pass for 1 & 2 Days

Book your 1-Day or 2-Day Osaka Unlimited Travel Pass on WAUG.

To save money, book your Osaka 1-Day Pass or Osaka 2-Day pass online. You can do so on WAUG, the No. 1 travel activity booking platform from South Korea. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in or sign up for an account here. (New users get extra $3 or around ¥300 off first booking!)
  2. Proceed to the booking page of the Osaka Metro Pass here.
  3. Select the date and provide other necessary customer information.
  4. Check out with your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.*
  5. Wait for the mobile voucher, which we’ll send you via email and the WAUG app, which you can download here.

How to Use the Osaka Unlimited Travel Pass

After you purchase your Osaka 1-Day or 2-Day Pass, consider the following usage guide and tips:

  • To ride the Osaka Metro, simply insert your pass into the ticket gate.
  • To take the Osaka City Bus, pass your ticket through the machine.

Note that the Osaka Metro Pass can be used by its holder only.

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