I Studied With This Korean Private Tutor in Seoul & Boosted My Skills Significantly


Last update: October 9, 2022

Aside from teaching vocabulary and grammar rules, my Korean language tutor in Seoul also shares cool personal stories that help me understand the culture more. 🇰🇷



  • To learn Korean, most people go to a hagwon or watch YouTube videos online. However, I found that studying with an experienced private tutor is really most effective if you want to speak confidently and improve your writing, listening, and reading skills.
  • My private Korean language tutor in Seoul has years of experience teaching in a hagwon setting, so she’s able to pace with all kinds of learners. I liked that she meets me at my level — correcting the wrong things that I picked up before and making sure that I worked on my areas of weakness.
  • If you’re looking for a Korean tutor for online or offline classes, you can send a direct inquiry to Ms. Park here!

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Hagwon, Self-Study, or Private Korean Language Tutor?

As an expat in Seoul who has a 9-6 job on weekdays, I really didn’t want to give up my time on weekends to study Korean. So the first thing I did to improve my skills was subscribe to paid online courses and study for at least 1 hour after work. The educational website that I used was fairly good; it had tons of courses for basic to advanced learners. However, the minimal sample sentences (less than 10), dialogues, and videos didn’t really help me retain the information in the long-term or converse with other Koreans as effectively as I hoped.

So I thought of studying in a classroom setting. I enrolled in a Korean language hagwon, which was really great. I got to learn with other foreigners in a dynamic way. However, after 3 or 4 months, I felt that some of my peers were lagging behind in terms of learning expectations. At certain times, half of the class were ready to move on to the next chapter, but the other half are still having difficulty grasping the information. In this kind of situation, the teacher would, of course, want to make sure that everyone gets it right before moving on. While I can definitely understand this, it felt a little like I wasted several sessions just to pace with the others.

Hence, I looked for a private Korean language tutor.

Meet My Private Korean Language Tutor in Seoul

Studying the Korean language with a private tutor was what helped me learn efficiently and effectively. My tutor is called Ms. Park, and she has plenty of experience teaching in Korea and overseas. Before I share a few things that I like about my tutor, watch her in action in the following video (yes, she was featured on TV!):

As you can see, Ms. Park’s teaching style is very flexible and learner-centered. For example, if you already know the Korean alphabet, she won’t waste time going over the lesson, but she’d ensure that you’ve mastered it by giving you some tests. If she finds that you need to improve on something (like spelling or speaking), then she’ll recommend going over the lesson and quiz you from time to time. (Her tests really help!)

korean tutor seoul
Korean language tutor Ms. Park as featured on KBS.

Ms. Park is also a multilingual Korean language tutor. She’s adept in English, Chinese, and some Japanese, which is perfect if you need to clarify the things you don’t understand. She also has great teaching techniques, which I find helpful in building my vocabulary and, yes, confidence.

When you study with Ms. Park, you can expect the following things:

  • Learner-centered classes
  • Flexible schedule and place of study (in Seoul or online!)
  • Competitive rates (actually not expensive)
  • Customized tests
  • Academy-style curriculum that covers basic, intermediate, and advanced grammar rules
  • Writing tests (like the one in the video)
  • 1:1 speaking and reading sessions
  • Listening drills
  • TOPIK test taking tips
  • Korean history and trivia (Ms. Park shares interesting stories!)
  • Lots of encouragement!

Ms. Park is also just in her mid-20’s, so I find her very relatable!

Study with my Korean language private tutor in Seoul

If you’re looking for a great Korean teacher in Seoul, I would — hands down — recommend Ms. Park! Send her an email inquiry directly by clicking below:

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