Greyt Coffee: The Seongsu-dong Cafe That Locals Love to Visit


It’s not the place that tourists come to when they first check out the Seongsu-dong cafe scene, but Greyt Coffee, a well-thought-out space that dabbles with visuals and sublime taste, has spirited Koreans coming back for more.


  • On the forefront of Seongsu-dong Cafe Street is Greyt Coffee, known for their Vanilla Latte, Vienna Coffee, and Waffogato.
  • Their drinks are best paired with their homemade pound cake.
  • Menu items range from ₩5,000-6,000 ($4-5), but you can get the signature drinks at a discounted price here.
  • Greyt Coffee is located at Seongsu-dong 1-ga, Seongdong-gu, which is right around where Seoul Forest is.

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Top-Grade Cafes in Seongsu-dong, Korea’s Brooklyn

Like most of its neighbors, Greyt Coffee stays true to the history of its home — Seongsu-dong. Once a vast collection of factories, the area is now a cultural space that teems with art and espresso. Thanks to visionaries who saw potential in the estate, what used to be rigid manufacturing houses are now quaint coffee bars and shops, which draw lovebirds, tourists, and coffee enthusiasts especially on weekends.

Seongsu-dong back in the 60’s. 성수동, 그리고 뚝섬 이야기

Among the coffee shops in this hip neighborhood, Cafe Onion and Daelim Changgo are best known. Both venues share a design concept that departs from the usual groomed coffee chain, which is quite refreshing especially to those who get their daily cuppa from streetside take-out joints. But what these two places don’t have is the subtle and irresistible charm of Greyt Coffee, a true-blue Seongsu-dong cafe that lives up to the sound of its name.

Onion, one of the popular cafes in Seongsu.

Greyt Coffee at Seongsu-dong Cafe Street

One with nature. Credit: Basicment

The first thing to love about Greyt is its assemblage of subdued hues, wide windows, and minimalist fixtures. Put together by designer Kim Daejoong of Basicment, this cafe in Seongsu offers a theater-like experience that invites Instagram curators to play.

The store mainly sources light from outside, and the silhouette of the Seoul Forest freely touches the surface.

Honestly, there’s no particular place that comes to mind when I think about Seongsu-dong, but I want to visit here again.

Translated Greyt Coffee review on Naver by sssuerose

With such strong visual cues, it’s no shock that many locals have become fans of this Seongsu-dong cafe. On weekdays, those who take a leisurely stroll at the forest usually pop in for an Americano, while on weekends, couples and groups fill the space and attempt to overthrow the best Insta-portraits of Greyt.

Menu & Reviews

If the walls of this cafe in Seongsu-dong could speak, it’d probably echo what customers usually pick on the menu: Vienna Coffee, Vanilla Latte, and Pound Cake. The pastries are made using the owners’ family recipe, while the beans were practically handpicked to ensure the medium-bodied flavor that blends well with the other components. Guests of Greyt are free to take a peek at the expert techniques used behind the counter (it’s semi-open), but those who follow YouTuber Hong Jun (카대남 홍준 HongJun) may already be familiar with the intricate process.

YouTuber and coffee master working his tools at Greyt Coffee. Credit: a.hjun / 카대남 홍준 HongJun

1. Vienna Coffee


Everyone, [get] Vienna Coffee. It’s my favorite coffee. ㅠㅠ Really delicious!! I extremely recommend it!

Translated review for Greyt Coffee on WAUG

2. Vanilla Latte (feat. Waffogato)


Korean coffee has a deeper taste than Japanese coffee. Just right! I got vanilla latte because I wanted to drink sweet coffee. They roast the beans inside the store, so the result is completely different from the usual cafe chains!

Customer review for Greyt Coffee on WAUG, translated from Japanese

3. Pound Cake


Those who are looking for a sweet ending will love Greyt’s fancy pound cake. Another must-try on the menu is their carrot cake, which is well-balanced in terms of sweetness. More item listings and reviews for this Seongsu-dong cafe on Greyt’s booking page here.


Greyt Coffee’s drinks range from ₩5,000-6,000 or $4-5. As of publish time, an order of Americano only costs ₩5,000, Latte ₩5,500, Vienna Coffee ₩6,000, and Rose Plum Iced Tea ₩6,000. Of course, users of WAUG will enjoy lower prices, and new members will score an extra ₩3,000 off their first booking.

Location & Hours

Greyt Coffee’s address is 6 Seoulsup 2(i)-gil, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea. They are open from 12pm-11pm.

To find more photo posts and reviews for this Seongsu-dong cafe, check out their tagged photos on Instagram here. You may also check out Greyt Coffee’s official Instagram account here or watch YouTuber HongJun in action below.

Explore Beyond the Seongsu-dong Cafe Scene

Once you get your drinks from Greyt Coffee, explore the neighborhood. Seongsu-dong is the heart of the handmade shoe production in Korea, so you may spot the Shoe Street if you walk towards Seongsu Station. Of course, you can spend the rest of the day in Seoul Forest or hop to this chill rooftop pizza place near Itaewon!

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