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  • Looking to book a prepaid pocket WiFi in Taiwan? WAUG offers an option that has unlimited data, 4G/LTE connection, and the ability to connect up to five (5) devices.
  • This is perfect if you’re looking for a super portable device that offers consistent internet speed — no reduction regardless of where or how long you use it!
  • You can book your Taiwan pocket WiFi here at a discounted daily rate of around $3.
  • Another way you can make your trip smooth (and save money!) is by purchasing a Taiwan High Speed Rail ticket to get to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport. Check the price of a THSR ticket here.

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Taiwan Pocket WiFi: Price & Reviews

Book a WiFi egg for a hassle-free way of touring.

If you’ll tour Taiwan with friends or family, it’s best to get a prepaid pocket WiFi rental device instead of a SIM card. This will help you and your party stay connected to the internet as you make your way to the country’s gems. If you’ll travel solo and have multiple gadgets that need connection, having a pocket WiFi would also prove more convenient. Here’s one that you can book online:

4G/LTE Taiwan Pocket WiFi (Airport Pick-up)


This pocket Wifi device that’s offered on WAUG can provide unlimited 4G/LTE connection speeds with no reduction to 3G (ever!). It can connect up to five (5) gadgets and last at least six (6) hours following a full battery charge. This is the perfect portable Wifi router to bring as you make your way to Taipei 101, Leofoo Village, and other attractions. (It’ll make your trip as stress-free as possible!)

  • 4G/LTE Taiwan Pocket WiFi rental price: around $3 per day (equivalent to S$4.6, ₱165, HK$25)
  • Where to pick up your Taiwan pocket WiFi:
    • Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Open 24/7.
    • Taipei Songshan Airport: Greeting Hall beside Gate E of Terminal 1, baggage service counter. Open 6am-10pm.
    • Kaohsiung International Airport: Golden Founders Travel counter. Open 6am-11:59pm.


Here are some reviews from WAUG users who booked the 4G/LTE Taiwan Pocket WiFi (Airport Pick-up):


I’ve been to Taiwan twice, and I got my pocket WiFi on WAUG for both times. I was able to find the pick-up location at the airport easily. It was very convenient because I have had high-speed data regardless of my usage. I was able to find my way using this pocket WiFi, and I will rent it again on WAUG on my next visit to Taiwan!

Translated customer review on WAUG | 2020-01-17

I really recommend this pocket Wifi. Everything went well from picking up the device to returning it. There was no lag or downtime, so I was able to use it well. The staff was also friendly.

Translated customer review on WAUG | 2019-11-21

It was good because the device activated immediately, and it was easy to pick up and return. I think I will use it again next time~

Translated customer review on WAUG | 2019-12-21

As of publish time, the product has an excellent user rating of 4.5 out of 5. Of course, should you want to read more reviews for this Taiwan pocket WiFi, you can click below to go to its booking page on WAUG:

How to Book your Taiwan Pocket WiFi Online

If you have not used WAUG yet, refer to these simple steps to rent the device online:

  1. Sign up for an account here.
  2. Click here to go to the booking page.
  3. Select the date when you’d like to pick up the pocket WiFi.
  4. Provide the other information and check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card.
  5. Wait for the confirmation of your purchase and mobile voucher.

That’s it! To make the redemption process smoother in the airport, make sure to download the WAUG app on your phone!

Booking Notes & FAQ

1. Does the rate on WAUG show the rental cost per day?

Yes, the price shown is the cost of renting the Taiwan pocket Wifi device per day. Moreover, the charges are calculated inclusively. This means that if you plan to pick up the device on a Thursday and return it on a Monday, you should book it for 5 days.

2. What if I need to extend my rental period?

No worries! You can do so without making any changes to your booking. But, of course, you’ll be charged an additional amount of ₩10,000 per day (around $8). The amount will be charged to the credit card that you’ll provide upon pick-up in the airport.

3. What if I lose or damage the Taiwan pocket WiFi I booked?

Incidentals for loss, damage, or breakage are as follows:

  • Device: ₩200,000
  • SIM card: ₩30,000
  • Charger: ₩10,000
  • Pouch: ₩15,000

Your credit card that the service provider has on file will be used for any incidental expenses.

4. What if I fail to return the WiFi egg and accidentally bring it home?

Expect to be charged ₩10,000 (around $8) per day. You will also be required to send the device via courier either to the service provider in Taiwan or the next customer.

5. Why haven’t I received my voucher?

Your mobile voucher will be sent to you in approximately 4 business hours from the time of purchase. You’ll have to present this along with your passport to collect the device.

6. Is the Taiwan pocket Wifi on WAUG refundable?

Yes, you may cancel your booking up to three (3) business days before the scheduled collection date. (WAUG is open on weekdays from 10am-7pm GMT+9).

Unfortunately, refund requests made outside of this timeframe will not be processed.

7. Where can I use the device in Taiwan?

You’ll be able to use the device anywhere in the country.

That’s all, folks

Hope you enjoy your trip to Taiwan! If you need any travel recommendations, just visit WAUG here to find activities, restaurants, and tours to book!

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