What It’s Like to Ride the Redhorse Osaka Wheel


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  • The Redhorse Osaka Wheel is 123 meters tall, which makes it the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan and the sixth tallest in the world!
  • It’s located in Expocity and operates daily from 10am-10pm.
  • The price of a Standard Gondola ticket is ¥1,000 ($9.5), while the VIP Gondola costs ¥8,000 ($76). You will find more information here.
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Standing 123 meters or 404 feet tall, Redhorse Osaka Wheel is an attraction that’s difficult to miss. This Ferris wheel in Japan is a hall-of-famer in terms of height, joining the likes of High Roller in Las Vegas (167.6m), Singapore Flyer (165m), Star of Nanchang in China (160m), London Eye (135m), and Sky Dream in Taiwan (126m). But more than being a massive structure, Redhorse Osaka Wheel delights its riders with several cool features — things that make it worth adding to your itinerary. Here’s what you can expect:

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel Experience

But first, a quick sidenote! Redhorse Osaka Wheel is located in Expocity, which is a commercial complex that’s filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. The location is very ideal for a meal after your ride, so I suggest allotting some time in this location.

1. Unobstructed viewing

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel has over 72 gondolas that are entirely see-through. The floor is transparent and will let you view Osaka in different perspectives — perfect if you’d like to take a photo of the area in various angles. The view from the ceiling will just be as impressive, so make sure to take in the scenery while you’re inside the Redhorse Osaka Wheel.

2. Group-friendly experience

This Ferris wheel in Japan was designed for bonding. You’re welcome to bring drinks in the ride and make use of the installed outlet to play your favorite tunes (that or do karaoke if your gondola has the system!). If you have someone in your party who’s on a wheelchair or in a stroller, they would not have to worry about missing out since all gondolas are capable of taking in wheeled devices.

3. 18 minutes of pure fun

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel will treat you to an 18-minute up-in-the-clouds experience. If you’ll come with your date or partner, we recommend taking a ride at night so you can enjoy the light displays and the view of the city skyline. If you’ll go alone, try spotting other popular landmarks in Osaka, like Abeno Harukas and the Umeda Sky Building. (Well, either that or pull a Noah Calhoun from The Notebook, just for laughs!)

Ferris wheel scene from ‘The Notebook’. Credit: IMDb

4. Luxury in the sky

Finally, if you want to get a truly memorable Ferris wheel experience, you can also book a VIP Gondola. Redhorse Osaka Wheel only has two of such kind, and they come with champagne, LED floor lighting, and a premium sofa. In case you’re planning to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend, this is definitely an ideal place to do so! (One VIP Gondola ticket for Redhorse Osaka Wheel gives boarding access to up to four people.)

Book Your Redhorse Osaka Wheel Tickets Online

You can choose between the Standard or VIP Gondola:

Option 1: Standard Gondola Redhorse Osaka Wheel Ticket

  • PRICE: ¥1,000 or $9.5 per ticket
  • Flexible booking: voucher valid up to ninety (90) days from the date of purchase
  • A Standard Redhorse Osaka Wheel gondola can accommodate up to six (6) passengers. (Each passenger will need to book separate tickets.)

Option 2: VIP Gondola Redhorse Osaka Wheel Ticket

  • PRICE: ¥8,000 or $76 per ticket
  • Flexible booking: voucher valid up to ninety (90) days from the date of purchase
  • A VIP Redhorse Osaka Wheel gondola ticket will give boarding access to a maximum of four (4) passengers.

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Once your voucher/s for Redhorse Osaka Wheel is processed, you will receive it via email and through the WAUG app, which you can download here.

Redhorse Osaka Wheel via Osaka Amazing Pass


If you’ll purchase an Osaka Amazing Pass, you’ll get automatic admission (free!) to Redhorse Osaka Wheel. You can learn more about this tourist card in Japan here: Meet the Osaka Amazing Pass: 1-Day & 2-Day Options

Redhorse Osaka Wheel Reviews

As of this article’s publishing time, Redhorse Osaka Wheel has a perfect 5-star rating on WAUG. One of the reviewers liked the experience and said it was good-value-for-money. Another customer said that her family enjoyed the experience.

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Location & Hours

Redhorse Osaka Wheel is located at Expocity. Here’s the address: 2-1 Senribanpakukoen, Suita, Osaka 565-0826 Japan

If you plan to take the subway to get to the Ferris wheel, here is a map that you can refer to:

Map to Redhorse Osaka Wheel

Redhorse Osaka Wheel is open daily from 10am-10pm, with 9:40pm as the last admission.

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