Gangnam Restaurants: Where to Dine in Seoul’s Glitzy Neighborhood


One of the must-try restaurants in Gangnam is Maissong, an all-day brunch place in Sinsa-dong. Check out their menu here.


  • Gangnam’s dining scene is a mashup of fine-dining restaurants and laid back spots that locals love.
  • For a chill weekend, visit this Italian restaurant near Dosan Park.
  • Looking to try the best restaurant in Gangnam? Check out this Korean-Fusion fine dining that made it to La Liste!

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Where to Eat in Gangnam: 10 Best Restaurants to Visit

As an upscale neighborhood in Seoul, Gangnam has some of the best dining options in Korea. From one-table dining and fusion restaurants, to garden eateries and casual snack bars, Gangnam is a delight for first-time visitors and residents who are looking for a tasty fill. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date place or simply a nice restaurant to visit for the weekend, you can consider any of the following Gangnam restaurants that we have below (listed in no particular order):

1. Maissong (Brunch)

This is possibly the best place to start your day in Gangnam. Run by a famous local chef, Maissong is an all-day brunch restaurant where you can get french toasts, BLT, Cobb Salad, wings, and tacos. Their Spinach and Bacon Eggs Benedict is the clear standout here, but whatever item you decide to order, make sure to follow through with any of their homemade cakes and a warm cuppa joe.


2. Luna (Fusion)


Luna is where you should go if you’re looking to dine in an elegant place, one that suits friends who are looking to catch up or couples who are on a date. When you visit, expect this fusion restaurant in Gangnam to give you a great taste of the neighborhood with their signature bossam (Korean boiled pork) and chicken teriyaki.

3. Barney Burger (American)


There’s plenty of good burger restaurants in Gangnam, but only a few are as innovative and satisfying as Barney Burger. On their menu, you’ll find three excellent options: one that has bacon and fried eggs, one that’s oozing with ricotta and cheddar cheese, and one that’s filled with mushrooms. The cheeseburger set at Barney Burger typically costs ₩14,000 or $12 (comes with fried munchies!), but as of publish time, WAUG is offering it at a bargain for only ₩10,800 or $9!

4. Picky Papa (All-Day Cafe)

One of the places that I love to visit in Seoul is Picky Papa. Well-documented on Instagram, this is a chill neighborhood cafe and restaurant in Gangnam that brings together foodies, groups of friends, four-legged friends, and fans of Kang Daniel (the K-Pop artist has a dedicated garden here!). If you’d like to kill some time, eat pizza, meet dogs from the ‘hood, and have homemade gelato or bingsu, then book Picky Papa below!

5. Woomihak (Korean BBQ)


If there’s a Korean grill in Gangnam that you ought to visit, it’s Woomihak in Apgujeong. This restaurant serves aged choice cuts of meat, which means that, unlike your ordinary Korean BBQ joint, you can expect bold flavors on each bite. A 2-person lunch or dinner set here is on the expensive side (costs ₩96,500 or $83), however if it’s an excellent Korean BBQ house that you’re looking for, then this is one of your best bets. Just read the customer reviews when you click below:

6. LAB XXIV (Korean-French Cuisine)

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Listed by La Liste as one of the best 1,000 restaurants in the world, LAB XXIV is, without a doubt, the best restaurant in Gangnam, if not the entire Seoul metropolitan area. This is a fine-dining restaurant that serves meticulously crafted food that marries Korean and French tradition. Lunch course here starts at ₩37,525 or $32 (discounted rate on WAUG), and you can find the entire menu and reviews for LAB XXIV below:

7. Le Port 13 (Seafood & Pasta)

Craving for seafood or pasta? Check out Le Port 13 that’s located in Sinsa-dong! This Gangnam restaurant offers a very satisfying special set that comes with Seafood Basket (shrimps, mussels, clams, etc.) and their signature Seafood Rose Pasta. The 2-person set will set you back ₩63,000 or $55 (discounted rate on WAUG), but expect an overall excellent dining experience!

8. Jigudang (Japanese)

Looking for a great restaurant in Gangnam that won’t hurt the budget? Visit Jigudang, a small Japanese food bar that makes excellent curry, gyudon and tendon. This place is quite popular not only among residents who are looking for a quick and affordable fill, but also for customers who eat alone. Get their address, see their menu, and book your visit by clicking below:

9. Grand Ciel (Italian)

Another notable Gangnam restaurant is an Italian place called Grand Ciel, which is run by the same chef behind Maissong. Grand Ciel specializes in Anchovy Oil Pasta, Mushroom Cream Risotto, and Chateaubriand Steak, which are all made using fresh and local ingredients. The restaurant is situated in a quiet neighborhood near Dosan Park, so expect a very laid back dining experience here.

10. Scopa the Chef (Italian)

Last but not least is Scopa the Chef in Cheongdam. This is a nice Italian restaurant in Gangnam that we recommend for their Sicilian Pizza. Like a traditional pie from Sicily, the dough here always comes out perfectly bready. I also like how they add truffle mushrooms to give the pizza an extra layer of flavor.


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